Saturday, December 31, 2011

New year's mini-update!

Just when nobody was expecting another mini-update, here you have v0.382!
The only new feature added to v.03801 is a new H-event. In order to start it you'll need a Sluttyness of 10. The new H-event also has 3 different endings:
- Regular ending, with no Sluttyness requirement.
- Naughty ending: Slutyness > 40 required.
- Naughtier ending: Slutyness > 80 required.

I've also removed one of the 2 wolves and the slime close to the recovering point after the Slime boss rape.

Enjoy v0.382 ^_^
(Windows, Linux and Mac versions in the ZIP file)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Xmass mini-update

Finally, here you have a mini-update. There are not so much new content, just a new H-event, the new Sluttyness system implementation, and I've also removed the Slime boss game over.

About how to get the new H-event, there are some conditions you must fit before having it. I'll let you guess them.

- Read the new description of keys in the menu.
- The end of the new H-event may be different, depending of some Beth's stats. If anyone finds the way to do it with sluttyness over 120, Beth will do something naughtier than the regular H-event ending. But I think it's impossible without cheating.
- There is a hidden wind rune. ;)

This time I prefered to upload a ZIP file containing the game for 3 platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac.


Enjoy it, and Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or whatever you celebrate those days.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Just a question

Videos (not related with SR)

Here you have a couple of vids I've found.

The first one is a band I discovered a couple of days ago, and they are definitelly amazing. Their sound is so far from the current electronical music and tendencies. It's also a mix of different music styles more than 15 years old (Breakbeat, Rocksteady, Punk). Simply awesome:

The second one, is probably one of the best homages in the Simpsons (a show full of homages). It's Season 20, episode 15:

And this is one of the best in my opinion, because it's a big homage to one of my favourite movies.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bad news

Today I've done a programming test for an important gaming company, and I've realized about my lack of AS3 knowlegde. I have an excellent domain of AS2, but I totally suck at AS3. Due to the fact that converting "Sex Realm" from AS2 to AS3 is almost impossible, I'm thinking seriously about stop working on "Sex Realm" and starting a new game (in AS3). And once I have practised with AS3, I could go back to "Sex Realm".

Anyway, I haven't decided anything yet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New skills

More features for the future release: Beth has learnt new skills. I've also added a colour background to some skills in the status menu.

I'm sure you'll love them.

PS: Some people told me that, for a game called "sex realm", there isn't so much sex (and they are somehow right). Well, now it makes sense that Beth has only 1 combat skill (attack) and 4 sex skills.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beth's sluttyness

Today I've implemented the Sluttyness table. Slutyness will have a range between 0 and 250. And this is the list of Slutyness required for different things:
(EDIT: I've reduced the values in the following list. For example, "remove bra" required 120 points before, and only 80 now.)

- 40 -> 20: Remove Top/Shirt - Consensual sex with good looking characters for money/gifts
- 80 -> 40: Remove Trousers/Skirt
- 120 -> 80: Remove Bra - Consensual sex with ugly humanoid characters
- 160 -> 120: Full naked
- 200 -> 160: Bizarre sex (Monsters, Beast... etc)

The gain of Sluttyness is based in the intercourses Beth has. It depends of how many times she had sex with some type of characters, what part of her body she used for sex, and where the other character came.

This is basically the table:

A example of how it works: If Beth has oral sex with a monster for the first time, she'll gain 4 points of sluttyness, and 4+3 if it cums in her mouth (only 4+0 if it cums outside). The second time she has oral sex with a monster and it cums inside, she'll gain 2+2 points of Slutyness if the first monster came inside, and 2+3 if it didn't.

And if she has the same type of sex more than 4 times, she doesn't gain more sluttyness points for those intercourses.

So, that's how it basically works.

PS. Futanari are considered as female characters.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Beware their leader. And long time ago I wrote something I've planned for it.

PS. On a side note, have you noticed any speed decrease from the v0.376 to the last demo? (I mean the one with wolves and roaches). I'm actually asking for general speed, not only when the bunch of roaches appear.
I'm working in some changes to improve the game performance.

PS2: For those having problems with the previous version, here I upload a version with a slight improvement of the depth algorithm. This ZIP file contains both versions for windows, in order to compare them.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Naughty Beth

Just a smal tease of today's work.

PS. On a side note, have you noticed any speed decrease from 0.376 to the last demo? (I mean the one with roaches and wolves). I'm working in some performace changes to improve game speed.