Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ad victorem spolias

I've finished the new dress for the special edition of my game. Tomorrow I'll test a couple of things, and then I'll send the new version to the winner of the contest.

I've also been working in new floors. I've written a ActionScript code to generate random floors. In the picture below you can see the new grass floor of the game, and the new dress too. The new dress design has been inspired by the Squark suggestion.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sex Realm first contest

In my game there are 4 movie references (TRON and 3 more), 1 manga/anime reference and 1 comic reference.

The first person sending to my email (you can find it in my profile) the name of all those references will receive a special edition of Sex Realm with an exclusive dress.

Put "Sex Realm first contest" as subject of the email.


Battle-Jesus won!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Better living through algorithmic

I'm spending some days at my mom's house. The next point I wanted to do is the H-events missing in the previous release. But I can't do them when she is around me. So, when I can't do H-events, I work in the next point from my list: "Improving the depth assignation algorithm."

More than a list, it should be a diagram:

The fact is that I was examining my first depth algorithm and I discovered than it actually doesn't need to be improved, because it was quite good. That's why is good to know algorithmic. Here you have the explanation of how it works: WARNING - the next part of the entry can be really boring.

The objective of the depth algorithm I first designed is to order the sprites in game (Beth, enemies, items, rocks, trees... etc) by its Y coordinate. So, sprites with higher Y coordinate must be drawn above sprites with less Y coordinate. So, each photogram, I must re-order the array of sprites by its Y coordinate and give them the corresponding Flash's depth.

Most of people believe that the best sorting algorithm is Quicksort. They are wrong. The best sorting algorithm for a problem depends of the problem. In this case, the event of a sprite moving behing another is something that rarely happens. Thus, the array of sprites doesn't need to be sorted in most of cases, or at lest, barely sorted. And for those cases, the best sorting algorithm is Insertion, that in this case is mostly linear -> O(n).

And that's why I haven't needed to change my depth assignation algorithm.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

We need weapons

I'm adding more features. In the comments of the previous entry, I wrote I was making 3 new items. Now they are finished and here you have an image of them:
Clue: the red dress is not one of them. xD

I've also added the on/off options for music and FX.

You'll have to wait to the next update to use them.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Small release

Here I uploaded v0.377. This version is mostly a beta. It's the same that v0.376, with a small difference... but I prefer to let you discover it.

Anyway, I'd like people test the new feature. I need to know if you think it affects the performance of the game. In my computer the new performance reduces FPS from 24 to 22. But I think it worths.

PS. Thanks to RPG-Maker!
PS. Problems with depositfiles? Try MU or FS.

Friday, October 7, 2011

More new features

I think that the save system is working fine, so I started to develop new features. In this picture you can see 2 of them:

The first feature is an improvement of the dialog system. Now, the most recent bubble is white, and the older ones become grey. Now I think it's less confusing.

The second one, is a new sexy dress. I used one of my favourite H-game characters as model for it. And I think I'll make it an eastern egg. Maybe as reward when you finish the game.

And now I'm thinking about the next feature from this list I'll work in.

PS. Finally you can download the v0.376 for Windows and Linux. The new text features is only available for those versions. I also remove the ESC button exit (somebody wrote long time ago that it was annoying).

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Save the cheerleader, save the world!

Finally, the save/load options are implemented. It hasn't had easy. Flash programmers know how difficult is using "shared Objects" to save a whole world with all the variables it carries (even more when those variables are not standard types).

Anyway, now is the time to test those new features. I've just uploaded the new version. So, you can play as usual, but be careful using both new options.

For the momment, saving consumes 1 empty page of Beth diary. And you can save everywhere. But those conditions may change in future versions. I have to consider some suggestions people gave to me.

Now I need your opinions about the new save/load system. Save menu should display other stats? Load menu is too small? Maybe gold instead of XP? Beth's picture should be bigger? Are 12 slots not enough?

PS. I've also fixed the slowdown at the entrance of the caves and added "quit" option at inventory. (^_^)
PS2. Of course, mouse is enabled in the save/load menu.

EDIT - Small bugs fixed: the KOs by rats counter wasn't correctly saved. So was keyboard redefinition too. Not all that is saved and loaded perfectly. Thanks you all for the testing.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What is HNyarly doing?

Now I'm not so busy with my real life, so I can spend more time with the game. You all must surely wondering what I am doing.

I'm working in a feature long time demanded by you. Here you have a picture of it:

I thought 12 slots should be enough. And each slot should display some game info (Level, XP and when it was saved) along with an image of Beth (with the skin/clothes she was wearing when saved).

I hope to have the new feature working (with lot of bugs, of course) in a couple of days. So I'll upload a new version exactly as the v0.375, but with load/save game options working. Just for testing, so don't trust too much in your saved games.