Friday, August 12, 2011

A new feature

You'll surely noticed that the progression bar is 20%, and that means that I've finished the first feature of the five I've planned.

Here you have an image of it:

As you figure, the stats/inventory background is a tribute to my favourite H-RPG.


  1. Love the game so far =D cant wait for it to be done!!!

    I was wondering if the gnome ever gets to have sex with the girl in the full version. I really want to see that =]

  2. Love the new update but it gives me an interesting idea how about potions.
    Here are some potions I came up with.

    Flame potion: Grants her the temporary ability to toss fire fireballs and fire punch.
    Magma potion: Turns you temporarily into a magma monster. With special ability's.
    Y chromosome: 1 Bottle turns her into a Futanari and 2 bottles will make her into a male.
    X chromosome: Basically Y chromosome but the reverse.
    DRINK ME potion: Will cause her to shrink
    EAT ME Cake: Will cause her to grow.

    The possibility's are endless for potions.

  3. What is your favorite H-RPG? Judging from the screenshot, I'm pretty damn sure I never played that.

  4. I know what RPG that photo is.
    It's Violated heroine.

  5. That was pretty fast. But setting an inventory slash buy screen up is probably much more simple then creating the other features you want to add.


    *disappears in the shadow and wait patiently*

  6. @Anon1
    The naughty gnome will be back in future updates (but not in the next one).

    X and Y potions: I'll probably do.
    Drink me, Eat me: Maybe.
    Flame: Maybe.
    Magma: Not very possible.

    Anon4 answered.

    The harder feature is the one I'm now with: improving Beth look algorithm. The slash inventory wasn't as simple to implement as I first thought. I mean, I had to create a new NPC class for trader NPCs, with its own inventory, and its own functions to trade with Beth. I also had to modify the original Beth's inventory code (that was a mess to read, and now even more... poor the one who try to read my code xD).
    And, that's the best, saler's prices depend of Beth Seduction... and other variables I won't tell you.

  7. Hey there!

    I don't exactly know what to say except the usual:
    Looks good, cant wait to see it 'live'...


    Keep up the good work!!

  8. Lol si eres de españa jaja. Me encanta el juego que estas haciendo y tengo unas ganas tremendas de verlo mas completito. Por curiosidad, que lo haces con flash? o como?

  9. Seems someone is interested in some Violated Heroine ;).

  10. lurking till next update but this is taking forever

  11. Some more potions I thought up.

    Love potion: Once beth drinks this potion any one that looks at beth will want to rape her.
    Lust potion: Raises Horney and slightly raises Sluttyness also temporarily allows beth to masturbate.
    Calm potion: This is the polar opposite of Lust potion, The upside is that beth get's so calm that you temporarily gain the ability to point to low level monsters and with a look make them feel guilty for even trying some thing.
    Electric potion: Temporarily grants beth
    The ability to shock victims that rape her.
    Plus she can shock victims with her hands that are near by.
    Plus she can fire a devastating electric conduit attack.
    Siren potion: Thunderbolt siren scream
    Time frame 0:30

    Extreme Easter egg:
    LAZER POTION: Once drank beth will shoot out of her mouth, An all power full devastating lAZER.
    I think we should only get at least 1 or 2 of these.
    two handed Laser Rifle weapon: This weapon should be able to mow down weak grunt be require a few seconds to burn down larger bosses.
    Modes of fire 1: Bolt fire shoots small bolts of energy. Laser beam a continues stream of energy that mows down rows of enemy grunts.

    New beth idea
    Spending her time: Financial student.
    Financial student gians the bribe rune.
    The bribe rune would magical deduct beth's gold to all on screen enemies based on enemies strength. Once bribed the enemies will protect beth.

    FYI: DRINK ME potion and EAT ME Cake are references to Alice in wonder land.
    Plus they could be use full in missions and challenges plus I figure it would be fun to add later on.
    Think of giant horny beth what she could do.
    also think of giant beth fighting a giant cyclopes.
    Also some pros to a tiny beth
    Tiny easter eggs such as small crawl through.
    Such as an ant hill where an Easter egg ant beth costume could be waiting.

    Plus tiny beth allows for the greatest Easter egg fail ending.
    A female grunt could catch the male tiny beth then rip his clothes off the keep him for a living vibrator.
    Different version
    A male grunt that earlier raped beth could catcher her and then beth could think if I stand still he wont think any thing of it, But it could back fire where beth is screaming and panicking but she is to small to be heard and gets dunked in gold paint.

    Don't think giant beth don't have the same advantages..
    If you get carried away with the EAT ME Cake that a special fail ending could be triggered showing a giant beth clumsily breaking building, Killing people and monsters. Till every one in the sex realm gets so fed up that they join forces, In the end they capture beth and are then like now what do we do?
    Sex monster well she is huge now what do you think?

  12. Where do I find Violated Heroine, I'm kinda trying out various games made by people, since I'm still waiting for the update xD.

  13. Link to download VH would be appreciated.

    and preferably with the engrish patch.


    There's Violated Heroine.

    There's the Anime Games Text Hooker with the Translation Aggregator. The Anime Games Text Hooker reads text from games. The Translation Aggregator makes a live translation of that text from Japanese to Engrish.

    Have fun with that. Getting it all to work is a pain in the ass.

  15. Oops, scratch that. The translation isn't live, it's manual. You have to click the button to translate it.

    Also, I forgot to include this:

    The Anime Games Text Hooker Shortcut Generator. It makes a painful process a lot less difficult. With this tool, you can create a shortcut for a game that will make it automatically open using the Anime Games Text Hooker, and the Text Hooker will already be working with it. This isn't really necessary, but it simplifies things. You still have to manually open the Translation Aggregator, though.

  16. Wait for the Applocale it says, it's only for XP and 2003, does changing ur language setting make it so everything is japanese?

  17. It didnt work. the anime games text hooker. It had said unable to load the library anime game text hooker with translation aggregator\agth.dll, how do i get this part to work? and by manual do i need to window it and use the translation beside it?

  18. @Anon1
    Pues ya ves que sí. xD
    Trabajo con Adobe Flash CS5.

    Sorry for the wait, but I think that the next update'll deserve all the time I'm spending with.

    Love and Lust potion were planned for the game. About special attack potions, I prefer her to receive especial attacks mainly by runes instead of potions or other sources.

  19. So next is customization huh? Somehow the idea makes me much more excited for this update...

  20. H Nyarly, do you know how to get the translation aggregator to work on with the game?

  21. Anon, there is a whole thread on Hongfire about that game. This blog is about H Nyarly's game, not VH.

  22. oh ok, sry to cause any trouble.

  23. @Wessex
    I'll do some changes in the game that will make me easier Beth's future customizations, but I'm mainly doing it to allow NPC customizing. So, you'll have to wait more updates to enjoy more Beth's customizations.

    I followed the Hongfire thread instructions mentioned by Ted.

  24. Roma wasn't build in a day... I guess.

  25. Praise: Very good start for given category of game. So much detail for something minor (at this point). Punting rats is surprisingly fun.

    Suggestion: On an evil note, most slutty girls take advantage of people so maybe at some point she can force the gnome/dwarf to go all the way if her sluttiness is high enough. It would be nice if she could have a darkside as well. Being a victim all the time could get redundant but then again with the road this game is taking I doubt it.

    Random: The Koala Knows

    ...i love naughty gnome :(

  27. Been following this game, I take it that after the 40% its mostly debugging to make sure everything's working properly/setting up the features?

    This has a lot of potential, and you seem to be keen in your usage of programs (only thing I could ever make games on was gamemaker, which was kinda a crummy program in terms of programming) so I understand it takes a while, hopefully nothing breaks while you're working on it as I'm, as well as many other people, are looking forward to the update. It takes a lot of skill to make a game like this, and a lot of pride in your work to make a /H game to boot, so good on you!

  28. You say there are two Hentai events. I not found any. :( Can you say how I can see these Hevents?

  29. @ChikenPotPie
    Since the beginning I planned the game not as a GOR only. Beth will have the choice of seducting NPCs or enemies in order to take advantage of people.

    So, I'll give players the choice of what kind of girl they want Beth becomes.

    Naughty gnome will be back. But not in the next release. You'll have to wait more.

    For the momment I test each feature once done, and before starting the next one. For example, I can say the trade system seems to work properly. So I'm working on the second feature.

    About the game, I've had some problems working on it, like corruption of the FLA file. That kind of things are really annoying, and made me think about quitting. But all the people that are following the development gave me courage to keep working on it.
    Other times, I start a hard task and I think I'm unable to finish. But with patience I complete it.

    About my skills, I consider programming one of them. Actually, I've been programming more than 20 years... (I starter programming Basic in an 8-bits Amstrad CPC). But I still have to improve my flash drawing skills. And I have no idea of music composing, so I'll have to take it from other sites for my game. Actually I've tought to take some songs from RPG maker games (as VH).

    A hint to find the H-events: let the rats kill you.

  30. Read the previous posts before making comments. H Naryly has answered that litterally about 50 times. Let yourself get killed by rats and the gnome people keep mentioning will save you/do some dirty things.

  31. Oh nice your a fan of Violated heroine I freaking love that game now i know this game will turn out great.

  32. If its not secret... how old are you H Nyarly?

  33. Lol, glad you didn't quit after those Flash corruption problems :) And I'm more than willing to wait for a quality flash game!

  34. ah, that makes sense, awesome

    Also, glad you didn't quit after the little FLA fiasco, that had to stink...

    Music-wise I'm not sure this project needs it really. Obviously music is the last thing cause it takes up a lot of space, but really I don't think a music (except maybe a corny background one) would suit the aesthetics at this time.

    That being said, sound files for different things, such as a fireball sound for the rune, or a moan for the /h/ events might fit the aesthetics well as long as they don't become obnoxious.

    I guess its just a matter of balancing it out, for instance, the nwn voice sets have battle grunts that can easily be mistaken for a sex noise.

    But yeah, music takes up a lot of space, I think you mentioned that though so I'm just repeating you :P

  35. If you ask me, no sound is better than mediocre sound.

    Unless you want to waste time getting a sound and music engine to work very well, I think you should just leave sound completely out. There are much more important things a game should have than sound. ESPECIALLY true of H-Games

    I'm sure there are a lot more features you'd rater spend your time with than making a kick go *twack* on cue. =P

  36. @Nighmare
    If you want a quality flash game, you'd better take a look to the LoK projects instead of my game.

    Adding sound is the last thing in my "to do" list. Mainly because it increases a lot the flash file size. Too bad Flash doesn't accept MIDI files.
    I'd love most of VH background songs. And also the theme in "passion beats" (another RPG maker H-game, and there is an english version of it). This theme can also be found in "Hi No Tetsu No Buresu".
    Obviously, I'd like to add some battle and sex sounds.
    PS. NWN is awesome! Bioware have awesome RPG games (specially the ones based in D20).

    I love the VH mediocre sex sounds. xD
    Anyway, as I previously said, sound is the last thing I'll do. So, it won't take my time of other more interesting features.

  37. I've seen the gameplay and It should have bestiality, impregnation, birth, and huge cocks of horses. love the game hope you'll do it more with huge cock horses

  38. Following the poll, it seems that you'll all those fetishes in the game.

    BTW, not totally sure about horses.

  39. I've had trouble downloading VH and getting it to run and I grabbed all the files listed above - tt gave me some error message saying something was missing or improperly downloaded and after 3 deleted and redownloaded files of the same thing, I got frustrated and called it quits. Is there a place where you can play it embeded on a website or do I need to find a +10pts to computer skills?

  40. Horse rape would be awesome!

  41. @toolazy
    Maybe you should restart the game with japanese settings.

    I've planned something better than a horse.

  42. Mmmmm, interesting... horse gangbang...