Saturday, December 31, 2011

New year's mini-update!

Just when nobody was expecting another mini-update, here you have v0.382!
The only new feature added to v.03801 is a new H-event. In order to start it you'll need a Sluttyness of 10. The new H-event also has 3 different endings:
- Regular ending, with no Sluttyness requirement.
- Naughty ending: Slutyness > 40 required.
- Naughtier ending: Slutyness > 80 required.

I've also removed one of the 2 wolves and the slime close to the recovering point after the Slime boss rape.

Enjoy v0.382 ^_^
(Windows, Linux and Mac versions in the ZIP file)


  1. nice small update it seems to run a little faster aswell and its alot easier to fight off the wolf one thing i thought of though is when u knock an enemy down are u going to make it a possibility to suduce them if her sluttyness is high enough?

  2. Hint please for new H event

  3. How increase slutteness to 80?

  4. @Anon1
    Maybe I could add it to the game. I have to think about it.

    Hint: Read the B button ( = key 'X' ) description in the setup menu.

    I think it's not possible, for the momment. I think the maximum right now could be like 60 or so.

  5. >Can have sluttiness of 60

    >Ending for sluttiness of 80 implemented and talked about.

    Fukkin Smart

  6. where is the new H-event?

  7. 1. Found some texture/object/sprite/something else misplace.
    2. What is "ending"? Death screen? Still nothing after killing grey rat and retrieving girl's ring? Except the giant cockroach.

  8. @Ceraph
    I just let people know that it's there, for future updates, or for cheaters.

    It's part of the trader event.

    Thanks for the report. I must fix it.
    About the different endings, they are for the new H-event, not for the game... yet.
    I changed the text about endings in the entry, to avoid mistakes.

  9. Just want to say what a great game and keep doing what you are doing. Also When I died during the slime boss I got a game over and it and the girl disappeared

  10. This game is REALLY starting to develop nicely.

  11. dont know about everone else but i carnt seem to reload my save game after the update i even started new and saved over the old one but when i go to load it kicks me back to start menu
    and as for the 3rd H scene maybe just add a temp rune to increase her slutiness high enough unless your adding in a new sex enemy/ npc in the next update

  12. Happy new year,so nice of these cunts to say that as well as thanks..

  13. why i can't pass through the end of the road at the west?
    is my problem?

  14. @Anon1
    Maybe you are not playing the last version (v0.382). The new one i's available as executable only, not Flash version released.


    That's a incompatibility issue. Old versions saved games may not be loadable by the last ones.
    And don't worry, in the next big release you'll be able to increase sluttyness over 80.

    My english is not enough to translate your sentence. xD

    If you mean once passed the giant roach, it's not your problem. I just haven't done that new zone yet... I'm working in it.

  15. I´ve been not expecting any update for 2011, but I may say it was a good surprise.
    And OK for the red dress answer. So you gave me an idea I wish to share with you. When Beth is near to Gnome´s bed, if we press "z" button, Beths take a nap and recovers energy and health.
    What about if she "dream" with something very terrible (or pleasant, like a handsome boy from college)?

    Another idea I´had some time ago, but I always forget to say to you... When excited, Beth pokes her nipples, right? It will be great if she gets her panties moist - a gray taint may be easy to draw...Specially in her gnome´s second contact.

    Regards, saludos, gracias por el regallo de fín de año.

  16. I'm sorry, but I just don't see the point in this game. I understand that you haven't implemented many H-events, and that's ok. Because even if there were more, I still wouldn't play it. You don't seem to get the point of H-games. Game Over screens and limited saves are just stupid design decisions for any game where the player is just trying to fap to something. Especially when there are enemies in the first bloody area that the player can't even damage reliably and can one shot you.

  17. Thanks, happy new year to you too!

    You might want to rethink the button mashing during the H-scenes. It's annoying that it won't go on by itself, and it seems that the guy's meter drops too quickly for the game to register my clicking.

  18. Don't know where, or how, I found the wind rune, but I like what it does!


  19. the wind rune actually looks like part of the scenery which I found to be cool, but for the first anon guy there's only one enemy that you cant really damage at the start and if you expect every thing to be handed to you on a platter than you are stupid. Most H game I've played are retarded and boring just click a few buttons to have sex with the girl or talk to the girl using stupid lines then have sex with her sure dieing can be frustrating but its a rpg/hentai combining rpg elements such as leveling fighting enemy's saving and yes dieing but it also has the plus side of hentai scenes any way it's a great game Hnyarly keep up the good work

  20. Yeah, the wolf in the first area is FAR too tough to be there. It took me minutes to kill the thing, then on my way back through it respawned and killed me for a game over.

    Either the wolf or the game over has to go. My vote is for the game over.

  21. First and foremost, awesome game. It's kept me entertained for 2 hours at least.

    Now, onto a review.

    - Main character´s look.
    I like the customization, especially the skin color part. The only thing that bothers me is how you miss out on the glasses if you skip the intro or you want one of the middle outfits, and you can't get them from the shop, either. 8/10

    - Game mechanics/difficult.
    The game mechanics are pretty solid, but I would like a damage/attack speed buff for using the knife or the axe. As of right now, they don't modify damage and kicking gives farther range. Difficulty-wise, it has a bit of a learning curve to overcome, so a tutorial would be welcome. Also, keep the Wind Rune in the game, but make it easier for a beginning player to find. 6/10

    - Game art (what things I should improve).
    It's hard to write this part without being picky... Personally, I think it's fine, and already nicely polished. A few more details and this won't even need to be critiqued. 9/10

    - Language (english mistakes and errors).
    Much better than most. The only annoying part is the chat bubbles and how they hover below the previous one, but I'm not sure what a good fix would be for this. Perhaps an arrow system for chat boxes? This way people won't skip over a chat bubble that might've been important or would've been interesting to read. 7/10

    - Bugs.
    (Not going to give an "out of 10" part because it's not intended to be in the final product)
    *Sometimes an enemy will get stuck in a wall. This isn't particularly game-breaking as the enemy will eventually get out, but it can be a hassle if the enemy is story-related.
    *Even in v0.382, the game is unable to be saved once you retrieve the little Elf girl's ring.
    *When you save your game, it will display the wrong date saved. (ex. 6/11/2011 yesterday, 0/0/2012 today)
    *Sometimes my keys will lock up for a few moments, keeping Beth moving in the same direction until she hits an object or will stop altogether. This may be a computer issue, however.

    All in all, I'd give the game in its current stage a 7.5/10. Can't wait for the next update, and I'll keep my next post shorter. XD

    P.S. I totally stole your critic's list on the LoK forums to review this.

  22. how to increase to 40 Slutyness?

  23. If you want to get technical it is and action adventure rpg game with hentai elements...I wont call it a hentai game until she is stops waring panties ;D (just my general opinion)
    Also some people don't have the guts to get out of easy mode and only bitch and moan if it's too hard...(makes them sound like they are under the age to be hear)
    And i am just curious are you gonging to revamp any over hentai seances like the gnome or the kissing seance or add masturbation to the bed as an option...the button mashing during the hentai seance is a bit bothersome the sex skill could just be a solid lvl system.
    ^^ All your missing now though is Vaginal and Anal. Also you can try Google translator if you are having trouble reading this...

  24. Why are Beth's glasses missing when you just choose "start new game" but not when you choose "intro" and all the defaults?

  25. Hi H Nyarly,

    I found some undesired behavior with the slime boss.
    This how you can reproduce it.
    If you have only a little bit of life (next hit from the boss would initiate a rape scene).
    If you hit it with Beth kick at the maximum range the boss use it's range attack instead of is close range attack.
    If you hit the boss (that it receives damage) and you get hit by the ranged attack while the boss is down
    you get the GAME OVER screen instead of the rape scene. Even if the boss survives your hit.

    Is can be a problem with all type of enemy that: Rape, have a close range attack and a ranged attack.

    Their could be also a problem if the boss is to far a way or defeated.

    If I may suggest a solution (is may could be a good solution or not).
    You could change the instance game over to a knock down phase in the range of 3-10 seconds.
    If Beth does not receive any damage from enemies she stands up again after the time is over.
    If she receives damage she "dies" -> game over.
    Or a Boss starts to rape her.

    Btw I really like this, keep up the good work *thumps up*

    Happy new year

  26. @ anonymous 3 before Ted F.

    Try killing roaches, you'll notice that every time you lvl up, you're Sex skills raise by 10 points... try it at hj/bj skill 50-60.

  27. Happy New Year Nyarly ,
    just downloaded .0.382 once i have had time to give it a good run through ill let you know if i find any bugs.

  28. @Brasilian guy
    I like the H-event you suggest, but I prefer to focus in H-events for the story. Once done that, I could add more, not related with the story.
    About the moist effect, as you said is not difficult to do, so you could find it in future updates.

    Game over screens are usual in RPG-maker games. Game overs also add more stress to the game, otherwise you'd be playing a Lucas graphics adventure, where there's no way to die.

    Limited saves were added to avoid some kind of cheating. It's very difficult to save every variable in Flash (that's why most of games only use checkpoint saves instead every-point save). So, limiting the ammount of saves reduces the cheating. Otherwise you could get a mushroom, save, load, get the same mushroom, ... etc, and so picking the 10 mushrooms without explore the map.
    About the wolf, a level 1 zone it's not place for it, so I'll move it to the next zone once finished.

    Dmitri answered your question: the more BJ/HJ level you have, the more the yellow bar increases.

    Your vote goes for the game over, but I'll replace the wolf.

    - Don't worry for the glasses, they'll be on sale in future traders (and so the rest of the clothes and even more).
    - Knive and axe are exactly as I planned. They deal more damage than kick or hit faster, but the have disadventages. So, that's what I wanted for low level weapons. Future weapons will be much better like swords, lances, maces, 2 handed axes and more. They'll be faster and with more range of attack.
    - Art is the part I think I need to improve more. xD
    - I have to think how to fix stucked enemies. It rarely happens to me, but it could depend of computer speed. Is it usual for you, guys?
    - Saved games date seems to be a Flash problem.
    - And I have to investigate the problem with the Elf's ring.
    - About the keys lock, it must be due to a copmputer issue, as you pointed.

    In a future, I'll add the masturbation option. Also, I expect to add vaginal and anal sex soon.

    Glasses are part of the intro background. If you pick just starting the game, I suppose you prefer to imagine your own background for her.

    The problem is that, if you are out of the sign range of the enemy, it doesn't see you, and so the rape event never triggers.
    I could increase the sign range, but then, the enemies will see you from more distance. Maybe even out of the screen.

  29. "Game overs also add more stress to the game"
    Sorry but I'm not playing games like this to be stressed. Quite the opposite.

  30. @anon above me:
    This is stress as in tension. No stress/tension = no game. You might as well fap to a movie.
    Would you rather have an interactive game where the focus is purely on sex (see Angel Girl, Dragon's Bride, etc) or a game that focuses on a fun challenge but happen to have potential for lots of neat sexy stuff?

    I think HNarly has a magnificent brain and is using it very well. I think we all do.
    But don't worry, there's still a chance that without our aid this game will be developed so insanely horribly that we all have to kill ourselves immediately to be safe from the memories of having played a horrendously terrible game once in our lives (joking).

  31. I'd prefer a game that doesn't set a dude back to the last save you made because you decided to wander in a relatively peaceful area and an unkillable death machine jumps out.
    Have game over screens, that's fine.
    Have limited saves, that's also fine.
    Both at the same time is just needlessly irritating.

    And Hnyarly, if the wolves aren't supposed to be in the first area in the first place, why put them there in this version?

  32. My saves disappear whenever I close and re-open the game. Is this normal, or is it just something weird with my computer?


  33. Anon, Flash saves things as .sol files, which are in effect, cookies. Perhaps your system isn't set up to allow/keep them on application closure, or something sillier that I can't think of right now.
    I had to opposite problem. I had a save file from the previous release (pre-NY) 0.371 show up and work perfectly in 0.372.

    @ Hyarly:
    One small suggestion: How about having the Save/Load window auto-close when the game is saved - it could prevent some people (ie, me) from mistakenly using both pages of Beth's diary that you're given on game start?

  34. My only real suggestion at this point is to stop with the limited saves entirely for the time being. I don't want to be set a half hour back because one slime gets in a lucky hit or a wolf shreds Beth because I blinked too long, and I didn't save because I couldn't, in what is realistically the beta-test of the game. I'm all for limited saves later on, when there's more to the game and you can actually make money to buy stuff, but not now.

  35. Ok...If I can understand the using 2 pages thing i have done that too (I load the 1st save to get my page back though...).
    But just complaining about losing the time spent playing a game by dying is a fact of most games (it makes them games). It teaches you to BE CAREFUL, also limited saves helps you set your own check points and builds the tension of the game and makes them a challenge to beat instead of poring in waves of attempts with no real strategy. Like Monster Hunters 3 attempts per mission limit, it build on skill not repetition. (Your playing a game your losing time BY playing)
    In the end there are balancing issues but it's a Beta for gods sake it get's worked out in the end.

  36. Awesome game! Found the wind rune and both new H-scenes, Beth is finally learning new life skills! I really appreciated the new updates over the holidays, so a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you you. Glad you're making the game what it is, and thankful that we've seen more updated material this month than in the past few.

    I'm guessing that a sluttiness of 80 will get you vaginal from the elf. Hell maybe even the gnome. Can't wait to see who gives her anal.

    I dig the fact there's more sex cropping up in the game. With some penetration it'll truly be a Sex Realm! Can't wait for consentual and some more rape scenes!

    I experienced one glitch. If I equipped either weapon and unequipped it, the damage bonus remained on Beth. It wasn't annoying or anything, it only makes beating things very easy with 13+ damage every hit.

    I've been reading the comments that people make that the enemies are too difficult to beat. I've only ever held down the c button and nothing can kill me if I'm up close. Especially with the addition of the new roach enemy. If you let him chase you then he'll give off the little flies. Its convenient that Beth is faster than the flies and roach, since you can run just far enough away to kick and one hit kill the flies without harming the roach. With the wind rune on top of that its much more difficult to die the more you repeat the process.

    I've read your posts about character customization. Like the idea. Would definately add some more options to the game. Maybe take another fan poll eh eh eh?

    Wrapping up, your game is solid. I've liked how you've developed it since it was posted on Newgrounds. Its a fun game that has replay value too. I can't wait for the upcoming update that has the next zone in it! Have fun wherever you are, and thanks for a fun game!

  37. the reason the wolf is there is because he developed it and wanted to see what we thought of it if he didn't put it in there then he wouldn't know it was as strong as it is and maybe had it in the first area in the final version then you would be all like why oh why didn't he test it to see how powerful it was that is the whole reason he's testing stuff out before just doing stuff not like he has to or any thing but just saying

  38. It's possible to make Beth miss the bed when she sleeps by having her walk as much above it as she can before she goes left to sleep on it. She sleeps behind the bed on the floor, but then appears on the bed as she wakes up. This is a trick any girl can master with the help of a bit too much alcohol, but it also might be a glitch.

  39. ^ Sounds like a glitch, and you gave me an idea.

    @H Nyarly What if there were expendable stat-modifiers? Such as alcohol will temporarily increase sluttyness, but temporarily reduce her attack? Permanent stat-modifiers would be more costly, of course.

  40. @Anon1
    I prefer games with some action rather than puzzle games. So, you and me have different opinions about this.

    "I think HNarly has a magnificent brain"
    Right. I eated lot of human brains to get it.

    Don't worry. For the momment 4 saves are enough for the small content is done. But in the future update you'll be able to find much more diary pages.
    I'll put the wolves there just to give players another enemy: just killing rats and slimes could be boring, so I put there a temporary challenge for them. I'll remove wolves for this zone as soon as they have a place to live in.

    As Squark pointed, it must be a cookies problem. Saved games are store as so, thus you must enable them in order to use them.

    I don't understand exactly your problem. I mean, when the game is saved, the save menu closes.

    @Dr. Papashorzio
    Well, the work done in the last months was harder than in the last days of the year, but the stuff I did wasn't so interesting to do a release, but this work was necessary before the release. Anyway, I couldn't actually have crossed the bridge if I hand't build it.

    About the bonus damage, I think it's not a bug. Beth's melee damage increases with Beth's Attack power. So, regardless the weapon she uses, her melee damage increases. Anyway, axe's damage will always be greater than kick's damage.

    About customizations, that's a question for a far future. Now I don't want anything else than the next zone in my mind.

    Funny bug! And also funny report! I must fix it.

    Make sure I'll add such expendable stat-modifiers. At least something to increase her Sluttyness.

  41. for some strange reason i cant load my previous game. i saved it after i reached level six and it wont load keeps going back to da main menu need help guys TT^TT

  42. The saved game is from a previous version?

  43. I can appreciate and respect you wanting to retain some sense of mystery and exploration in your game, but you really should include full update notes for every release.

    We're trying to help you work out any bugs and kinks there may be, but that's extremely difficult to do when we don't know what exactly is in the game so we can, you know, test it.

    Perhaps in the future you can have your brief update notes as you have been doing and include an optional link that has more detail so those that choose to can see what, precisely, you added so we can make sure it all works properly.

  44. No its not from previous game. spent a good three hours roaming the sex realm u see when u save a game and load it not only the mushrooms respwn but so do the elf ring and u can sell dat. repeat about 4 loads 75 gold, plus selling the mushrooms est 127 gold in ttl. ^^ also u sell clothing to get better seductive items.

  45. Hey, I'm a long time follower! Seeing as I don't like anything being linked back to me, I don't use accounts, I'm just staying invisible to advertisers, lol (atleast to their computers, I guess). I just wanted to say I've loved every bit of this from the very beginning on the LOK forum, and your attention to detail is astounding, but what I've always liked most is your main character. Don't ever change her "] -Richy

  46. Can't wait for a H-Event with the wolf. Quite some people voted for it, right? Personally I like Game Over Rape more, because it makes the women seem so powerless. But I like it that you have to work for the better sex scenes. Good work so far

    1. You'll see that event in the next big release.