Saturday, October 1, 2011

What is HNyarly doing?

Now I'm not so busy with my real life, so I can spend more time with the game. You all must surely wondering what I am doing.

I'm working in a feature long time demanded by you. Here you have a picture of it:

I thought 12 slots should be enough. And each slot should display some game info (Level, XP and when it was saved) along with an image of Beth (with the skin/clothes she was wearing when saved).

I hope to have the new feature working (with lot of bugs, of course) in a couple of days. So I'll upload a new version exactly as the v0.375, but with load/save game options working. Just for testing, so don't trust too much in your saved games.


  1. (Sing-song voice)
    Save system.... Save system.....
    I love a save system....

    Lol, now I won't have to start over every time I die... (which is a lot)

  2. A welcome feature ;)

  3. Glad to hear that you've finally got some free time.
    Is save feature the only difference between 0.374 and 0.375?

  4. The feature in v0.375 not in v0.374 is mouse enabled on inventory.

    The feature in v0.376 not in v0.375 is the save. And I also fixed some slowdown at the entrances to the caves.

    - v0.376: Next mini-update.
    - v0.375: Current web version.
    - v0.374: Current donwloadable exes.


  5. so a quick question ...

    How long till the next update with the town alredy included

  6. The town will be in the next to the next update...

    In the next one you'll find the mage's house.


  7. Are you using a system where you can save anytime via menu, or are you using a save node/point system? Honestly, I 'm fine with either as they both have their positives and negatives. I'm just asking out of sheer curiosity.

  8. Well, I'm against the save system that let you save at anytime and anywhere. That system makes all games too easy.

    On the other hand, I think that save points system is pretty unfair. I mean, just imagine you've just killed a very difficult boss, and when you are going to the save point, a rat appears a deals the last HP you have.

    So I thought a mixed system, pretty similar to the inks in Resident Evil games: Beth has her diary with N free pages. She can write a page whenever she wants, but only if she is not in combat. And every time, she uses an empty page. So, she needs to find/buy more pages.

    So that's how I avoid "every step save" players. But don't worry, I'll put in the game pages enough to finish it easily.

  9. si eres de españa... pork posteas en ingles? o solo vives alla?

  10. - Prefierí empezar mi proyecto de juego/blog en inglés por 2 motivos: primero porque ideé mi juego como pago a toda esa comunidad que tanta diversión me ha aportado con sus juegos (por ejemplo, la gente de LoK), y dicha comunidad usa sobre todo en inglés. El segundo motivo es porque en inglés mi juego llegará a más gente que símplemente en castellano. De todas formas, en algún momento sacaré una versión en castellano.

    - I prefered to start my game/blog proyect in english for 2 reasons: first, because I want my game to be a kind of reward to all this community that has given me so many hours of joy and entertainment (for example LoK people), and all those people mainly use english. The second reason is because more people will enjoy my game if I do it in english. Anyway, I've planned to translate it to spanish.

  11. Will there ne a limit to game pages or can we buy as many as possible?

    Another possible system is to let players save whenever they want when they're just roaming around, but when they're on a quest they can't save in the quest area. That way they can't just save outside the boss room.

  12. There will be a lot of pages, but they won't be infinite.

    About not saving on quest areas, I have to think how to implement it. Once done, I'll consider if it worth or not.

  13. My Saving Suggestion:
    Auto save when needed. Like after killing a boss...

    Suspend Game Save. Cause sometimes your just in a rush.

    Mixed Format. Saving in a "safe" zone or a save point(Something like the church in DQ) require no Pages. While saving in a "danger" zone(where there's mobs) would require pages.

    Pages should be infinite in a way... I'm one of those people who always has a back-up save one way or another... Maybe Beth can only have X amount of pages she can use at a time and needs to restock every so often.

    Another way could be A Diary/Journal item that let's her save X amount of times. Similar idea as the pages one... You'd have to buy a new one if you used all of them up. This should not be stock able so if Beth carries 10 then 10 spaces will be used or you can just make it so beth can only have 1 or 2....

  14. Interesting ideas. The last one sounds better for me. :)
    Anyway, I have to consider them all deeply.

  15. Whoa you work pretty fast H Nyarly =D

    Yay we can save!! =D lol
    Dont forget the Gnome too XD

    GNOME GnOmE gNoMe


    Keep up the goood work =]


  16. Yeah the last one was also my first choice.
    anyway, really happy that there's going to be a save/load function now.

  17. Great. Save/Load is needed since slimes and reptile can be very dangerous.
    Looking forward for this update

  18. The save/load feature is taking me more time than I expected. It's very much complex than I thought, but it almost done. Flash programmers knows what I mean (saving every variable in every item in the frame... etc).

    But finally it's almost done and I'm just fixing some minor bugs.