Sunday, December 4, 2011


Beware their leader. And long time ago I wrote something I've planned for it.

PS. On a side note, have you noticed any speed decrease from the v0.376 to the last demo? (I mean the one with wolves and roaches). I'm actually asking for general speed, not only when the bunch of roaches appear.
I'm working in some changes to improve the game performance.

PS2: For those having problems with the previous version, here I upload a version with a slight improvement of the depth algorithm. This ZIP file contains both versions for windows, in order to compare them.


  1. Leader by virtue of his stylish red coat!

  2. One more idea to your bank of ideas: Imagine if Beth should capture one of the wolves and then turn it in her watchdog - or "watchwolf"... To defend her from a stronger enemy in a future confrontation.
    But it maybe is too hard to implement.

  3. good job :D but when has been launch the next sex scene?

  4. It's actually not finished yet. So you'll have to wait to the next big release... or maybe before.

  5. ...if you read lol massage and then H Nyarly's you might notice a funny innuendo ^^
    but yah love how game is going wish i know anything about improving the game's speed...
    The next Release should be good ^^

  6. I did notice that the demo was a bit slower. It slowed especially in and near the cave with the bed.

  7. Hopefully the wolf will be able to knot

  8. At first I thought this was a bit of a dead game since you barely added anything to the game.

    But you are really packing the game with new content and I'm actually excited for the next update.

  9. I agree with the anon two spaces above me some kind of knotting system would be awesome so like after he cums beth tries to escape but she can't because she's been knotted and she has to wait for the wolf to cum again.

    Or something like that..

  10. When are we going to get access to the Stockings/Pantyhose she has in the screen shots.

    Want <3

  11. I thought those clothes as eastern eggs. Maybe after completing the game... not sure.

  12. I thought you might want to know:

    I kicked my way, all the way, to the east of the entire northern cave system.

    The elf woman rewarded me for my work, and right after, I could not move, at all. All I could do was kick. And Kick I did. Through the cave. To the eastern shores(?).


    The water-bug made my skin crawl, but after dispatching it a couple of times, I became Beth the Obliterator. I murdered wolves in 2 kicks. Blobs were no match for me. I waffle stomped the slime boss, to death.

  13. Thanks for your fast report.
    Bugs fixed and uploaded.

  14. My pleasure. Keep up the great work! =D

    I look forward to trying your next build!

  15. Can you make a Christmas present, with such a sex scene, or a bonus release?

    lg. Ysab

  16. dam got new V.379 downloaded but now i have to go to bed lol i dont want to oh well ill play it after work and let you know if i find anything wrong.

  17. Sadly the problem is still not fixed Nyarly... Everything works fine up until you kill the Boss Slime, then it starts to get a bit glitchie. Once the Boss is dead, the Elf Girl walks down to you and says her line- "Thanks a lot you saved me!". But unless you are pressed up against the upper wall where she was strapped, you will not see the text bubble (meaning that if she has to walk down to you a little, the text stays where she was strapped to the wall in the first place D: ). After that she kisses you like before, except the layers are off now, so instead of kissing you on the lips, it looks like she is kissing your right cheek. After that, the rest of her dialog is cut off (never shows up), and instead of her walking away, she just disappears. At that point, your character becomes stuck in place, with the exception of if you attack, you will be pushed to the left of the screen(still staying centered though), through the cave wall, and into the blue netherverse that is the nothingness of your game :P . At this point, if you try to quit -> go to the main menu -> start a new game -> you will then start the game as normal, except all the baddies are frozen in place, and if you attempt to attack, you will be thrown to the opposite side of the map every time you try, until you completely close the game down and restart it. Sorry if I am a bit long winded here, but most of these boys have nothing but sex on their mind, and seem lack the benefit of giving you a proper bug report when it is needed (well with the exception of one or two ;3 ). -Marika

  18. Sorry, I am a bit tired and seemed to have forgotten to write in paragraphs above ><

    Oh well, I guess 2:16 in the morning is as good a time as any to go to bed :D... stupid insomnia P:

    BTW I hope my feedback helps a little at least <3

  19. @Ysab
    Maybe... :p

    Well, that was my fault. I fixed all the bugs, but I fail uploading the same previous buggy version. xD

    Now I'm re-uploading the good one.

    Anyway, you'll only find a few improvements between the old and the new version:
    - Some speed improvement.
    - The elf trader now breathes (and I changed his pose).
    - The ground texture is different.
    - Improvement of wolves walking animation.
    - Beth's position in the screen is more centered. So, she's further to the borders, and you have more distance to see the enemies.

  20. Today I've been doing something you'll love. Here you have an image:

    So, what is different from the usual version?


  21. ah! I forgot, why do not you run with a key beth, was the time that you had to say, indeed it was the only thing that I did not like the game, the fact that it moves slowly, and then, if you enter an attack that can perform in the race, like a flying kick, incase you find enemies in front,
    then, when will the wolf with them, you can do that instead of masturbating touching and licking is done by the wolf, or while pecorian, or from the seat and legs spread, XD

  22. cmq I've stuck with the cockroach, I can not think of any hevent

  23. It works great now Nyarly :3

    I did notice 2 small miniscule bugs though.
    I played the game through 4 times just to make certain.

    1) The chest by the giant lizard in the cave, it can only be opened when you are standing above it. Standing below it or to the sides have no effect.

    2) *this one only seems to happen 50% percent of the time (2 out of 4 games)*
    This is located near the lower chest in the caves-
    There is a flickering horizontal hairline crack where you can see into your blue netherverse of your world at the upper part of the backwards L junction leading down to the chest (sorry, a little long winded for the location).
    This alone does not effect the game, except that when this happens, the snake shows up next to this chest along with the slime that always is there, and does "not" spawn next to the iron chest in the woods like it is supposed to.

    Just two small glitches I thought you might like to know about, other than that the game is coming out beautifully.

    <3 - Marika

  24. Well climax bar(yellow bar) still resets every time i engage a hentai event. so there is no way to make beth cum other then at the end of second encounter with nome. and i could not open chest up my lizard unless i was standing on the north side of it. slime boss was bugged to stuck in south wall of its cave so it could not hurt me .

  25. @Give or destroy
    I could add a run button, but now that Beth has the wind rune, it's not so necessary.
    About the wolf boss, I've already planned a H-event for it.

    Great bug report. I've already fixed the chest bug, but I wasn't able to suffer the "traveler snake" or the "trapped slime boss" bugs.

    Anyway, you can enjoy the bug fixes in the next version upload. No idea about when I'll release it, because I want to add more features. I mean, others than the chest fix and something I've done with the slime boss... xD.

  26. yeah i have seen not only the snake spawn in weird places one time i had a rat spawn in the cave and very time you rested or respawned there it would attack as soon as you got out of bed. roach will seem to respawn anywhere it feels like. have even had it spawn on me 3 times at once that was fun let me tell you. the spawning seams to get more erratic every time you restart at one point i had all the mobs respawning almost instantly and one time i had almost no spawns at all. i didn't really think about it as bugs in the game. i just figured it was do to random chance. ill redownload and do a die a bunch test and see if i catch any patterns tomorrow .

  27. About

    I did not find any difference in Beth nor in the slime.
    The only difference I found is the Beth´s yellow bar - but I cant say if its increasing or decreasing. Its tinyer than slime´s bar, what means, Slime is gonna cum; Beth, surelly not.

    Its almost Christmas. I think Beth deserve a beautifil "see-through" bra as a gift. Anybody agree ?

  28. @Ramses
    Don't worry about that. We could just consider it as monsters' wanderlust.

    @Brasilian Guy
    You pointed in the right direction. I finally changed slime boss rape to not game over anymore. And, depending of Beth's sluttyness, she may enjoy it. The more she has, the more yellow bar increases (and has different dialogues). But she needs at least 40 of sluttyness.

  29. kewl with me. thats what i figured to start out with :P. 40 sluttyness wow new goal never made it over 20 ... but im sure ill have fun trying :P

  30. The elf girl could be topless while Beth tries to save her from the slime boss. And after save her, Beth lends to the girl her own top, so she can leave the cave. In exchange the elf girl gives her some money or some sexual favour.

  31. Oh btw there is a way to get her naked. You can't equip anything or talk to people or die otherwise it will go away but there is a way.

  32. Oh? How's that Anonymous?

  33. @Ramses
    With the new changes I'm doing in the game, I think sluttynes will increase fast.

    @Brasilian guy
    Maybe with another girl to save...

    It seems a bug.

  34. Sound great cant wait for next download.

  35. where i can download the version with the slime boss that doesnt kill you?? (game over)

  36. It's not uploaded yet. I want to add more content before doing it.