Thursday, June 26, 2014

More new enemies

For the next update, I'd like to make, at least, 4 more new enemies. This is one of them:
Do you have any opinions about it?

PS. As you can see, those last days I'm having a lot of free time to spend with my game.

PS. Does the ant look better now?

PS: Taking a deep look at Hruma's guide to ants y decided to redo the legs of the ant. I mean, in the previous model its legs look like spider legs. I think I've improved its look. Do you agree?

I've change the pattern of color for the ant. I'll probably use the darker one (right side).

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I'm doing some progress thanks to my new Wacom. For example, I wasn't really happy with the hands I did for the evil character in the intro, so those last days I've been trying to make a hands.

I know I'm not an artist, but I think those hands look much better. Anyway, I must keep trying to improve my drawing skills.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Little changes in combat system

I've fixed a little problem in the combat system.

It happened when an enemy tries to find the right distance to attack Beth. The enemy tries to go to a distance in its range or attack. That is, a position in the x-axis in a distance to Beth less than "max" and more than "min". Once it reaches this distance (one od the two green zones), it attacks. The enemy always tries to get to the closer green zone. That means, if enemy's x axis value is greater than Beth's x, it will go to flank B in order to attack Beth. Otherwise, it'll go to flank A.

But if this zone is not reachable (because a wall or something that make the movement impossible), the enemy stands in a vulnerable position, tring to move to a place it can reach.

Finally I've fixed that, and when this position is not reachable, the enemy will move to the other flank to attack Beth.

I've also changed the attack detection system, so now you don't have to hit only the center of an enemy's body to damage it. Now you can hit any part to damage it.

I'll send the new version to testers in order to have their opinions about if this new combat system is well balanced or not.

PS. I'd like to have any translation to asiatic languages, such as japanese, chinese, korean, thai... Any volunteer?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Progressing to 15%

The bear is finished, and now it is being tested. I also added more rats, hehehe.
I did the last details of the bear with this marvel I bought a couple of weeks ago. I hope it helps me to work faster. \_(^ w ^)_/
More news soon!!!