Friday, October 7, 2011

More new features

I think that the save system is working fine, so I started to develop new features. In this picture you can see 2 of them:

The first feature is an improvement of the dialog system. Now, the most recent bubble is white, and the older ones become grey. Now I think it's less confusing.

The second one, is a new sexy dress. I used one of my favourite H-game characters as model for it. And I think I'll make it an eastern egg. Maybe as reward when you finish the game.

And now I'm thinking about the next feature from this list I'll work in.

PS. Finally you can download the v0.376 for Windows and Linux. The new text features is only available for those versions. I also remove the ESC button exit (somebody wrote long time ago that it was annoying).


  1. Cant wait for the next update to be released

  2. I've been lurking around this project since the start, and I just wanted to say I'm extremely impressed. It's pretty rare for a porn game to actually BE a game, and not just a glorified interactive slideshow. I can actually sit and play this without much caring about the H-scenes, and that's pretty much the biggest compliment I can think to offer.

    Keep it up, man, this game is definitely going in a good direction.

  3. uhh nanako clothes i prefer serene but nanako is awesome too

  4. Thanks!
    That what I meant to: make a playable game with H content.

  5. Yessssssssssssss! I love Nanako's clothes... To bad it will be only a reward clothes at the end of the game. T_T

  6. Progress bar, it moved! ^_^
    About next feature. What do you mean by "sex tables"? And are you planning to implement all game features before moving to next area?

  7. @Milten
    "Sex tables" will be a record of all the sex Beth has. In VH there are stats that show how many times she has had sex and how many times somebody has cummed in her.
    But I want a more detailed table. For example how many times a monster cummed having anal with her. So, that table will influence the behaviour of Beth for some kind of sex with some kind of NPCs.

    And I'd like to implement all those features before starting the new zone.

  8. Sounds like a wall of text at the end of the game.
    Thanks, sounds like I won't have to start new game after every update to see new stuff.

  9. About starting new game... you'll surely have to do it. I've implemented a system that deletes previous saves when game and saved games have different versions. Just to avoid saved game corruption.

  10. hey a question i got the ring for the little girl but her and her sister are gone is that part implemented yet or i got to the end of the demo

  11. They are waiting for the ring in the town. The town will be implemented in the next to the next update so... you'll have to wait.

  12. wooo saved system those things are annoyings
    what did i miss?

  13. how about a guide and getting rid of the censorship on sex realm. and when do you think it will be finished