Saturday, May 28, 2011

First beta

I did faster than I thought... Here you have it.

Keep in mind that it's only a beta. I have a lot to do...
- A game over.
- More quests (only 1 for the moment - the red mushrooms one).
- An intro to the story.
- More enemies (only rats for the moment).

So, I'm expecting your helpful critics. I mainly need your opinions about:
- Game mechanics.
- Game art (what things I should improve).
- Languaje (english mistakes and errors).
- Bugs

Thanks, guys.

PS. First bug fixed! Thanks XzerogX!

New Project

Hi guys...

I'm trying to create a Hentai RPG game using Flash. I hope to have a testable beta in a couple of days.

My idea is to create a Hentai RPG game, but somethig more than just small squared sprites moving, with some hentai CG image for H-events. I think it's more interesting that the sex events would be in the main action of the game.

So, I was looking for a combination of "Hi No Tetsu No Buresu" with "Legend of Krystal".