Sunday, May 18, 2014

Translation starts

Finally, I have changed the code of the game to allow multiple languages. If you want to collaborate with the translation to your any language, just click here to get the instructions.

By the way, this is the current look of the bear. Thanks you all for your opinions and comments!
A friend gave me some critics about the bear, so I did more belly and neck. Do you prefer this second version?

Honestly, when I compare the last versions of the bear with the first one, I can't help feeling a bit ashamed for the first version of the bear. Those last versions look so great thanks to your opinions.

The russian version is being tested. Thanks to MosKit! Here you have a video of the current version.

Also, those languages (except spanish) are ready and mostly tested for the next release.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I need your help with this new enemy. Can you guys please comment how I could improve the look of this new enemy? I want to finish it before starting to animate it...

As a side note, it won't be a raper enemy, and it can't be knocked untill it looses all its health points... so kicks are not a good way to defeat it.

PS. It's supposed to be a bear...