Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New skills

More features for the future release: Beth has learnt new skills. I've also added a colour background to some skills in the status menu.

I'm sure you'll love them.

PS: Some people told me that, for a game called "sex realm", there isn't so much sex (and they are somehow right). Well, now it makes sense that Beth has only 1 combat skill (attack) and 4 sex skills.


  1. Yes, Yes, A thousand times Yes!

    P.S. Just a curious question H Nyarly, how long do you plan this game to be? How much game time there is til Beth escapes (if that is what she really intends to do)?

  2. I've planned it like 6 zones (forest 1, forest 2, town, castle, underworld and inferno). For the momment only the fisrt one is playable. xD

    Once all the game mechanics are implemented (and that will be pretty soon), creating the new zones is just drawing backgrounds and enemies.

  3. iv rarely looked (just started really ) how do i do the h stuff and how or what would be the best way to make money

  4. Yaay new skillz! Now I'm gonna gaze at the screen to see the... NOOO CENSORED!!! :(

    Now serious, great progress, doesn't stop getting better... Just curious, is there any possibility there's gonna be some gallery mode of any kind, like, a arena where you can choose what to fight... That would be pretty damned awesome... Are the censor thingeys going away in the actual game??? In the next update, will there be more quest??? And will there be body altering things in the game??? Is it a good idea to make a mini map, so it is easier to track where you are??? And how many sex scenes will there be in the next update???AndAndAndAndAnd... I guess I've run out of questions xD
    Hoping not to keep you too long off making the game, Meee!!! :D

  5. Good, good...
    Now that's a *hentai* RPG.

  6. I suggest that you change the names of the first two sex skills to Manual and Oral respectively. This makes the names more versatile. For example you don't give a girl's breasts a handjob during foreplay, nor do you give her a blowjob to get her off.

    Manual of course means simply "by hand" so I believe that's the most fitting. This also makes it so that it can refer to touching.

  7. @Demonralf
    In the next release enemies will drop items, so you could make money farming items.
    Beth will also make big money by prostitution, but when the town will be finished. That means, not in the next release.

    - No gallery mode.
    - I'll surely add the arena mode. I'll do a prison map where you can fight all the enemies defeated.
    - I've censored only this image. The game remains 100% uncensored. xD
    - The next big release will have more quests.
    - Body altering things, not in it.
    - Minimap? I'm too lazy to add it... maybe.
    - H-events? at least 4 more than the current version.

    @Ted F.
    Mmmmm, I'll surelly change it. I mean, "Manual" and "Oral" make more sense. But BJ and HJ sound more naughty. xD

  8. "I've planned it like 6 zones"

    Oh that's cool, seems long enough. Mind if I ask what the difference between "underworld" and "inferno" is? Different monsters, inhabitants?

    "Minimap? I'm too lazy to add it... maybe"

    A minimap would be cool but maybe you can make it like the diary pages where you buy pieces of a map that would reveal a small part of the map. Like the elf guy would sell you a piece of a map for the cave, for a pretty hefty price.

  9. I like it (thumbs up !)

    And the progression bar reaches the 40% mark. It is still a lot of work to do.

    Question: How is she gonna have vaginal and/or anal sex, if she needs to take off her trousers and panties to do so?

    Keep going. Waiting and hoping, mis calurosos saludos, chica.

  10. awesome glad to see more is being done on this game keep it up

  11. @Anon
    Underworld is basically like the D&D "Underdark", a world under the ground, full of creatures that hate the sun light.
    And Inferno is basically the world of demons, but I prefer the concept suggested by Clive Barker in Hellraiser, about a Hell composed by different planes. Thus, Beth will find there the secret to escape.

    @Brasilian Guy
    "if she needs to take off her trousers and panties to do so?"
    Of course. xD

  12. you need respect. your game is.....AWSOME :DD
    u know your next update releasing time?:)))
    i wait so mutch :D

  13. Dude, this game is awesome, can't wait for the next release...when are u going to put in masturbation?

  14. Oh so cant wait for next release. just keeps getting better and better. love it.

    Anonymous 12/14/11 9:33pm masturbation is already kind of in the game if you continue to hit the sex interaction button well moving and fighting you horny bar dos not go down there's just not much of a graphic for it and it wont raise your bar.

  15. P.S. I tould be kewl to have a item or maybe a beth creation stage where we could change her skin color and breast size maybe a few choices for hair .. i know you where working on hat some with easter eggs.

  16. I could add some way to change it in game, but it's not a priority right now.

  17. Yeah i did not mean now. i was in a hurry that day i ment to say at some point it would be nice to eather get in game items or have it as part of the set up screen after you pick what kinda beth you want to play. :)