Monday, April 21, 2014

Knight in shining armour

I finished the new NPC, as you can see in the picture. He's the guard that controls the bridge to the town. Once done, I realized he's pretty much like Sheldom, hahaha.

I've also done another features (as you can see in the video below):
- Some changes in the inventory: Now, the equipped items disappear from inventory, so now you have more space.
- I did a new weapon for the Guard: this kind of big axe. So, if he can have one, why not Beth too? So I created the animations and stats for this new weapon.
- I also fixed an old bug. When you are in the trader inventory, Beth's text for item description was buggy and sometimes it showed a different text for the item. Well, not anymore.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stuff to do...

Things I'd like to do before the next update:
- New NPC to farm sluttyness.
- Finishing the pig trader code (including H-events).
- Humanoid enemies.
- New boss (humanoid).
- Enemies' drop system.
- Persistent cum on Beth.
- Bigger forest.
- More quests.
- Fixing save algorithm.
- A store for items (like the chests in Diablo II and III)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Traveling faster

Hi all!
It was a really long long time since my last post, so I want to show you some new stuff for the game...

First of all, a snapshot of a new background I'd been working in.

And also, I want to write about a new rune: teleport rune. First you need to set the teleport destination by a pentagram. The magic dust creates this pentagram. You can use this dust every time you want, to place the pentagram wherever you want.

Once placed, you can use the thunder rune to teleport to the pentagram. But... wait a second... that means that you can't use the wind rune when holding the thunder rune!

Not a problem, I've created the new Speed Sandals!
You won't need wind rune any more, once you have the new sandals!


And now, I must keep working in SR.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back to work

Well, it's about time to answer all those questions...
1- I'm still alive and back to work in SR.
2- I've created a new trader, and Beth should be able to "negotiate prices" with him (if she has enough, sluttyness and seduction, hehehe).

Any suggestions?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Good/Bad news

Finally, it seems I found job. Actually, a great job! And in Spain! :)

This fact has tree main consequences:
- I'm not going to have so much free time for games making.
- "Raped Justice" is now a stopped project.
- "Sex Realm" is no longer a paused project.

So, good news for SR's fans, and bad news for RJ's fans.

PS. Thanks for your support and and prayers, I finally have a job.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Alive and working (slooooooooowly)

Sorry, but I've been a bit lost those last weeks (or even months). Those last days I've been improving the original model, following an anatomy review Kyrieru's did for me (thanks once again, K!).
I modified, neck, shoulders, hips, ass, ankles... etc. That's how she looks now...

So, what do you think? Are there more things I should improve? (You can compare this concept with the previos one here)

About the game, I'm going to resume a couple of things extracted from conversations posted in previous comments:
- Game's provisional name: I'm considering different ones, and the most promising name is "Raped Justice" (レイプ正義). In a near future, I'll surely make a post to receive your suggestions for other possible names.
- Hairstyle: I haven't totally abandom the idea of the ponytail. But I relized that I do love the short hair. Maybe I could add hairstyle options in the game, probably using talent points.
- Talents: I thought 3 talent trees (Diablo II like) in the game:
     * Weapons talent tree (DPS): Points in this tree increase weapon damage, quicker shooting... etc. 
     * Athletic talent tree (Tank): Points increase HP, resistance to damage, higher jumping, faster movement. 
     * Sex talent tree: Points here will be used to receive less damage from rapes, to make her more attractive to enemies, and to enable some character configuration (like eyes color, hairstyle, boobs size... I don't know yet) 


Friday, April 20, 2012

The new face

This is the temporary face of the main character. I'd like to have your opinions before making it definitive.

She is a police woman, and her name is Niki Netsu (熱 ニキ).
(Does anyone get the reference? xD)

How she looks after Kyrieru's tips:
Thanks K!