Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Crappy trees:

Awesome trees:
(Thanks to Kyrieru's tips)

It was like 3 hours adding vertex... but I think it worths the time spent!


  1. oh nice... awesome trees = awesome slow game for old PC's =(

  2. Don't worry, I've tested them and work even faster than the trees I did for the first version of the game.
    God saves ActionScript's "cacheAsBitmaps()"!!!

  3. i really cant wait for the next update.

    btw.. how can i get sluttyness higher than 30?
    tryed it all.. 20 times the slime...
    the elf male + female. and gnome
    i dont know anymore....

    please some help.

  4. Start as a provocative, "have tried penetration" from intro. that gives you 10 slutt from start.
    Cool trees.

  5. @Cb What I realized is the by leveling up, it increases your seduction by one but also increases the maxe value of sluttyness and sex stats. So after some very very long roach grinding and sex spam on the elf I was able to get it to god the grind for 80 would be

    @H Nyarly Great game btw, love the progression that it's coming along with and can't wait to see the final project. I'm glad to see that your staying with it and looking forward for any game you might make in the future as well.

  6. Awesome, anything that lets me run High Quality better on my terrible computer makes me happy. And wow, you put a lot of detail into these trees. Can't wait for the next update.

  7. Beauty is in the detail, good work!

  8. @CB
    I miss slime boss in your list of events.

  9. *gasp* Just got outta bed, directly to, post a response. Fuck. I ain't got a live.

    Great trees, looks lots better in the game. It's starting to turn into a small masterpiece indeed. Wish I'd got the skills to prgram and animate and stuff, but, sadly, I already fuck up at tweening... Could anybody give a good explanation how to, because I'm a total f*ckup when its with these sorta things...

    Keep up the good work, already looking forward to the next update!

    PS: never mind me right now, always in a shit mood when I get out of bed...

  10. well guys i love this kind of the game 9S(ORRY MY ENGLISH)Well i dont get any slow motion from last vesion. even on V 0,376.
    My best sluttyness was 60. I will tell how:
    1: i got beth as "provocative",and "have tried penetration" .with this you start with 10 of sluttyness.
    2:i did some lvl up and tryed to get Seduction on 21 ,with this you can make "hand job and Blowjob" on the male elf.
    3:when you start the H-Event with Male Elf ,you will see your gauge getting high,and when the animation stop to allow start the hand or blow job,you must to press Z ( this will stop the H-event)Now start again the hight event ,now you will get 100 of beth horny.
    You must to blow and hand job many times,and i think if you get a high lvl you will get more sluttyness.
    4:You must to be defeated by slime ( i tryed to be defeated above 40 (but nothing happend) not sure if i already let the slime fuck Beth before 40 sluttyness.Well let slime fuck Beth 5x Than go back to Male ELF
    5:Everytime you get more sluttyness you must to try to put out your cloths,maybe this allow the female ELF start a new H-event (ocourse you must to kill the Boss SLIME)
    6: be killed by rat 3x,and than the gnomo will apper (maybe there is some trick here too) i always let touch beth body,after he doing this i run to male ELF and do more Hand and blow ,with that trick i told you on (LINE 3) when you get 100 sluttyness.i did beth get lvl 9 and got 26 of seduction ,but i already did the female ELF quest (i guess is, if you get 30 of seduction maybe the famale allow you more H-event) i will try.
    But as i said my best was 60 sluttyness.
    maybe you need to not make the Female ELF quest (ring) and get 30 of seduction .
    Or you must to get a very high lvl like 10. i spend much time on this cool game.
    I want to support this game with money ( i cant right now) but i will.Worth the money

  11. H Nyarly,

    if im correct. my 2nd last reaction sais that ive done 30 times slime.. i ment slime bose by that.. stil not higher than 40 after 100% horny.

  12. Good news everyone! You can't cheat on this game, or is that bad news.

    Without going into any of the long boring details, I've tested every method short of a program designed to read the .sol save files and fiddle with them specifically.

    The boring stuff goes down here.

    Any text or hex editor will kill the saves your messing with because the values are not properly displayed so you don't know exactly what it is your working on. Any tool that tries to force new values into the program while it runs can't reach into the shell layer that the values are actually in so while we can see them we can't actually get to them in memory.

    So the only way anyone will be able to cheat on this is with a program made just to cheat on this game and I don't know anything about Action Script so looks like we all just have to wait.

  13. That's one of the reasons why I implemented a CRC function for the saved games.

  14. Well then,you should probably try and re-do the save game scripts,got her stripped naked by that (like a boss)

  15. ...just an idea for you cheaters here is an idea you might be able to change the game with the program that it was made with....
    ...just an idea ^^

  16. Im still having trouble reloading previous savedd games i got up to level 10, with 90 on both hand job and blow job. saved three files in different slots and at different stages e.g at lvl 8, lvl 9, lvl 10. im suspecting the code might have smthing to do with it.

  17. Just a question: does the sex table that you planned out actually implement into the game yet? Thanks. Love your awesome work, by the way. I wonder when this will be complete?

  18. i think it did, i did some quick calculation and found out it does work. bjing a monster gives this amount of slutiness each time u try f-ing da tentacle boss. after da four times it counts as 0

  19. Downloaded, played a bit... Game is sure very promising, but, honestly, you should re-make save system. Cause very few people will play game with limited saves. Or, as alternative, create some repeatable money-making event or quest or whatever and add infinite diary pages to traders.

  20. In the future update, you'll be able to easily find a lot of pages.

  21. "Good news everyone! You can't cheat on this game, or is that bad news."

    Well, that's not right. I won't tell much more, cause H Nyarly probably don't want it.

    But believe me, cheating ruin a lot of the fun (and well, cause many issues and bugs).

  22. First of all Let me say great work so far,
    One thing I would like to suggest is for the wooden chests to close and random generate content to give a reason to go all over the map after every reload of the game. I have downloaded the most recent release and up to level 13. I haven't located the blue dye for the ink yet. Would love to see whats in the city to the east and what challenges there are to overcome.