Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bad news

Today I've done a programming test for an important gaming company, and I've realized about my lack of AS3 knowlegde. I have an excellent domain of AS2, but I totally suck at AS3. Due to the fact that converting "Sex Realm" from AS2 to AS3 is almost impossible, I'm thinking seriously about stop working on "Sex Realm" and starting a new game (in AS3). And once I have practised with AS3, I could go back to "Sex Realm".

Anyway, I haven't decided anything yet.


  1. oh, please dont quit it.

  2. Some years ago, I worked in a financial company and used to program in Clipper, Pascal and C and had some experience in MSX Basic. I´ve met a guy who only used to make programs in DOS GWBASIC. When Ive asked him why he still used that "jurassic" language , he answered me this: "The best language a programmer can use is the language the programmer knows - and is proficent".

    Nowadays I make macros in Excel VB and is pretty normal for me to apply some "old" technics of obsolete language to reach the solution I need.

    So, think about this. It will be very sad if you don´t finish this amazing work you´ve started.


  3. hey there, i been following your game since about early September, never really bothered to post anything, but i think this would be pretty sad if you stopped midway, at least finish this current update you have now, then practice and remake it in as3 with new features and so on so forth, but if you left it as it is now, the current people who have been following for awhile like myself might be abit disappointed not to see Beth get some, it would be a tragedy really

  4. I have been following since july and I have to say you have made a lot of followers with a large amount of visits showing there dedicated to your work if you shut this project down for a while you will lose a majority of those followers don't do it you made great progress so far

  5. I worked with both AS2 and AS3, and I really know what are you feeling now.
    I think AS3 is way more efficient, and if you are going to work in a professional area you should learn it. But this game can work just fine with AS2. If you aren't thinking in pushing even more graphic features (like maps twice as big as the last one and three times more enemies per map), the game should run smothly.
    Of course, if you feel like you just hit a wall in this game, and the AS2 can't help you, then you may consider changing everything. The same if the game is too slow for you.

    But think. If you already managed so many fans with the game as it is, and I believe you finished all the big game engines, so just keep the same pace and you'll be a legend :)

  6. It's terrible that this project might end so suddenly, but i have a job too and i know what it feels like when there are some bills to pay, you should think and go for the options u think it's the right one.
    I'm sure everyone understand that there's more in life like gettin a job.
    Anyway, good luck and i hope u know what ur doing, thumbs up


  7. i have to tell you this most of the games or all who decide to end the game to start a new one end up in failure why i dont know but kyeru is good example that guy can never finish a game because he always want to change something. but do what you want, in my opinion your game is good at is it now and i always say if you already start something finished it

  8. Dude, work before play. We're grateful about the work you put into this game. But, please don't endanger your financial standing on our behalf! =)

    You can always come back to this when you're natural at AS3! It's not like I forgot Java, just because I do C# now...

  9. It's an awesome game, but ofcourse, if AS3 is important for the company, you could better start learning that. This is a game, the other one is real life. Do what is most important, the people will understand your decision, no doubt about that...

  10. Well, it's sad, this game was really promising.

    But your life is more important than a game, especially when finding work is quite hard like today.

    If you are going to stop Sex Realm, maybe you can make a last version, even if incomplete, with all the content previously developed but not include.

    Or maybe you can release your game in some open source way, so people who offer to help you can work on it.

    However it's just some suggestions, it's your game and you already have done a great work that lot of people have enjoy.

  11. 1. Do AS3! Why? Because, Go for it!
    2. Practice AS3 by converting/redoing Sex Realm in AS3! Keyword: Practice
    3. Post your successes/failures here so we all can celebrate/lament WITH you!!!!!!!!!
    4. ???
    5. PROFIT!

    PS I LOVE Sex Realm, Please continue it!

  12. hey its ok if you have to stop the game just for a bit especially if it can make it even better just as long as you keep your word and come back to making sex realm

  13. Hey H!

    I don't know how soon you intend to quit or even how much you have on your hand before you do, but maybe you could just throw in some h-scenes, publish it, then call it a day, you know, just for

    Then afterward, even if you don't come back to this game, you'll still feel pride in what you've done and we'll be happy too. XD

    This was the ONE game I was mostly looking forward to, but hey, real life can be a bitch so its better to secure a good job then afterward do whatever the hell you wanna do (like a game like this)than wasting some big career chances and end up broke or whatever.

    So think about it, we're all behind ya, whatever choices you may take.

    Thanks again for this amazing game and may you find the answers you're looking for!!

    James O'Brian

  14. If you're asking for my opinion.. do what you want to do. That's basically what this has been about, for you and for your fans. No harm, no foul. It'd be nice to be kept in the loop though.

  15. u can do both hahaha lol.

    follow your hart,

  16. Oh, please, only not abandon SR. You may start from scratch on AS3 [a lot of artwork is already done after all]. Time doesn't really matter, I just want this game to be finished. I hope you too

  17. Dropping this game in favor of another is a very bad idea. Why? After you've worked on it for a while you will have completely lost steam on SR and will likely never touch it again. I fear that if you stop now you'll never start back up.

    If you need to learn AS3 and you think a game is the best way to do it (I would agree with this line of thought) then start making another game and split your time between the two projects. I for one would prefer slow updates over no updates with little hope of ever seeing one again.

  18. hey H Nyarly,

    I'm a mac user that can only run swf files, I've been following this game for ages! Its a really great game but I was wondering whether you could update the version on your "Play game" tab. As for AS3, I do hope you continue to work on this game, but I understand life issues get in the way. Best of luck for the future and I hope it all goes well!

  19. shit ..thanks for this great news to chrismas ...thanks..but you Must go your way... bye ...


  20. go for it!!! its a shame for SR but you have to think on whats important
    and what if you just bigin SR from te bigin in AS3??

  21. as you learn more about AS3 you should you should try to incorporate it into a new AS3 sex realm!!!

  22. If it's a change you really feel is necessary you should obviously do it, but I agree with others that it would be a big waste of your time and work to start over, and that people will unfortunately lose interest in this project.

  23. I'm looking for more options. Definitelly, translating Sex Realm to AS3 is not one of them, due to the huge amount of code written. But I think I've found a way to carry on the new AS3 project and SR in AS2.

  24. Aw man... Was looking forward to seeing the gnome and beth having sex...

    I really do hope you dont abandon Sex Realm, but its your choice =]
    Instead why not start from scratch on AS3? I know it might be alot of work but it could give you a chance to make Sex Realm look even better. A New Sex Realm. =]

    Please dont abandon Sex Realm.

  25. I had forgotten one thing to say.
    it seems to me like that if you quit the game. You do one last post of what is playable now.

    using google translator.

    greetszzz CB

  26. Dear H,

    I was following your project since July and I can say that I really admire the amount of wits you put into it. I am one of those old-school DOS programmers and realise how good planning is important for the success of the project. You demonstrated a great example on this account.

    What can I say? It is sad that you have to abandon SR - it was definitely my favourite project on LoK. However, real life issues must have top priority, so I totally understand you.

    From the programmer's point of view, I don't think it is realistic to continue the development of SR simultaneously with the development of a different project in an almost different language. If I were in your boots, I would either rewrite SR from scratch in AS3 (I somehow feel you was about to rewrite it from scratch anyway), or just abandon it for good, leaving all work files in open access. I know several very successful projects that were completed in this way (FAR Manager, for example), so this is not some abstract idea.

    Good luck with your new project.

  27. Why not finish SR, get a great fan base. Then Use the new knowledge of AS3 to make another game and continue growing!

    I'm sure you can find the time to do both, however focusing more on your job than the game,
    however I'd like to say that successful people are quick to decide but hard to change their minds, they stick with their goal even through what may seem like bad times, but it gets better.

    A good example is Soichiro Honda, from which his corporation is named after. His factory was bombed three times in WW2 but he persisted and came out on top. I truly believe that SR may be a stepping stone to something more.

  28. So... you're going to abandon a game that's garnered you a pretty loyal following, that would be perfectly fine as-is if you just focused on adding some more H-scenes (preferably ones you don't have to die and game-over to see), all to start an entirely NEW project, from scratch, at some undetermined date in the future, in a programming language you admit you aren't all that familiar with as of now.

    ...that is absolutely stupid. I know how that sounds, but it really is. I'm not talking about learning AS3; real life comes first, always. But on the other hand, why not just finish the next release of SR, add as much H-content and whatever else to what you have already as you have time for, and call it the final version instead of just letting SR fall into the Land of Abandonware like Renara and Area 52 did with LoK?

    I've come to expect better than that from you, Hnyarly. Please don't prove me wrong.

  29. Da, there is no greater pain than the kind felt by fans than when their king gives up... except for the ass-biting cold from one of Stalin's many labor camps (pack some vodka, it's gonna be chilly).

  30. HNYARLY, to learn AS3 you dont need to forget AS2, right ? So, if is a matter of time you dont have anymore to dedicate to SR, due to a job in company, ok, pause the project and complete it in you free time.
    Unless you intend to sell SexRealm to this company...

  31. In the professional industry, a game could take years to complete. They say technology increases every 3 months, so a games years out of date graphically by the time its released. If they kept having to update with each new piece of technology, nothing will ever get done. Its best to stick to the chosen guns until the battle is over before upgrading. maybe make a future sequel in AS3.

  32. Well, I've finally decided to continue Sex Realm in AS2.
    I think I've found a way to start the AS3 project and share my time between both games.


    Thank you, H Nyarly

  34. At worse maybe you can make the AS3 non-hentai so you can work on it when your mother is around :P

    Happy to hear you want to keep on working on SR though :)

  35. thanx friend you save my life i very like you :D

  36. Oh man, I feel your pain

  37. i wonder if there is a way to crate a program to covert the code from AS2 to AS3 (i'm no programer but just by looking at the two types of code)

  38. Finally some good news and right before the holidays. I have something to look forward to at lesat in the next year.:D

    I do think that doing a SR Enhanced edition in AS3 would be awsome. I learned both and I gotta say to me AS3 is still harder.
    You could continue doing SR in AS2 and make it even greater in AS3, better graphics, faster gameplay or more features that in AS2 would be hard to do.

  39. Can you plz update your "Play Game" section of your blog. I want to see the updated game.

  40. dont want upload the latest version?:)))i wait too long :D

  41. I was expecting to get a "oh my computer has broken suddenly so I can't make the game anymore" lie like most of the game creators (Like the Baby sitting cream game he's not going to finish it ever)but I'm glad that you're going to stick to it.

  42. Yeah men, come on and give us a tittyxmay present :D

  43. I think I won't release more versions in my "Play Game" section. The exe one seems to work better, so I'll do the future releases with executables for Windows, Mac and Linux.

    About Christmass present, maybe, if you have been good boys/girls this year.

  44. Hey Hnyarly... We play your Game... I think we are all bad this year!!*gg*

    lg. Ysab

  45. I'm glad you reached a decision, Hnyarly. I didn't want to put my foot in it as the only advice I could've given would've been "Real Life issues should ALWAYS come first".

    Hnyarly, while you have decided to continue is AS2 (good idea sticking to what you know), the guy prorgamming Slave Maker has long since ported to AS3 with XML support, and has allowed for much greater flexibility. Imagine Beth with greater flexibility :P

    I need to wake up. For a second there, "AS3" looked like "ASS". Ass with XML support is confusing.

    But I don't need to say that now.
    Pardon me while I throw a belated reply to one of the many Anonymouses out there.

    @ Anonymous (Dec 19, 8:17PM):
    This was going to be a rant, but I won't hijack this. It will be finished, and until Aval0nXStudios formally announces "We're quitting this", I'm going to believe it will be done some day. It's like mine. Doing something that's not easy to learn a language is never going to be quick. You want an example of quick and crappy? Look at how many "Meet 'n Fuck" Flash (cough cough) games there are out there. Dev on mine is going to be sporadic while I try to figure out which variable is causing problems.

    I'm done for now. *disappears in a puff of smoke*

  46. I'm so glad your going to keep going with SR. I was going to say I understand how you feel i have been programming on and off since the 80s and watch lots of languages come and go before i quit because i was sick of learning new ones. you game has given my a lot of hope and made me think a lot about learning as2 and now skiping as2 for as3. so that i can make a game of my own. I of coarse agree that real life comes first and have no problem with you stopping SR if you need to. i was going to ask if you could open source it or at least finish it up to town so that the story line we know would be done. in your spare time before you dropped it . but now i don't have to :) thanks for all of your time and all of the enjoyment i have got from paying SR.

  47. I'm pretty sure that my source code is highly unreadable. xD
    Just imagine a code full of variables and comments in 2 mixed languajes. I also use weird AS tricks I've discovered: for example, the load saved game function is called in the second of 2 frames of the border clip, in order to make sure that the new value of the variables is loaded once all the game variables are defined.

    That's one of the reasons why I didn't stop the SR realm project: I'm afraid of if I don't read the code for more than 3 months, it'll become unreadable even for me.

  48. Well I can see where that would be a problem LOL :OP but download is done for Christmas ed. so im off to spend time with beth in beta tester mode . thanks again for your time :)