Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I'm doing some progress thanks to my new Wacom. For example, I wasn't really happy with the hands I did for the evil character in the intro, so those last days I've been trying to make a hands.

I know I'm not an artist, but I think those hands look much better. Anyway, I must keep trying to improve my drawing skills.


  1. 1) It is necessary to expand the forest; if there bear settle now, 95% of the time players will run from him, instead of exploring the game. As compensation, you can increase the number of wolves, they are dangerous but can be defeated if caution.
    2) Is it true that impossible make the day and night? At least as an experiment?
    3) Will there be any water location (ford of the river, marsh, coast)? They look beautiful, and potentially give great scope for creating new events, NPC and monsters.


    1. I think she talked about expanding the forest in a previous update. I asked if it was going to become a sort of "hub" region, and it appears so.

    2. 1) I'll expand the forest, as Jay said.
      2) I think I won't make day/night backgrounds. Not even as experiment.
      3) I'd like to make a water location. Not sure about when.

  2. Hands looks much better, keep it up and you will improve alot :)

  3. There's nothing quite like getting the feel for a new, improved tool, eh? I'm glad you're feeling galvanized by the new gear. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  4. the hands look much better, you are improving day by day, good work

  5. Lol how come i never notice the hands. My god hahahahaha.
    good work :D

  6. The hands got a clever change! Congratulations of the good progress :)

  7. can we download the latest verision?