Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Save the cheerleader, save the world!

Finally, the save/load options are implemented. It hasn't had easy. Flash programmers know how difficult is using "shared Objects" to save a whole world with all the variables it carries (even more when those variables are not standard types).

Anyway, now is the time to test those new features. I've just uploaded the new version. So, you can play as usual, but be careful using both new options.

For the momment, saving consumes 1 empty page of Beth diary. And you can save everywhere. But those conditions may change in future versions. I have to consider some suggestions people gave to me.

Now I need your opinions about the new save/load system. Save menu should display other stats? Load menu is too small? Maybe gold instead of XP? Beth's picture should be bigger? Are 12 slots not enough?

PS. I've also fixed the slowdown at the entrance of the caves and added "quit" option at inventory. (^_^)
PS2. Of course, mouse is enabled in the save/load menu.

EDIT - Small bugs fixed: the KOs by rats counter wasn't correctly saved. So was keyboard redefinition too. Not all that is saved and loaded perfectly. Thanks you all for the testing.


  1. genial! una nueva actualizacion... me gusta la forma que va tomando tu proyecto, animo! ^^

  2. The save/load feature seems to work fine. I don´t like this "let´s make it dificult" system, but if that realy matters to you, well, it´s your choice xD

    Maybe you could make a level-choice option ? Sandbox - unlimited saving- ; easy -limited, but good number- ; normal -like now- ; Hard -half of the pages- ; God - no saving at all-. That should make everyone happy, from casual to hardcore gamers.

    Yet, i think there´s too much RPG theme and too less sex.

    It´s cool if you want to make a RPG game where sex its a option, but if it´s a sex-game, u should put it on scene. I mean... the only actual sex we have here it´s blowjobs (and there´s lot´s of options you could have put, like when you find the elf-gril), and one of them (the monster-boss thing) only happens whem the thing kills you !

  3. its not finished yet, this probably isn't even 10% of the game the uploader is imagining, sex scenes will come late. You don't get all the goodies right off the starting gate.

  4. Anon2 is right. There will be a lot of hardcore sex in furute updates.

    About level-choice option, sounds great. Even more if I implement extra features that unblock when the player finishes the game in the hardest mode.

  5. Okay, this is pretty fun! Just a few thoughts:

    It might be interesting to have her comment on the first time she's attacked by rats or stuff like that. Not really a comment for every enemy, necessarily, but I can easily see a little shock, surprise, or other reaction at some of the stuff that happens (Why're rats attacking me? What's with those slimy things?). I can see it being a bit difficult to do though so it's no biggie. Just an idea for something that might add a little flavor to the game.

    Bit of a bug: after loading, the gnome-saves-you counter seems to reset to the "How did I get here? I remember being attacked by rats." event (i.e. the first event). But it doesn't seem to reset the sexual interactions so if you've already done breast-touching he goes straight to thigh-touching. And if you've already done thigh-touching, he just stands there and doesn't say anything at all or react to attempts at sexual interaction.

    Speaking of the save and loading system, I don't really like restrictions on saving and loading. If you really must, maybe give the elf guy a larger or even preferably unlimited supply of journal pages? I prefer being able to take a break whenever I want (or need to!) instead of having to worry about limited supply of saves. As is, it pretty much forces playing a fair while just to make the most of your limited save pages.

    Speaking of sex scenes, I actually do like the teases that're in the game right now. Nice to have some leadup to stuff.

  6. I noticed two things that happen when a game is reloaded that you may or may not want to have changed.

    1- All the mushrooms that were picked up before respawn. The mushrooms that were previously picked up stay where they were- whether it's with Beth, with the male elf, or gone forever.

    2- Sluttiness resets to 10. Since the aforementioned gnome bug occurs, there is no way to raise it again after the thigh-touching scene.

    Speaking of Sluttiness, I don't know whether or not it's supposed go up for *every* scene in the final version, but as of now, the slime-boss-victory scene does not do this. Is this intended, or is it a bug?

    Lastly, this is just a random thought on my part, but... what if you could pick up the cattle skulls and use them as helmets?

    Anyway, I enjoyed this game so far, and I can hardly wait until the next release.

  7. @Anon1
    Your suggestion about discovering enemies is great. If I find a easy way to implement it, make sure I'll do it.
    About the gnome counter, I'm fixing it. :)

    1- That is intentional, not a bug. :)
    2- Fixed.
    The last H-events don't increase sluttyness. That's because I have to do a more complex algorithm to control that stat.

    And in a future version I'll do skull helmets.

  8. You liked my idea about the discovering enemies? Maybe have it trigger upon the first contact made with an enemy (when either they damage you or you damage them)?

  9. Wery good game, I hope you'l complete it soon.

    And here is what I think you need to add in next update

    1. WASD,HJKL...
    2. More mouse use such as inventory button, talk and others.
    3. Normal itemss equip
    4. Animation speed = walk speed
    5. Talking to people to ask something about mission.
    6. Mission list- there is many people( such as me :D ) who forget what they need to do
    7. Normal grass- when you walk it look's weird

    P.S. Sory for my bad english.

  10. @Anon1
    I've planned something more interesting. For the momment, there is no any variable showing if Beth is in combat or not (that means, enemy dispays its vitality bar). But I planned to implement it. So, it'd be better if she says the sentence the first time she is in combat with every type of enemy.

    I mean, she can find lot of rats and never hit or being hit by one.

    1- You can redefine controls. And those controls are saved when you saves game.
    2- I think mouse is not really necessary in regular game.
    3- What kind of items do you mean? I'm going to implement melee weapons soon. :)
    4- I'll add the wind rune, that allows Beth to walk faster.
    5- Mmmmm, I have to think about it.
    6- As much as possible, I tried that when you are in a quest, if you ask the NPC that gave it, it say something about what it's waiting for.
    7- Definitelly, I need to design more stuff for the forest. But about the ground, I'm not able to create something that looks like. xD