Friday, October 21, 2011

Sex Realm first contest

In my game there are 4 movie references (TRON and 3 more), 1 manga/anime reference and 1 comic reference.

The first person sending to my email (you can find it in my profile) the name of all those references will receive a special edition of Sex Realm with an exclusive dress.

Put "Sex Realm first contest" as subject of the email.


Battle-Jesus won!


  1. TRON?
    DLC for a winner?
    Lol, I don't even...

  2. tron was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the intro with beth captured by the camera, identical to the scene of the film, other films, but I do not seem to notice them apart from those of the cyberpunk genre, do you know which souls referring, because that's what inspired the film of the same cyberpunk + famous, but maybe not, the story would actually + like the second episode of Abenobashi, but I do not think you're referring to that
    do not really have many ideas, the gray mouse seems to be the creature of "The Princess Bride"

  3. excuse the translator has translated anime that actually means in Italian souls

  4. Chasing Amy, Cyrano de Bergerac and Memento

    and your mail issnt working otherwise i was erlyer:D:D

  5. None of those movies. the references are in the game. :)

  6. Oh Nyarly, don't know if you heard yet, someone is attempting a full translation on VH, been waiting forever for this personally >_>

  7. @last anon:
    I read long time ago about this project ( but it is paused.

    @give or destroy
    About the white rat, I didn't mean to make it a reference to that great movie.

  8. I know i'm that person i've been side tracked with other matters tho.
    I did how ever find a more updated version of VH, Also turns out I can get a better translation job done on the dialogue.
    But due to my other plans that has been put on hold. But don't worry it will still come to pass.

  9. Yay, I won!
    If it wasn't for the album cover for Scatman's World I don't think I would've noticed the HAL-9000 webcam Hah

  10. the VH version I was talking about was from he has already made a large amount of progress on it

  11. Concerning the VH Translation team,
    I'm Malarkey from the team.

    The main translator of the project is now
    too busy to translate,
    Also the frequent new version were causing
    us a lot of trouble.

    The project will be on hold for long. Sorry
    Concerning Hnyarly game,
    Just wanna say that It's really awesome!
    Keep it up!

  12. @Battle-Jesus
    Good job!

    He is doing a great job!

  13. @Malarkey
    Thanks! Your work guys helped me a lot to play VH!

  14. Matrix, and Freakazoid are two of the referrences , the others I dont know lol

  15. Since the contest is over, I figure there's no harm in it Hah
    Here are the references

    Movies -
    1)TRON (the game concept)
    2)2001: A Space Oddysey(The webcam is a reference to HAL-9000)
    3)Evil Dead/Army of Darkness(The Necronomicon the guy in the intro uses is from Army of Darkness)
    4)Hellraiser(The Cube the guy has is from the Hellraiser cube)

    The comic reference is Swamp Thing. Beth has a poster of it up on her wall in her room

    And the Manga/Anime reference is Death Note. The Death God Eye is the reference. That's why when you equip it it takes half you HP away(recieving the eyes in the manga cuts your lifespan in half)

  16. bravo Battle JESUS
    so, Army of Dakness tribute?
    I am a Sam Raimi and I DIDn't see that!!

  17. Oh hey battle-jesus, you come here too? :D