Saturday, December 31, 2011

New year's mini-update!

Just when nobody was expecting another mini-update, here you have v0.382!
The only new feature added to v.03801 is a new H-event. In order to start it you'll need a Sluttyness of 10. The new H-event also has 3 different endings:
- Regular ending, with no Sluttyness requirement.
- Naughty ending: Slutyness > 40 required.
- Naughtier ending: Slutyness > 80 required.

I've also removed one of the 2 wolves and the slime close to the recovering point after the Slime boss rape.

Enjoy v0.382 ^_^
(Windows, Linux and Mac versions in the ZIP file)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Xmass mini-update

Finally, here you have a mini-update. There are not so much new content, just a new H-event, the new Sluttyness system implementation, and I've also removed the Slime boss game over.

About how to get the new H-event, there are some conditions you must fit before having it. I'll let you guess them.

- Read the new description of keys in the menu.
- The end of the new H-event may be different, depending of some Beth's stats. If anyone finds the way to do it with sluttyness over 120, Beth will do something naughtier than the regular H-event ending. But I think it's impossible without cheating.
- There is a hidden wind rune. ;)

This time I prefered to upload a ZIP file containing the game for 3 platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac.


Enjoy it, and Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or whatever you celebrate those days.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Just a question

Videos (not related with SR)

Here you have a couple of vids I've found.

The first one is a band I discovered a couple of days ago, and they are definitelly amazing. Their sound is so far from the current electronical music and tendencies. It's also a mix of different music styles more than 15 years old (Breakbeat, Rocksteady, Punk). Simply awesome:

The second one, is probably one of the best homages in the Simpsons (a show full of homages). It's Season 20, episode 15:

And this is one of the best in my opinion, because it's a big homage to one of my favourite movies.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bad news

Today I've done a programming test for an important gaming company, and I've realized about my lack of AS3 knowlegde. I have an excellent domain of AS2, but I totally suck at AS3. Due to the fact that converting "Sex Realm" from AS2 to AS3 is almost impossible, I'm thinking seriously about stop working on "Sex Realm" and starting a new game (in AS3). And once I have practised with AS3, I could go back to "Sex Realm".

Anyway, I haven't decided anything yet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New skills

More features for the future release: Beth has learnt new skills. I've also added a colour background to some skills in the status menu.

I'm sure you'll love them.

PS: Some people told me that, for a game called "sex realm", there isn't so much sex (and they are somehow right). Well, now it makes sense that Beth has only 1 combat skill (attack) and 4 sex skills.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beth's sluttyness

Today I've implemented the Sluttyness table. Slutyness will have a range between 0 and 250. And this is the list of Slutyness required for different things:
(EDIT: I've reduced the values in the following list. For example, "remove bra" required 120 points before, and only 80 now.)

- 40 -> 20: Remove Top/Shirt - Consensual sex with good looking characters for money/gifts
- 80 -> 40: Remove Trousers/Skirt
- 120 -> 80: Remove Bra - Consensual sex with ugly humanoid characters
- 160 -> 120: Full naked
- 200 -> 160: Bizarre sex (Monsters, Beast... etc)

The gain of Sluttyness is based in the intercourses Beth has. It depends of how many times she had sex with some type of characters, what part of her body she used for sex, and where the other character came.

This is basically the table:

A example of how it works: If Beth has oral sex with a monster for the first time, she'll gain 4 points of sluttyness, and 4+3 if it cums in her mouth (only 4+0 if it cums outside). The second time she has oral sex with a monster and it cums inside, she'll gain 2+2 points of Slutyness if the first monster came inside, and 2+3 if it didn't.

And if she has the same type of sex more than 4 times, she doesn't gain more sluttyness points for those intercourses.

So, that's how it basically works.

PS. Futanari are considered as female characters.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Beware their leader. And long time ago I wrote something I've planned for it.

PS. On a side note, have you noticed any speed decrease from the v0.376 to the last demo? (I mean the one with wolves and roaches). I'm actually asking for general speed, not only when the bunch of roaches appear.
I'm working in some changes to improve the game performance.

PS2: For those having problems with the previous version, here I upload a version with a slight improvement of the depth algorithm. This ZIP file contains both versions for windows, in order to compare them.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Naughty Beth

Just a smal tease of today's work.

PS. On a side note, have you noticed any speed decrease from 0.376 to the last demo? (I mean the one with roaches and wolves). I'm working in some performace changes to improve game speed.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What is GA?

Some of you are wondering what's behind the weird behaviour of the small roaches, and why more of them copy that behaviours.

I've implemented an AI for the small roaches. And I'm not meaning a few lines of code with some "smart behaviour", I mean a REAL Artificial Intelligente. The technique I've used is called Genetic Algorithm.

By this way, they learn how to hit and avoid be hit by the player. They also teach the other roaches how to do it. This knowledge is stored in the game, so each time you play, they keep what they know. xD
That's why they start to do weird things, and each time you play, they do more. And if you discover a way to defeat them, they'll learn the way to counter your strategy. xD

That's the algorithm never seen before in a H-game, not even in any game.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Beyond the passage

Today I've been working in the new zone. Here you have some images. But remember that you'll have to wait to the next release to explore it.

PS. In a couple of days I'll unveil the secret of the small roaches... as I wrote, something never seen before in H-games, not even in regular games. What's the roaches' GA? You can't figure. xD

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Testing new enemies

Here you have the demo with wolves and roach. I've uploaded this demo with the new enemies to get your opinions and critics, so don't consider this as the regular game.


As long as it's a demo, you have extra gold and extra diary pages starting a new game. You can find the new enemies in the way to the white rat. Be carefull, because they are supposed to be level 4 enemies.

I finally implented the GA for the small roaches. Now I want your impressions about what is their skill exactly doing. And what do you think about it?


Thursday, November 17, 2011

More enemies

Once finished the wolf, I start designing a new enemy. At first I planned a giant bug, but then I had the big idea: something more disgusting than a bug.

For this enemy I'm designing a new concept of special attack. Nothing seen before in H-games. Not even in any kind of game...

Prepare yourself for the unexpected.

PS. Once finished the new enemy, I'll release a test version with both. Just for testing. I'll promise they're gonna be really hard to beat.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sex Realm Forum

Today Onyxdime has offered me to create a forum for my game. It would contain several threads for ideas, fan art, maybe game mechanics and instructions...
But the fact is that I'm not sure if my game has a huge enough community to mantain the forum.
I mean, I know I have loyal followers, but do you think we could need a forum? For example, I know I can count with Give or destroy's sketches for the fan art section.

So, what do you guys think about?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New enemy

This is the enemy I'm working into for the new zone. I hope you like it. ^_^

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ad victorem spolias

I've finished the new dress for the special edition of my game. Tomorrow I'll test a couple of things, and then I'll send the new version to the winner of the contest.

I've also been working in new floors. I've written a ActionScript code to generate random floors. In the picture below you can see the new grass floor of the game, and the new dress too. The new dress design has been inspired by the Squark suggestion.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sex Realm first contest

In my game there are 4 movie references (TRON and 3 more), 1 manga/anime reference and 1 comic reference.

The first person sending to my email (you can find it in my profile) the name of all those references will receive a special edition of Sex Realm with an exclusive dress.

Put "Sex Realm first contest" as subject of the email.


Battle-Jesus won!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Better living through algorithmic

I'm spending some days at my mom's house. The next point I wanted to do is the H-events missing in the previous release. But I can't do them when she is around me. So, when I can't do H-events, I work in the next point from my list: "Improving the depth assignation algorithm."

More than a list, it should be a diagram:

The fact is that I was examining my first depth algorithm and I discovered than it actually doesn't need to be improved, because it was quite good. That's why is good to know algorithmic. Here you have the explanation of how it works: WARNING - the next part of the entry can be really boring.

The objective of the depth algorithm I first designed is to order the sprites in game (Beth, enemies, items, rocks, trees... etc) by its Y coordinate. So, sprites with higher Y coordinate must be drawn above sprites with less Y coordinate. So, each photogram, I must re-order the array of sprites by its Y coordinate and give them the corresponding Flash's depth.

Most of people believe that the best sorting algorithm is Quicksort. They are wrong. The best sorting algorithm for a problem depends of the problem. In this case, the event of a sprite moving behing another is something that rarely happens. Thus, the array of sprites doesn't need to be sorted in most of cases, or at lest, barely sorted. And for those cases, the best sorting algorithm is Insertion, that in this case is mostly linear -> O(n).

And that's why I haven't needed to change my depth assignation algorithm.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

We need weapons

I'm adding more features. In the comments of the previous entry, I wrote I was making 3 new items. Now they are finished and here you have an image of them:
Clue: the red dress is not one of them. xD

I've also added the on/off options for music and FX.

You'll have to wait to the next update to use them.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Small release

Here I uploaded v0.377. This version is mostly a beta. It's the same that v0.376, with a small difference... but I prefer to let you discover it.

Anyway, I'd like people test the new feature. I need to know if you think it affects the performance of the game. In my computer the new performance reduces FPS from 24 to 22. But I think it worths.

PS. Thanks to RPG-Maker!
PS. Problems with depositfiles? Try MU or FS.

Friday, October 7, 2011

More new features

I think that the save system is working fine, so I started to develop new features. In this picture you can see 2 of them:

The first feature is an improvement of the dialog system. Now, the most recent bubble is white, and the older ones become grey. Now I think it's less confusing.

The second one, is a new sexy dress. I used one of my favourite H-game characters as model for it. And I think I'll make it an eastern egg. Maybe as reward when you finish the game.

And now I'm thinking about the next feature from this list I'll work in.

PS. Finally you can download the v0.376 for Windows and Linux. The new text features is only available for those versions. I also remove the ESC button exit (somebody wrote long time ago that it was annoying).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Save the cheerleader, save the world!

Finally, the save/load options are implemented. It hasn't had easy. Flash programmers know how difficult is using "shared Objects" to save a whole world with all the variables it carries (even more when those variables are not standard types).

Anyway, now is the time to test those new features. I've just uploaded the new version. So, you can play as usual, but be careful using both new options.

For the momment, saving consumes 1 empty page of Beth diary. And you can save everywhere. But those conditions may change in future versions. I have to consider some suggestions people gave to me.

Now I need your opinions about the new save/load system. Save menu should display other stats? Load menu is too small? Maybe gold instead of XP? Beth's picture should be bigger? Are 12 slots not enough?

PS. I've also fixed the slowdown at the entrance of the caves and added "quit" option at inventory. (^_^)
PS2. Of course, mouse is enabled in the save/load menu.

EDIT - Small bugs fixed: the KOs by rats counter wasn't correctly saved. So was keyboard redefinition too. Not all that is saved and loaded perfectly. Thanks you all for the testing.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What is HNyarly doing?

Now I'm not so busy with my real life, so I can spend more time with the game. You all must surely wondering what I am doing.

I'm working in a feature long time demanded by you. Here you have a picture of it:

I thought 12 slots should be enough. And each slot should display some game info (Level, XP and when it was saved) along with an image of Beth (with the skin/clothes she was wearing when saved).

I hope to have the new feature working (with lot of bugs, of course) in a couple of days. So I'll upload a new version exactly as the v0.375, but with load/save game options working. Just for testing, so don't trust too much in your saved games.

Monday, September 12, 2011

How I started... (Part One)

Those days I'm pretty busy and I can't even write a single line of code for my game. So I've decided to write a few lines about how I started my travel in this game's development up to this point. Just to give something to read to all the people that are waiting for news about my next release.
So, if you like my game, you'll surely love all the games that inspired me to do it.

It was winter of 2010. Many years ago I discovered the funny-games web page, and I followed the Charlie's serie cartoons. Last winter I was just taking a look when I discovered the LoK game. Just now I can't remember if I saw first Playshapes' original or DirtyC101 version, but I loved both. That was something really amazing for me: a erotic game done in flash, with some background and story and a female main character.

I like them so much that I looked for more similar stuff, and so I discovered more Playshapes' and DirtyC101 games ("MIM", "FF:Beta on the Beach"). So I did with Gorepete2's Metroid game and all those lead me to the Legend of Krystal forum.

All this search of H-games also lead me to the Hongfire and ULMF forums that where very helpful. Those forums discovered me lot of H-games not in Flash. But I must mention Cassie's MythComplexity, the fisrt H-RPG done in Flash I found.

The first Hentai RPG-maker game I tried was "Rape quest". It was a very short work in progress, but I liked it so much that made me look for more RPGs. A lot of years ago I played "Cobra mission", and I loved it, but "Rape quest" was more the kind of stuff I was looking for. And so, in my quest, I discovered "Violated Heroine". I just can say that, even being unfinished, I think it's the best Hentai RPG-maker game ever. It involves a really complex system of character personality that makes my game too simple compared with it. Nanako (main character) also has different reaction to the situations depending of the game variables. She can also get pregnant by monsters and give birth (or even abort) to little monster childs.

In HF and ULMF forums I found not only Flash or RPG maker games. I also found fighting (Queen of fighters, Super Strip Fighter IV), action (Nano Crisis) and other type of H-games.

A special mention to Nightmare Sphere. I started played this game because it's hentai, but I finished it because I was really hooked. I'm a fan of Castlevania series, and this game was so really well done that I didn't really mind it was hentai or not. I just love it. For me, it's the perfect example of DirtyC101's sentence "What if porn games were actually 'good' games too?"

At some point, I decided to make my own game with all the things I love from those games. I was considering if I should make it in Flash, Java or any other languaje, and finally I pick Flash as environment. Then I downloaded some FLA examples from LoK forum, and I was totally unable to understand their ActionScript code. But I finally learnt enough to start my project.

Thus, as my main inspiration, I consider "K Fox and the magic sword" and "Violated Heroine" as the parents of "Sex Realm".

Well, all I've just written is not really related with my game's development, but I thought it could interest some people. But if you guys like it, I could write more about the games that inspired me.

Monday, August 29, 2011

When will be ready the next release?

I think I'm going to need 3 or 4 months to finish the next release. That's because I need to find a new job and to sort my life out. So, I won't be able to spend too much time with the game.
In the next weeks I'll be programming some minor features as:

- Save game (today I've been studying Renara's post at LoK) -> Done!
- Improving the depth assignation algorithm.
- Melee weapons -> Done!
- Sex skills.
- Sex tables.
- Loot system.
- Status graphic.
- "Sluttyness" assigment function.
- Some H-events that I should have done for the v0.373.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bugs fixed

I've uploaded the version 0.373 with some minor bugs fixed:
- Inventory bugs (disappearing runes, blocked cursor...).
- Unequipping bug (brazers, ...etc).
- Empty bubbles bug.
- Female elf movement (this is one bug only Ted and me realized xD).
- Female elf unreadable text. Now it's possible to be read.

EDIT - v0.374:
- More bug fixed. Thanks you all!
- Executable for Windows and Linux uploaded.

EDIT - v0.375:
- Skin minibug solved.
- Enabled mouse click on inventory. That will make your life easier.

v0.37 is out!!!

Well, I think you deserve something to play. So, here you have the v0.37.
The 2 features missing are 2 sex events with the male elf. But I'll let this for later. Now enjoy the new version.

PS. So, any bugs?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well, each day I'm closer to finish the next update. Actually, I have done enough to have something playable. But I prefer to finish 2 more features before the upload.

About the poll, you can see the final result. My conclusions are:
- The fairly winner is Monster Rape, followed by Bestiality and Tentacles. I'm very surprised no one topic get more than 70%... Actually, I expected a lot of them over 90%.
- Only two fetishes are out of the game: Guro and Vore. Both have some fans, but not enough to get 15% of votes. Inflation was in the limit and Egg laying will be optional.
- Lolicon, Bukkake and others attained enough votes to be in.

Thus, that is a lot of work for me. xD

Friday, August 19, 2011

Some previews of the next release

I don't like to spoil the features of the next release. But, to celebrate the 200.000 visits of the blog, I'm going to show you some pictures of what is coming.

First, some elves:

And second, I let you guess why rat deals 0 damage to Beth.

I've also fix some minor performance bugs:
- Intro fire effect improved. Now it's faster.
- Fade to black effect (when rats stun Beth) highly improved. Now it doesn't freezes some slow computers.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Second feature almost done

Just an image of what I've done today to keep you anxiously waiting the next update.

Second feature finished. In this pic you can find a consequence of the new feature. Can you find any difference between those two Beths?

Friday, August 12, 2011

A new feature

You'll surely noticed that the progression bar is 20%, and that means that I've finished the first feature of the five I've planned.

Here you have an image of it:

As you figure, the stats/inventory background is a tribute to my favourite H-RPG.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Progression of the next update

I want to add 5 features before the next release. Once all those things are done, I'll upload it.
That's why I've added this gadget:

So, you'll know how close I am to finish it:
20% -> First feature finished.
40% -> Second feature finished.
100% -> You can check the new version.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Naughty slime

The current winners in the poll are:
1) Monster rape
2) Beastiality
3) Tentacles

The poll will finish in 12 days, so things still can change. Anyway, I'd picked 2 of 3 current winners to do something for the next release... hope you like what is coming.

I have no date for the next release yet. Lot of things to finish for it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The new poll

Here you have the poll to see the sex topics people would like to see in the game.

About the next update, it's taking me more time than I expected... and I still can't give you a date for the next release.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new NPC

As I previously said, the new minizone is finished, and so the enemies in there. I spent 2 days doing the last enemy (other different than the slime boss), doing all its animations (for walking, attacking, blocking, jumping and death), and implementing its code.

I was impressed of how fast I did, and I thought that doing just a questguiver NPC will take me a couple of hours. I mean, it's only a NPC, with only a couple of animations (expressions and not too much to do). No walking, No attacking... it seemed pretty easy.


I've spent the las four days just doing this NPC! Those days I've been very busy, travelling and doing other things. So, I didn't have enough time for the game.

The new NPC had to be a child. When you find it in game, you'll know why it must be. I tried to design a child, but all my tries became rubbish (the same than all my tries to do grounds). So, I looked for models. Then, I wrote on google images "manga child" and I found this image in

So, I started to work, and after 4 days, I just finish this little elf girl.

As you can see, I've been practising curved lines with flash. Thus, this design has more rounded forms and angles than Beth.
Hope you like.

PS. Just if anyone is wondering, NO, she won't have sex with Beth or any other creature.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Game progress

Those last days I've been pretty busy, so I hadn't had enough time to spend with the game. Anyway, the new zone and enemies are finished, and I just have to do a couple of surprises (and that could take me some days).
I don't know how busy I'm gonna be those days, so I can't say a date for the next update. Maybe next sunday... maybe next tuesday... sorry, but I just can't say.

Those are the maths I've been doing for level balancing:

Enemy level n
- Health points: 3+(3*n)
- Physical damage reduction: n
- Magical damage reduction: n
- Max Damage: 3+(2*n)+n -------> mean damage per level 1.5+2n
- Experience┬║: if n=1 => 2 points.
if n>1 => 150% of experience at level (n-1)

Beth level n:
- Health points: 5+(5*n)
- Physical damage reduction^: n
- Magical damage reduction^: n
- Max Damage^: 6+(2*n)+n -------> mean damage per level 3+2n

^ means that this reductions and damage shoud be got by equipment. So at level 5 Beth should find items that grant her 5 points of damage reduction, and a weapon that deals damage between 0 and 16 (the extra +n damage is added by the attack value: Maximum attack value is 10*level, and each 10 attack points adds 1 extra point of damage).

┬║ means that I'm assuming that an enemy of level n is a 50% harder than an enemy of level n-1.

Anyway, that's the first approach, and those maths must be tested playing.

I've also finished the poll, because their tendencies seem not to change considerably. So I'm considering starting a new poll to see what kind of sex/perversions people would like to find in the game. But before that, I'd like you to comment what options I should set in the poll.

I'd also like you to comment a interesting question I made at the LoK forum. Today I wrote:

I haven't decided yet how rapes would influence sluttyness. I have two choices:
1) As you said, with a low sluttyness, rape is a bad experience that makes main character feel some kind of repulse for sex (and so rape should decrease sluttyness).
2) Sluttyness represents some kind of moral limit. So rape pushes this limit. I mean, Beth could think something like "I have been raped by a werewolf, so I don't mind be paid for sex".

So, what do you guys think about?

PS. If you prefer not to write at my blog, feel free to send me comments and suggestions or whatever you want to my email. If I hadn't wanted you to send me emails, I wouldn't have put it in my profile (where you can find it).

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The other slime

Here is the slime boss you'll find in the next update. This slime is a serious version, with no eyes and closer to the D&D classic slimes.

A new zone has been added to the map. Now I have to make the enemies to fill it before upload.

Has anyone discovered the new magical item I created in the last update? xD

Monday, July 11, 2011

A new DB

You don't notice, but today I've done a big progress in the game. I've made an items data base that will do the creating items task easier. But when playing, you won't see any diference. But actually I'm quite proud of my work today. xD

That's how I previosly create items (sorry for the spanglish code xD):
For each item I created, I had to initialize those variables:
- superponible: mmmmm, sorry, I don't know how to translate. xD
- clase: name of the movieclip.
- descripcion: description. That wasn't hard to traslate. xD
- tipo: type
- equ: equipable - same than spanish.
- ds: distance to pick.

The fact is that I needed to add more variables to the items (Buy/selling price, increased seduction (when equipped), armour and fire resistance). So I had to wrote all this new variables in each of the more than 20 items I had. It seemed lot of boring work. And then I have the great idea:

I created an item data base with excel:
And with a couple of fixes, I can easily import this to AS2. So, adding and editing new items are now much easier for me.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Here comes a new challenger

An image of the enemy I'm working on right now.

What do you think about it? Shouldn't it have eyes? Should it have mouth? Maybe be bigger?

I know what are you wondering now:
- Yes, it will do naughty things to Beth (if some conditions are met).
- It will be harder than rats. xD

PS. By the way, I've uploaded some minor changes:
- Larger font for item description.
- "Next" button changed to "Skip" button at intro.
- Bigger box-highlight in invetory.
- fixed snake movement. Before that, it sometimes went nobody knows where and disappear. Not anymore (I hope).
- Dialog box stack maximum increased to 10.
- Adjusted dialog box position.

PS2. Today's contest: In the intro, the bad guy stole a book from a university. Anyone knows the name of the university?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Finally, it's a H-game!

Version 0.3 finished (and uploaded)!

This version contains a couple of H-events (that you'll have to discover) and a some other surprises I don't want to spoil. As I said before, don't expect the H-events to be some kind of harcore sex because Beth starts the game with a low "Sluttyness" value.


PS. Opinions, comments and critics will be welcome!
PS. Updated to v0.31. I just fixed a couple of bugs:
- Inventory bug.
- Undefined experience bug.
(Thanks anonymous commenters!)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The first H-event has been finished! But I'm not going to upload the next update yet. I prefer to work a little more and add a couple of things before the update. I promise I'll do it before next monday (I'm not sure how many days I'm going to need to finish those things).

This first H-event take place at the beginning of the game, so don't expect it to be some kind of harcore sex. Remember that Beth starts the game with a low "Sluttyness" value, so you'll have to increase it to see her doing really naughty things. Obviously, this event will increase it.

Anyway, when you play the next version, you could say it is a H-game finally.

Monday, June 27, 2011

What have I done today?

Basically, I keep on working on the first sexual event. But when I feel tired of doing animations I program some code. Today's fixes are:

- Kick: I find annoying when Beth kicks where she are not supposed to do. Like in this picture:
Now it's fixed.

- I've also created a senteces stack system. So, if somebody in game speaks fast, you can read his previous sentence.

- I've added a couple of sexual stats to the status menu. In the next version you could check how naughty Beth is.

Now, I must go back to do animations. And I don't want to spoil the surprise. You'll have to wait until the next version. ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Small changes (II)

Some minor changes (v0.21):
- Finally she has shoes.
- Grammar corrections (thanks to Banana @LoK).

Now I must go back to work on the first H-event. People have decide it.

PS. Actually, you guys are right. I can't say this is a hentai game if it doesn't contain sex. xD

Friday, June 24, 2011


Once Intro is finished, I'd like to know where I should focus my work. So I've started a poll to see your preferences.

v0.2 Released!

Finally, I finished the Intro. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New version coming soon!

Good news! Intro is almost finished. In 2 or 3 days I'll upload the version 0.2 (containing the full Intro).


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Intro preview

I'm doing faster than I thought. :)
Here you have a small preview of the Intro. But I don't want to spoil the surprises you'll find in it once finished.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Still working...

I've been 6 days without posting anything. That's because I'm working on the Intro scene. At this point, I think people should know more about the main character (Beth) and how she started her adventure, before keep on doing more game.

I think I was optimistic when I planned the Intro, and it's requering me more effort than I originally expected. I think I've done like 30% of it. The bad news are that I don't want to upload the new version until the Intro is finished. And this can take me up to a week and half.

Anyway, I promise the Intro worths the time I'm spending on. It'll have interesting surprises. ;)

I'd also like to thank all the people from LoK, Toon Pimp's Palace, ULMF, Hongfire and Newgrounds (and of course to this blog's anonymous) for their comments, opinions and critics.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Small changes

I made some new implementations. Only a few aesthetic changes (with no consequences on gameplay). So few, that I didn't actually changed version number. I uploaded it, just because it's too easy. xD

I also configured a couple of options in this blog, so people can now play last version on a bigger window:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Thanks you all guys for your helpful critics, opinions and advises. The feedback I've received has been awesome. I hope to improve the game thanks to you all.

As abstract, I could resume the most important opinions I've read:
- A map of the zone seems to be almost necesary, due to the number of opinions demanding it.
- Faster vertical movement for the main character (Beth).
- Enemies seems to be hard, but that was the idea when I programmed them. At level 1 they should be a serious menace, but when you are level 3, you can kill them easily... most of times.
- Beth's looks seems to be a little "slutty", so I'm planning to let players configure some parts of her look (for example make up).
- People are also pretty much interested in the story of Beth.

With some other advises, I've done some minor changes in the game (now it's a little bit faster and I've added some background items). I've just changed the link below, so now you all can play 0.11 instead of 0.1.

Someone also recommend me to advertise more my game, so I talk about it at some forums:
Legend of Krystal
ULMF (Added)

After all that, this is my list of thing to do:
- Some changes in Beth's look (trying longer legs... etc). I'll ask for your opinion soon.
- Test changing Beth's speed.
- Make the intro with the story of Beth.
- Adding clothes.

I haven't decide yet how to implement zone map in the game. Maybe as a item you receive as reward for some quest....

Once again, thanks you all. I couldn't improve the game without you guys.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to play

Quick explanation:

Arrow keys: Move
C: Kick
Z: Talk/Open chests.
Q: Combat Stats
W: Inventory.

For more info, check the keys at Setup menu.

And remember, I haven't done anything else once you open the metal chest.

PS. I've made some changes adding some items to background. Just to avoid so much empty space. Now it's v0.11.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally, v0.1!!! (updated to 0.11)

Here is the beta 0.1 (Updated to 0.11!)

I thought that it should be 0.1 better than 0.02, mainly because althought the game is not finished, at least it's kind of playable (3 enemies and 3 quests... it's something...).

Very important: this version of the game still does not contain H-events. That's because I need your critics about the main character -Beth- before doing animations. It's a bloody mess to make changes over the animations, so I prefer to have an almost final version of Beth before doing some more. So I need to know what do you think about her. Is she sexy enough? What should I improve in the walking animation? Do you prefer any other haircut/hair-colour? Are her legs/arms/hips/boobs/lips/eyes/... sexy enough?

I also need your opinion about:
- Game mechanics/difficult.
- Game art (what things I should improve).
- Languaje (english mistakes and errors).
- Bugs.
- Everything else you'd like to comment.

While waiting for your feedback, I'm working on the Intro (so, you'll know a bit more about Beth :D)

And that's the Changelog from v0.01 to v0.1:

- Inventory bug solved.
- Game name changed to "Sex Realm".
- Beth waking up animation slightly improved.
- Click on my name at main menu to open web browser to my blog.
- More facial expressions.
- Some rocks added as background items.
- Game over at 0 HP.
- Fix kicked rat bug.
- New items: potions and wood chest.
- 2nd enemy (snakes).
- 1st Boss
- 2nd and 3rd quests.

PS. The game finishes once you open the metal chest. Nothing else done by now...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Working on v0.02

I'm working on the v0.02. I've planned a bunch of things to add to that version. I hope to upload it next tuesday (June 7th). Here you have the list of changes done, and what I planned to implement.


- Inventory bug solved.
- KO at 0 HP.
- Game name changed to "Sex Realm".
- Beth waking up animation slightly improved.
- Click on my name at main menu to open web browser to my blog.
- More facial expressions.
- Some rocks added as background items.
- Game over screen.

To do:
- Fix kicked rat bug.
- 2nd enemy (snakes).
- Wood and metal chests.
- 2nd and 3rd quests.


This future version won't have Intro or H-events yet.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

First beta

I did faster than I thought... Here you have it.

Keep in mind that it's only a beta. I have a lot to do...
- A game over.
- More quests (only 1 for the moment - the red mushrooms one).
- An intro to the story.
- More enemies (only rats for the moment).

So, I'm expecting your helpful critics. I mainly need your opinions about:
- Game mechanics.
- Game art (what things I should improve).
- Languaje (english mistakes and errors).
- Bugs

Thanks, guys.

PS. First bug fixed! Thanks XzerogX!

New Project

Hi guys...

I'm trying to create a Hentai RPG game using Flash. I hope to have a testable beta in a couple of days.

My idea is to create a Hentai RPG game, but somethig more than just small squared sprites moving, with some hentai CG image for H-events. I think it's more interesting that the sex events would be in the main action of the game.

So, I was looking for a combination of "Hi No Tetsu No Buresu" with "Legend of Krystal".