Here you have the section where Frequently Asked Questions will be solved:

- When will you upload the next update?
No idea. xD

- How many H-events are there?
Only 4 in the v.037.
Six in the v0.382.
Eight in the v0.402.
Ten in the v0.503.

- Is there any raper enemy?
Yes, there are three.

- Can I contact HNyarly by email?
Sure you can. Just check my profile and you'll find it there.

- Can I help you in the game develompment.
I thank your offerings, but right now I want to see how far can I get by myself. But when I get tired of this project, I'll surely ask for help. :)
By the way, opinions and critics are always welcome to guide this project.
Also, translators to more languages are always welcome.

- Are you going to release any translated version of the game?
Sure, click here for instructions.

- Why can't I go to Niblog?
I haven't done more game once you find the guard. You'll have to wait to a future update to see the way to the city opened.

- Where is the blue dye?
It's not in the game yet. This last step of the quest can't be done for the moment.

- I can't open the Mac version.
If you can't open the app on mac take a look at this answer on superuser