Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beth's sluttyness

Today I've implemented the Sluttyness table. Slutyness will have a range between 0 and 250. And this is the list of Slutyness required for different things:
(EDIT: I've reduced the values in the following list. For example, "remove bra" required 120 points before, and only 80 now.)

- 40 -> 20: Remove Top/Shirt - Consensual sex with good looking characters for money/gifts
- 80 -> 40: Remove Trousers/Skirt
- 120 -> 80: Remove Bra - Consensual sex with ugly humanoid characters
- 160 -> 120: Full naked
- 200 -> 160: Bizarre sex (Monsters, Beast... etc)

The gain of Sluttyness is based in the intercourses Beth has. It depends of how many times she had sex with some type of characters, what part of her body she used for sex, and where the other character came.

This is basically the table:

A example of how it works: If Beth has oral sex with a monster for the first time, she'll gain 4 points of sluttyness, and 4+3 if it cums in her mouth (only 4+0 if it cums outside). The second time she has oral sex with a monster and it cums inside, she'll gain 2+2 points of Slutyness if the first monster came inside, and 2+3 if it didn't.

And if she has the same type of sex more than 4 times, she doesn't gain more sluttyness points for those intercourses.

So, that's how it basically works.

PS. Futanari are considered as female characters.


  1. sweet, hey there new recent fan of your work keep it up

  2. Looking forward to this being implemented. Keep up the great work!

  3. @Zero
    New fans are always wellcome.

    It's actually implemented and 100% working. But you'll have to wait to test it.

  4. At the rate you are going now, we may yet see Beth half naked before 2012!

  5. so... the sex escenes is available now? where i play it? ''play game'' or ''download game'' ?

  6. I am not worried about playing this before 2012. Why? Because H Nyarly would have to really get to work to finish everything for new year. And looking at the progress thus far that might be impossible to do.

  7. Nice work with coming up with a system like this. However, I'd suggest making the cap based on individual enemies. Unless you offer items that increase your sluttyness, it looks neigh impossible to max it out if you only earn points 4 times for any and all monster sex and so forth. Instead, base how much points you get off of that one specific enemy, or a specific area.
    That way it prevents you from upping the level too easily, but still makes it possible. Otherwise it doesn't seem right if you end up getting endlessly raped by slimes or wolves, but only get credit for the first few times.

  8. I believe that if you do the math you'll find that if you sex each type of enemy in each possible way then you'll get more than 200 pts.

    However that depends on whether there are scenes for all of those possibilities or not.

  9. @H Nyarly

    Hey, I'm happy to see that you're planning on implementing a lot of sex-stats tracking! =)

    Since you are tracking how many males/females/monsters/etc you 'encounter', could you also create a 'journal', where the player can...uh...track her progress? =P

    For me, the more stats logged for the player, the merrier! Others may have differing opinions, though...


    Also! I would suggest futanari be considered males. Why? Because, unless futanari have sterile semen, sleeping with only one has a very real chance of pregnancy. Beth can sleep with 1000 women, and not really face the thread of an unwanted child, but with futanari, like men, it only takes one encounter to get knocked up. I think this would add a very real fear, and cause for concern, for a woman such as Beth.

    I would speculate that, anyway. It's up to you, it's your character, after all. And, if you're a female, disregard what I say, because, hey, I'm a guy; What do I know about a woman's concerns? =S

  10. @Anon1
    Well, in the previous version you need a sluttyness of 40/100 to remove bra. Now it's 120/250, so compared it's a little bit more.

    But in the previous version, you could gain like 1 or 2 sluttyness points in each H-event, and now you can get up to 7...

    The new scenes will be available in the next update/release. And I think you would play it from downloaded executable only.

    I agree with you. Still too much to do to finish the next version.

    The cap is basically for Beth getting used to this kind of sex. So, when she considers some kind type as regular, she shouldn't gain more points, regardless if that was with different enemies of the same type.

    @Ted F.
    Well, after people testing reports of the next release, I may change the numbers.

    As you suspected, the sex encounters are tracked in 2 data matrix that are saved in the saved games. So, if more people are interested in, I could add a way people can see that info

    About futanari, I prefered to classify them in the same table than women - in the sense that, for a heterosexual person, the sex with futanari is a bit pushing her limits more than with regular sex, so like a homosexual intercourse. Futanari should have their own table, but I don't want to add even more complexity.

  11. @H Nyarly

    Awesome! I hope others join the bandwagon!

    As for Futanari, I see your point. =S

  12. It seems weird to me, (although I like the chart) to say that HER level of being used to something is relevant to how slutty she is. Wouldn't sluttiness be an objective measure (what most people would think) Ex: Many people would think a woman who has sex with 4 men at once is incredibly slutty, regardless of whether she thinks she is slutty or not.

  13. then boss rape should not be deadly
    or at least there should be an immortal mode.

  14. Its getting better and better. Congratulations. The scale, according to the table, makes very sense. But, it is not very clear about Beth having sex with Beth. Will it be masturbation or so?

    Regards, saludos, abrazos.

  15. @Anon
    As you pointed, sluttyness is not a absolute measure. It depends of every person. Anyway, I set the points acording to what I suppose Beth's moral should be.
    About the example, it's funny that if Beth does it with 4 men at the same time, she gains between 20 and 34 points in a round. Once done it, if she has sex with only 1 man, she won't gain any point. So, we can consider that she was so hardcore that normal sex is too light for her.

    You are right. In the future relase, slime boss won't be game over any more.

    @Brasilian guy
    "Beth-Beth" basically means the orgasms she had due to other characters. :)

  16. Looks absolutely Class A-mazing!

    I am looking forward to further releases very much. This table, and the potential tracking for it, make it both more complex AND more exciting IMNSHO.

    Thanks again for a wonderful h-game. I think now the trick will be fighting the temptation to make her as slutty as possible. :P

  17. @DakkonBB: Fight the temptation?! Why try? Just about everybody keeping track of the behind-the-scenes here will be trying to see how close to the 250 max they could get once there's enough H-scenes!

  18. Sounds great. the hardest part of geting 250 with this system is the wait for the test download :P

  19. You handsome son of a bitch!

    I want sex teasers at the beginning! Need to test the goods before working them out!