Monday, September 12, 2011

How I started... (Part One)

Those days I'm pretty busy and I can't even write a single line of code for my game. So I've decided to write a few lines about how I started my travel in this game's development up to this point. Just to give something to read to all the people that are waiting for news about my next release.
So, if you like my game, you'll surely love all the games that inspired me to do it.

It was winter of 2010. Many years ago I discovered the funny-games web page, and I followed the Charlie's serie cartoons. Last winter I was just taking a look when I discovered the LoK game. Just now I can't remember if I saw first Playshapes' original or DirtyC101 version, but I loved both. That was something really amazing for me: a erotic game done in flash, with some background and story and a female main character.

I like them so much that I looked for more similar stuff, and so I discovered more Playshapes' and DirtyC101 games ("MIM", "FF:Beta on the Beach"). So I did with Gorepete2's Metroid game and all those lead me to the Legend of Krystal forum.

All this search of H-games also lead me to the Hongfire and ULMF forums that where very helpful. Those forums discovered me lot of H-games not in Flash. But I must mention Cassie's MythComplexity, the fisrt H-RPG done in Flash I found.

The first Hentai RPG-maker game I tried was "Rape quest". It was a very short work in progress, but I liked it so much that made me look for more RPGs. A lot of years ago I played "Cobra mission", and I loved it, but "Rape quest" was more the kind of stuff I was looking for. And so, in my quest, I discovered "Violated Heroine". I just can say that, even being unfinished, I think it's the best Hentai RPG-maker game ever. It involves a really complex system of character personality that makes my game too simple compared with it. Nanako (main character) also has different reaction to the situations depending of the game variables. She can also get pregnant by monsters and give birth (or even abort) to little monster childs.

In HF and ULMF forums I found not only Flash or RPG maker games. I also found fighting (Queen of fighters, Super Strip Fighter IV), action (Nano Crisis) and other type of H-games.

A special mention to Nightmare Sphere. I started played this game because it's hentai, but I finished it because I was really hooked. I'm a fan of Castlevania series, and this game was so really well done that I didn't really mind it was hentai or not. I just love it. For me, it's the perfect example of DirtyC101's sentence "What if porn games were actually 'good' games too?"

At some point, I decided to make my own game with all the things I love from those games. I was considering if I should make it in Flash, Java or any other languaje, and finally I pick Flash as environment. Then I downloaded some FLA examples from LoK forum, and I was totally unable to understand their ActionScript code. But I finally learnt enough to start my project.

Thus, as my main inspiration, I consider "K Fox and the magic sword" and "Violated Heroine" as the parents of "Sex Realm".

Well, all I've just written is not really related with my game's development, but I thought it could interest some people. But if you guys like it, I could write more about the games that inspired me.


  1. I saw things about Violated Heroine that made it look insanely awesome but I attempted to get it to download and work for days but it would'nt so I gave up :/

  2. The main problem with VH for non-japanese people is to make it work. It was hard to me to make it: I have to read lot of forums about translation tools, and I finally did it.

    Anyway, I think you could use the link I put in the entry. The wiki you'll be sent to is a excellent guide, and it actually offers 2 ways to play a partialy-translated version.

  3. I've actually never heard of Violated Heroine =o
    It looks really interesting I might try it =]

    I do love LoK though =] my favorite is the "Mario is Missing" game lol

  4. when do you think the next version will come out?

  5. this'll keep me busy until your next release :) just remember to pop in and say hello so we all know that you haven't given up and an update can be expected sometime in the distant or not so distant future

  6. @Anon1
    Somebody did MIM2 using Playshapes' source:
    You should take a look.

    I have no idea. I'm so busy now that I have not even started the new zone.

    As soon as I go back to work in game, I'll write a new entry with the progress.

  7. This was a great post with good info. I rember you mentioning violated heroine as your fav. game many posts ago but could not remeber what it was called. the links where vary helpfull. I must say im glad beth is a much better looking sprite then the one in V.H. Dont get to down real life happens to the best of us. sooner or later you will have time and untill then we will wait.

  8. was going thru a few of the other sites i beta test for and figured why not post my fav. here in case you have not played his games. last i talked ot him he was using daz and c++ to make his games so wont be much help with yours but there great games to play :)

  9. Thanks for the ULMF shout out! ^.^

  10. Hey Hyarly i'm trying to play Vh but when i start the game ( and i already have the RTP) It says DirectDraw Error (DDERR_Exception) if anyone could help please reply :c

  11. Try updating ur driver anon

    As the look of that error it means u dont have directdraw or it isnt updated to the version of the game

    Maybe im wrong idk try it

  12. Have trouble with VH?

    Go to Hongfire where there is a massive thread on the subject.

    Or would you rather HNyarly be your personal tech support instead of working on this game?

  13. @Anon3
    Well, as Ted said I'm not vH tech support. I mean, I have no idea of what problem are you having, but if I was you, I'll try Anon3 suggest.

    Making VH work is pretty difficult, and I had problems trying. But directDraw wasn't one of them.

    BTW, I recommend you to look for VH forums in ULMF. Not in Hongfire because it seems to have some problems right now.

    PS. I'm now playing to the new Scale Garden game and it's AMAZING!

  14. Scale Garden isn't free to play right?

  15. Sorry to ask but I'm playing scales garden its awesome but isn't there a way to translate the janponess text? Would be awesome if i could read what they are saying

  16. @Anon1
    Demo is free to play:

    If you like it, you can buy the game here:
    and you'd better know japanese in order to buy it.

    There are several tools to translate japanese games. I use "Translation Aggregator". And it's not easy to set up.
    Long time ago I follow an excellent guide at hongfire, but this web is not working right now. And don't ask me how to make it work, because I followed so many steps so long time ago that I can barely remember. xD

  17. Then can someone give me a really good guide for the "Translation Aggregator" Please, sorry for being so dumb dumb :c

  18. @Anon

  19. Well Ted F. That would be awesome if only Hongfire was Up = /, either way thanks D:

  20. That is an awfully cool game, bit it has two major issues:

    1. I can't get the text to appear on screen.

    2. The problem I have with a lot of H-games: I don't want to grind on enemies for half an hour so I can progress the story. I want to play the game and see the events

    2.5. If there are enemies to fight in an H-game, they should at least be able to sex a girl at some point.

  21. I'm very sad for the Hongfire problems. It has wonderful people that helped me with my game, and it also has lot of information and resources. I hope HF people find the way to come back.

    Meanwhile, I recommed you to check ULMF site, that is another huge source of information and resources (and of course great people too).

    About the RPG game, at the point I am I haven't really needed to slain too many mobs. The escape from battle option help to avoid unnecessary fights. And you don't really need a high level/equipment to defeat the necessary fights.

    But, I agree that you need to progress the story to get some H-events. And they are not really hard sex.

    But that is what I love from Scale Garden's games. You find H events sorted from light to hard sex. So, at the beginning you just find some groping to the character, and the hardness of the events increases in each event.
    So people is wanting for more. I mean, if after killing the 2 first monsters in the game you get a orc gangbang H-event, you can't expect some better event in the rest of the game.

    And as you surelly know, I'm doing with my game the same that Scale Garden does: sorting the events to let you wanting more.

  22. Is there going to be some sort of unusual/obscure advantage to having a LOW sluttyness score? If not, I have to wonder what the purpose of the "discrete" and "with herself only" options are on the character creation screen...

  23. There will be endings depending of sluttyness. This stat can also modify Beth's reactions to some NPCs.

  24. Hey! Just came to show my support and was wondering why your last post on LoK was a month old.

    I understand enough now by looking at your blog.

    I'm always up for a programming enigma if you got one.

    Curses word verification

  25. Hi BlueLight:
    Thanks for offering. Anyway, AS seems not to be a big problem for me. My main enemy in AS is code optimization, so I'm trying new algorithms and tricks to make my game faster. Other programming questions are not very difficult to be solved.

    About my last LoK post, as you pointed, it's a month old. This last month I've been pretty busy, but I'm pretty close to finish what I'm doing and I'll be able to go back to my game (I mean, in 2 days or maybe 3).

  26. That's 5 or 4 months faster than you said.

  27. I mean in 2 days I'll start to continue the game... but you'll still have to wait months to enjoy a new zone... or less... who knows...


  28. Just a quick question that always puzzled me. Do designers of erotic games get turned on by their own creations? Or have they exhausted any lust they had for it during the time creating it?

    In short, Hnyarly, do you sit down at the end of the day and enjoy your games like we all do?


    yours sincerely,


  29. Well, I can only speak about myself.

    And I can say that I love the work I'm doing. Actually, my motivation when I started this project was doing the kind of game I'd love playing. Thus, I'm taking the elements from other games I love most.

    So, if I'm making my perfect game, how couldn't I enjoy it?

  30. XD Love your answer.

    Im glad you found something you love doing, one of the best things you can achieve in life is a pet project you love.

    So... Im assuming you haven't limited yourself to the scenes you have released to the public so far. Have you any other H-scenes that we havent got a chance to see yet? =D A private stash?

  31. Of course, I have seen events that you all haven't yet. Actually, I have seen things that you'll have to wait to finish the game to see.

    For example, take a look to this image:

    I cheated the game for testing pourposes. With that slutyness I can see her naked. xD

  32. Shame on you! :D
    How long are you going to tease us?

  33. Brilliant! I am really looking forward to the next update.

    Would it be possible for you to post a weekly or even a monthly picture/screenshot/sketch of what you have done so far?

    (I understand if you don't have any sketches. I can imagine you inviting your parents over and your mum seeing a sketch of a girl getting attacked by a tentacled blob!) XD

    Thanks for replying Hnyarly! :D

  34. @Milten
    If you are asking about Beth naked, I think that in the next update you'll be able to raise the Sluttyness enough to see her boobs.

    It's possible that you have to wait another update to see her totally naked. Anyway, all I can say is that she depilates that part.

    If you are asking about general game teases, I love doing it, so I'll be showing previews of the features until the game will be finished. Even when that happens, I'll be showing you future improvements of the game. xD

    Well, now that I'm not so busy I hope to do it every 3 or 4 days. In fact, in 2-3 days I'll post an image of a feature long time expected for the people. ;)

    And you understand me perfectly. As you correctly supposed, I can't work whem I'm at mom's house. So when she's close, I do ActionScript programming tasks xD.

  35. Glad to hear your back, this is the only H game I really care about.

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