Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ad victorem spolias

I've finished the new dress for the special edition of my game. Tomorrow I'll test a couple of things, and then I'll send the new version to the winner of the contest.

I've also been working in new floors. I've written a ActionScript code to generate random floors. In the picture below you can see the new grass floor of the game, and the new dress too. The new dress design has been inspired by the Squark suggestion.


  1. Nice! I'm jealous! Can't wait till the next update. Good work and thanks for your efforts so far.

  2. Can you let us know some of the bad guys for the next level? I hope more rape monsters.

  3. So with each update you will make a special update to the winer with the dress... that seem tedious.

  4. @Anon
    Next level will have at least 2 raper enemies. One of them will be an animal, because it's the next fetish in the top 3 (I've already done some Monster rape and Tentacles).

    Not really. I'll do contests when I think it could be funny (and so not related with any update). And doing new clothes it's not really a hard job. Doing a new item could take me like an hour. But not in the this last case, because the new dress is very detailed.

    Anyway, when I saw the red dress, I though that Beth would love it. xD

  5. Looks nice, now it better fits style of the game.
    But it feels a bit empty here.

  6. well im not a bad loser but.

    it issnt verry funny to read that he is getting a new dres lol ;)

  7. You already know what the h-event with rats, green jellies. and the lizard?
    because I think some and draw and you could scan them, and if maybe you dislike most ....

    For example, rats with this
    do you like?

    but here there is the gray rat, lizard and jelly, and if it joins a second rape
    I put a hypothetical enemy giant jelly
    I hope that is understandable as a draft and that you like or do not go contrary to your ideas

  10. For the momment, I'm not interesting in doing H-events for the current enemies. I prefer designing for future enemies. I mean, in the firsts areas only a few bosses will have rape attacks, but in future areas even regular enemies will rape.

    Anyway, the sketches are fairly good, so I may use them for future enemies.

  11. Love the new dress

  12. I understand that maybe you do not want to conflict with the countdown, leading to the gnome, about the rats,
    However, they are just instill game over, maybe just make them turn to a certain level of sluttyness, you can only get ahead of the game, or use the sketch that is on the left relates to the other (when the rat licks in beth)

  13. I take a look in the progress as a journal, all the mornings (in my mobile) but only can comment at late night in my PC. Ive just love the way she looks in this dress and I see you follow my suggestion in let Beth braless when using this dress. But Im very curious: When the gnome ask her to touch her hips (the 4rd rat rescue) she will be topless as he takes her dress off ?
    When we will get this version of the game ? or only BattleJesus will have it ?

  14. Today, in the faculty, I also thought the snake
    however, you do so, that these rapes are activated in some way with the story forward only, so if one wants to return to the first maps, may prove, as the game-secret collectibles, parameters such as the end or the seduction sluttyness must somehow change the interaction of gioko, gradually increasing, and then each monster will only respond to a given value of seduction, like the mouse did not hear a human, is released only 2000 points of seduction
    I thought well to seduce the show, with sex-key, who then brought to orgasm become weaker and lose half of life, and collect them in a way gallerycon animation, unlockable until the end of gioko

  15. So, now well explain my idea, and then you shall leave in peace XD
    The gallery can be accessed directly from the game, through an object, like a book that you only get to the end of the game, in this book, you can see what monsters are unlocked, or h-like events are unlocked, and under what conditions unlock
    For example, smaller monsters can be unlocked only seducing, but not with the game over the rapes, also because we leave the game, and we could not save
    while for the bosses, that appear only once would be enough to satisfy some conditions, such as:
    gray rat: kill 200 rats
    Boss??: Collect 4 rings
    useless once defeated them, because both the gallery and accessible at the end of the game
    In this way,increases,with none, the longevity of the game, and entice everyone to complete the game 100%,
    so anyone who would call you back to old levels, to seduce monsters that could not, because they did not have enough seduction, or because they see that you forget someone, or to complete the conditions and according to this
    In addition to seduce the monsters does not mean press the sex-key, and watch a show, Beth reaches orgasm before the monster is game over, and you win if the monster has an orgasm before and ends, in this way has beth the pleasure full, so if it starts with another monster, the bar continues today, then at a disadvantage, so if you want to seduce some other monster will be waiting for the bar is lowered over time, or it can masturbate and complete it by itself (ie resetting) but if you draw monsters masturbating neighbor, who can fuck her and finish their orgasm, and it's game over, I thought the pleasurepoint increases with sluttyness,therefore becomes a matter of preparation
    in the previous post here are some typos, sorry...

  16. @Brasilian guy
    She's not braless. She's using a -black- bra without braces. You can ask BattleJesus. xD

    I'll hope to release a mini-update with a little bit more content (but not the red dress) in a few weeks. That includes 2 new H-events and slime boss rape not as game over.

    @Give or destroy
    I've deleted your mispelled comment (it was basicaly the same).
    Reading your comments, I thought I could make the "animal love" ring. Beth could gain it in some future quest, but she can wear it only if she has a high sluttyness. Once she wears it, she can go back to the regular rats, rat boss and snake and try to seduce them.

    About what happens depending of who comes first, I have to consider it deeply. I mean, a game over is a hard penalty, but it could have another results.

  17. I see you like the ideological, or I azzecato what would be your plan, but because the gameplay is very similar myth complex
    cmq the game over a penalty does not seem absurd, because if you try to gamble, triggering a Sexbattle with a monster, and you lose it you have to pay the consequences, I do not see how this could be different in normal fight, I have 2 hp and try to fight with the monster just for the experience, it would make much more intensive research, and do not take it lightly,
    I see that I just won a sexbattle I have the pleasure almost full, because I do not want to wait that abbssi alone, I try to Completely with masturbation, but there is a monster that is fascinating, and came to me, I hope beth, which ends on time, but I aime at 99% complete and the monster he takes me an orgasm, game over, by golly! it is epinephrine XD

  18. consider that the state of orgasm the character stops for a moment, the time that the bar to run out quickly if Beth comes to us while fucking a monster, what would make him vulnerable to the same monster that fucks and without defenses and the monster that is penetrating damage will suffer even more

  19. >Once she wears it, she can go back to the regular rats, rat boss and snake and try to seduce them.
    Maybe it's better to create animals available for sex in some future zone? If you are not planning return Beth in start location for some quests of course.

  20. @milten
    then search for the good of the game 100% cpmpletare, where is it?
    and as the final fantasy or fable, which for some objects, you had to return to the most remote places of the story, or rather as in Castlevania Curse of Darkness, how many times I went back to the first layer by miles for an object or to train
    let us be stronger monsters, and several more forward, and then I do not know, but I think we will have to return to the first level of this game, I am not convinced that stonage, which is near to the mage

  21. @Give or destroy
    I was thinking about, if monster cums (and Beth no), she could lose Sluttyness points. Otherwise, if she cums before the monster, she would gain them.

    As Give or destroy said, a small amount of H-events should be difficult to find. Maybe a 5% of them or so.

  22. But of course, who is more slutty, is more accustomed to the pleasure, and comes later, so if sluttyness increases, should increase the pleasure neccessarie orgasm
    I thought that a sex battle
    The sluttyness, and pleasurebar, as a kind of hp
    while the seduction, the speed increases the monster reaches orgasm
    those who train in this way can beat the strongest monsters sexually

  23. This all good and well but please don't forget the skill needed to make all this. I don't want this project end up abandoned just because everyone requested something grand and H Nyarly at the end gets tired of all of our ideas and quit.

  24. @Give or destroy
    I have to think about how implement the "sex battle" and how stats are involved in.

    Don't worry, I'll do all the things I find interesting. After all is my personal project, and I won't do anything I don't like.

  25. Scorpio's always have to have there way. lol
    no offence give or destroy but i know i brought up sex with the rats and other monsters for later game development about 20 posts ago. Nyarly is going to make the game the way Nyarly wants the game. throwing and idea out now and then is fine. but 11 posts on one comment is a bit much. cut Nyarly some slack. :oP

  26. "Please, sir, draw me a sheep. Then draw me a hot chick having sex with it."


    - Anon and on

  27. @ Ramses
    you're right, I realize that I was a little too invasive, but with all these posts, I just make an idea,
    however, I apologize

  28. Ok, she isn´t braless but looks like she is, in this hot strapless red dress. Ofcourse this is my opinion, but, I think you may can try, but it will be hard to draw any hotter wardrobe than this.
    Franklly - it is fabulous. I just feel sorry as we all other poor mortals won´t have the lucky of play the version with the red dress. I envy B-Jesus (is it a sin?).
    Thanks and I´m waiting for the next update ( only 15% done... gosh ! I must be patient...)

  29. Don't worry. Give and destroy's suggestions and sketches will be helpful for me (I hope that soon). I love his sketches. :)

    @Brazilian guy
    The new red dress will be available in a future update. Maybe from a boss' loot (like a succubus). I haven't decided it yet, but make sure you'll be able to get it.

    Here you have a picture of the new bra:

    You can also see the new floor textures I'm working with. 100% made by actionScript.

  30. hummm. This bra may increases Beth´s seduction in 3 points at least.
    You really know wat nakes a guy happy. Thanks for this sample.

  31. Rants I know that I go out, however, had written an anonymous
    "Please, sir, draw me a sheep. Then I draw a hot chick having sex with it."
    I do not understand if it was to me, but I like a challenge, so ...
    instead of a sheep, I drew a girl sheep, and then a very very hot chick, a chick phoenix
    I hope you like

  32. give or destroy you are great at the sex scene ideas. can you do beth getting gangbanged by orcs.

  33. @ anonymous
    the game and the blog are nyarly, and I think I interfered too

  34. @ anonymous
    ok .....
    @ H nyarly
    but I promise that is the last

  35. So back to a the game. How does the update coming along? The status bar didn't change for a week now at least...

  36. "I was thinking about, if monster cums (and Beth no), she could lose Sluttyness points. Otherwise, if she cums before the monster, she would gain them."

    I would think it'd be the other way around...
    A slutty Beth wouldn't mind being a sexual object-making someone orgasm whether or not she does. in fact, it would make her more likely to orgasm.
    If she didn't, though, she should simply become more slutty for allowing a monster to use her, at the cost of HP.

    Just throwing out more ideas so you can pick what you do and don't like

  37. I do not know why, but it's story is inspiring to me too,
    I tried to do these drawings, such as fan art of the game, or as an image that appears for a game over, but are not that great .....
    game over for death
    game over for rape of slime boss

  38. @AmSidar
    The next release is progressing slowly. I'm stuck with some H-events. Basically I'm spending some days visiting my mom, and I can't make H-events. xD
    So, I'm starting to make next zone's backgrounds and enemies.

    That's a question I was wondering long time ago. If sluttyness should represent one of 2 points of view:
    - Sluttyness as moral degradation. The higher it is, the closer she is to be a nymphomaniac (or some kind of mental disease).
    - Sluttyness as measure of sex enjoy. The higher it is, the more Beth enjoys sex, and so, the more she likes having it.

    In the first case, a rape should increase sluttyness. In the second case, it shouldn't, because a rape is not a good experience. So, Beth'd try to avoid being raped.

  39. @Give or destroy.
    I like the first game over.
    But slime boss rape won't be game over in the next version.

  40. A lot of similar H games divide Slutyness into 2 parts the mental (how she feels about having sex, being seen naked, etc) and the physical (how her body responds to sex).

    If the physical stat was high while the mental was low she could have an orgasm despite hating what was going on.

  41. well, know that I am willing to draw them in any case every game over, it ends with a rape or due to a boss, I like to draw scenes hentai
    But, in fact, that plan came ugly, I do not like me
    I think the cmq sluttyness, indicates the experience with regard to sex, in this case we say more time, as in men who do not see a woman squirts away, but whoever it is practical, takes half an hour XD, so that a sex battle, corresponds to the defense, because it's more accustomed to the pleasure, and must accumulate a lot to cum, while seductive, is in the attack, because it increases the pleasure they feel the monsters

  42. wait, I realize that I have explained myself badly
    I mean this

    sluttyness ---> is the defense, in a sex battle, because the more experienced in sex, the more pleasure to try to cum
    For example, a virgin, just a play of the fingers to cum, while a porn star, three super-equiped hulk
    then beth pleasure is slower to reach orgasm

    Seduction -> attack is, the more sexy, more pleasant to have sex with her
    example, an old, compared to angelina jolie
    So the monsters cum right away

  43. is therefore more slutty, the more accustomed to the pleasure, and has more resistance
    but that does not enjoy, but as a golosone, in the long run, will always have more appetite, yoo always hungry and must eat more before being satisfied

  44. The more I think about the intercourses, the more complex it gets. I'll surely add more stats...

  45. The idea with physical and mental stat seem the most reasonable... But i have to add a bit to it.

    Add one more called sex experience. Higher it is harder to make her orgasm. If she cums she loses sex xp and if the monster comes first she get xp. It could also go to negative making her even more sensitive and make the game even harder.

    It isn't the most realistic system, but it would ensure that you would have to work to stay in fighting condition.

  46. I know that you will use, but I still wanted to experiment with different staining techniques
    I hope you enjoy
    this is with the gray rat,I warn you that he came quite explicit
    while here I did it again with the slime, because the first one done, I did not like

  47. About meaning of sluttynes. I personally prefer second variant. Anyway I don't see how rape can increase sluttynes even in first meaning. I've never heard that someone became nymphoniac after several rapes.
    About sexbattle.
    I don't want to sound like a bore, but it doesn't make much sense.
    Ok, monster came first, we 'won'. But why would Beth want sex if she isn't supposed to came?

  48. @AmSidar
    I'm taking all this into account. The model I'm designing is even more complex... xD
    You'll see it in the next release.

    @Give or destroy
    Interesting, as all you sketches.

    Well, maybe it shouldn't be undestood as "nymphomaniac". Maybe is a kind of "I don't care". I mean, it's like a gigolo or prostitute. The first times this person had sex with somebody he/she doesn't like, feels some kind of repulsion. But each time, he/she finds the way to get used to. So, after a long time doing it, he/she doesn't really mind it.
    In this case, each time Beth suffers a rape, she is shocked. But the more she does, the less reluctant is, because she is getting used to it.

    Anyway, I'm still thinking about stats and equations.

  49. @HNyarly, for instance I think you may don´t care about the "scoreboard" of statuses or state of mind or even Beth´s mood. Let it for later... Just relax and do all kind of sexual intercourses to her (without killing her) and later, when this is ready, a way to score all the good and the bad sex she had and how it will let her get back to real life and finish with the nerdy boy of intro, who sent her to the "game". Depending on how she scores, she can revenge the boy or thanks the boy.

  50. @give or destroy

    Thanks (I think) for the sheep/phoenix pic but I was doing a joke reference to The Little Prince.

    (Relevant bit about 3.25 in)

    - Anon and on

  51. @ anonymous
    ahahahha, sorry for was ignoring, ^ ^
    I've never actually read, even at school

  52. do you know when your next update should come?

  53. should not be complicated, in fact no need to add other parameters, thus running the risk of ruining all algorithm
    my idea is based on the parameters already present in the game, you should also think about the psyche of allla beth, imagine the sluttyness as a sense, like sight or touch,
    to present the Arabs, who sit on nails, or walk on fire, certainly not pleased, but have learned to bear it, so must beth and rapes, every time he learns to bear,
    cmq even when it is voluntary, it needs more pleasure for cum

  54. @Brazilian guy
    Well, when I'm boring I can't help thinking about all the maths behind the sexual/mental stats of Beth. xD

    For the momment, I have no idea. Those last weeks have been crazy, and I hadn't time enough to spend with the game. I've also had to modify my game schedule.

  55. If you want one stat for how willing she is to put up with being fucked without enjoying it, how about "jaded"?

  56. all im gonna say is "succubus" vindictus FTW
    amazing game been with it since first slime got added on lok im really lookin forward to this keep it up it seems alittle hard with every1 telling u their ideas which brings up more complications but remeber to make this in your vision no offense to any1 else here

  57. Agree with Ano. that was what I was talking about a bit before.

  58. but one thing, when you started this project, as you mean to use the parameters sluttyness and seduction,
    cmq when it relates to my idea of sex battle
    sluttyness consider then, the ability to restrain, or control of the pleasure
    and seduction, it would be better to call the sensuality, the skill to enjoy, the partners or monster
    horny while hunger is, that at the max, make the orgasm
    So I designed the algorithm, the course, although the process will last 3 nanoseconds, you will see how to extend the animation
    with the current statistics, that is, if Beth had 40 horny, the process begins with 40,
    sluttyness is slutty, sexy for seduction / sensuality, max is the maximum of horny, which gives an orgasm
    the monster has the same values​​, I would call you, whenever you create, no need to give us a real name, because the player does not see

  59. in this way, you should not be worries about how to react psychologically beth, and create additional parameters
    because it depends on how you set the Hevent, or rather, the partners
    If rape is not pleasant, simply set the monster sexy, that is, the pleasure that the monster in Beth, a low value, in this way, not only do not enjoy beth, but she's horny decreases

  60. Yay! My dress idea made it in! Woot!
    Ahh, a little late with this, I am. However, I am STILL looking forward to whenever the next release is ready... just make sure you're happy with it ^^

    ... I should get back to my own, non-pr0ny pr0ject now.. =P

    This art makes me think, how to change this if you add algortmo one or more enemy, resulting in an orgy
    if the orgy, the algorithm adds the monster2, which has as its inputs, its parameters
    adding to the process
    beth.horny= beth.horny +( - beth.slutty)
    beth.horny= beth.horny +( - beth.slutty)
    monster1.horny= moster1.horny +( - monster1.slutty)
    monster2.horny= moster2.horny +( - monster2.slutty)
    at the time of inspection that have reached or exceeded the limit
    beth.horny >= bethmax ==yes==>????
    no V
    monster1.horny >= monster1.max ==yes==>monster1 quit
    no V
    monster2.horny >= monster2.max ==yes==>monster2 quit
    no V

    when the monster cum, and walks out orgy, returns the single monster-algorithm

  62. Joining the discussion here, about the actual sluttyness problem, you can actually solve this wen you actually think what a "slut" is... Someone who fucks anything that's hard or soft AND enjoys it. You can think of the fact that it has to both as a problem, but a "slut" wouldn't really mind if it's voluntarily or forced as long as it's good, and in my opinion, monsters+girl= great sex... So, you should see it as a moral degradation, as you mentioned it... Then, about the double sex, I don't have experience on coding, but ToonPimp does, so if you will need help with that coding, he might be capable of helping...

    Then a little idea (For once my fantasy actually works when i need it... -.-), some timed missions that you can restart when you screw up, like, get to that and that point and get this item before the cave collapses...
    And at the moment you've got those language files ready, you can send one to me and i can give a solid translation into Dutch and French...

  63. I don't really care about monster gangbang rape. I think it's a situation out of Beth control instead of a sex combat.

    Timed missions sounds interesting. I may add some. :)

    And I'll release the language files when the game is closer to be finished. Otherwise, those files would be continuously changing.

  64. Your game, your choice. I have to admit that me too likes the gangbang idea, but I do realise that it takes alot of advanced programming to get another one to join and ofcourse, it can not be your thing...
    One thing I do question: Did you change alot of coding from the previous to this version? My laptop lags alot, but the new version doesn't seem to have that problem at all, while the previous versions did...

    Aand another idea (Yes, I know, spamspam...), Different poses when talking to someone... I just got to the part I was talking to the little girl, and Beth looked more like "well, I'm gonna punish you because you did something wrong instead of "okay, I'll help you..."
    Expect more ideas to slowly pour in, as my fantasy puts me on hold most of the time... -.-

  65. I think I haven't done very deep changes in the coding. Maybe some changes from vectorial to bitmap, and some polling optimization, but nothing really serious.

    And I have to do more poses, just as you pointed.

  66. "I think I haven't done very deep changes in the coding. Maybe some changes from vectorial to bitmap, and some polling optimization, but nothing really serious."

    0.0 Nothing really serious she says... I'd wish i knew what it meant... :)

    I'm already glad I can help over here, as I'm most of the time more disturbing than useful... :P

  67. A text based flash game called Corruption of Champions has the option to rape defeated enemies that survive your battle with them, maybe two skills available to Beth could be a pride/aggression and a submissive/willingness skill. It'd be hard to have both of them high, generally having one high and one low, sort of like opposites but with the option to have both of them high or low at the same time. Having a high pride makes you stronger in battle and gives you the option to have Beth have sex with defeated enemies, whereas a high submissive stat makes it more likely that enemies will rape Beth instead of killing her. Both stats could also affect cutscenes, high aggressiveness makes some scenes with NPCs into fights and high submissiveness instigates more sex and rape scenes.

    Clothes could modify this, armor greatly effects combat stats and aggression, dresses, cosplays, and fetish suits and items greatly increase submissiveness and sexual stats. If you do a pre-game tutorial level, you could let players set their submissive/aggressive stats by having one or more guys put beth into a sexual situation, then depending on if/how well you fight you can have a high aggressive stat (beat them up), a high Submissive Stat (don't fight and get fucked) Low Aggressive and Submissive (don't fight but don't let them fuck you and get beat up) or High Aggressive and Submissive (Fight to low HP then get raped).

    Just a suggestion, a big one, but it might be interesting. Great updates, keeping me hooked!

  68. For the momment, I don't have any plan to making Beth rape enemies. In the low level zones, Beth has a low sluttyness. But, in higher level zones, depending of how players did, she may have a high sluttyness value.
    In that case, she could do it. So, in future zones, I could add this kind of behaviours to the character.

  69. I don't necessarily think it's important what we call it... "sluttyness" can be replaced by "promiscuity" or "sexuality" or whatever word fits the role you want it to play. It's backwards to base the game off the meaning of a word!

    Anyway, I never wanted to tell you what to do or anything, I just wanted to make sure there was nothing that can't be undone :-P
    or that by... "grinding", as it were, by doing a certain action a lot, you can get better at it. I like the idea that having lots of sex makes you "better" at sex, and so eventually rape is less harmful. know what I mean?

  70. To be true, I must say I don't know the slight differences in the meaning of those words. I think that a person could be slutty, but not promiscuit (and maybe otherwise too?). But in my game both meanings are the same: the more sex Beth has, the more slutty and promiscuit she gets. But this has not to happen in real life: real people psyche is pretty much complex than something expressed in only 1 variable.
    So, my game is only a simulation of something that has not to deal with real life. In fact, people expect for Beth things that they will never want to happen to the people they love. But this is a game, and we can enjoy things that in real life could be horrible. (Sorry for my digress).

    About the approach of "having lots of sex makes you better at sex", that will be represented in the "sex skills". For example, Beth will have a Blowjob skill. So, I pretend to separate the mental sexuality of Beth from her sex abilities.

    So, I think that the idea of a person's psyche getting over a rape is more related with the mental stat than this person's sexual skills.

  71. Not much I can say Hynarly, damn fine you have done! Keep it up!

    There will be a present in your inbox in about a week, so keep your eyes on it :)

  72. Thanks to the person who mentioned Corruption of Champions further up, which has proved an interesting distraction while waiting for the next update. That said, when I realized that my character had gone from being a beautiful woman with auburn hair to a short ugly one with three sets of breasts and two penises, black hair all over with a blue mane, shark's teeth and gelatinous legs ending in hooves, it was probably time to quit. :-/

  73. we want masturbation!!!

  74. Corruption of Champions guy, maybe don't have beth Rape enemies, but I was still thinking a stat based on combat that parallels Beth's stat of sluttiness. Like having a high "Aggression" stat makes Beth stronger in combat but is more likely to get a game over, whereas a high sluttiness makes her weaker in combat but more likely to get raped instead of the game over screen, and certain clothes and items can alter the stats, like armors making your aggression go up and things like fetish outfits and cosplay makes sluttiness go up. That's what I meant, honestly.