Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well, each day I'm closer to finish the next update. Actually, I have done enough to have something playable. But I prefer to finish 2 more features before the upload.

About the poll, you can see the final result. My conclusions are:
- The fairly winner is Monster Rape, followed by Bestiality and Tentacles. I'm very surprised no one topic get more than 70%... Actually, I expected a lot of them over 90%.
- Only two fetishes are out of the game: Guro and Vore. Both have some fans, but not enough to get 15% of votes. Inflation was in the limit and Egg laying will be optional.
- Lolicon, Bukkake and others attained enough votes to be in.

Thus, that is a lot of work for me. xD


  1. As far as the Poll go, I agree with the results. Lesbian though is funny in that it's more of a sub-type (any girl on girl action) meaning that Monster Rape can be made in to it, as can any of the others. That being said,I believe a rune that turns the gender of a monster or animal should be placed in the game some where, if going with the 1 cast makes Futa, 2 turns, if only for a time limit. Just a thought, if not toss potions could have the same effect. (Some monsters might loss the will to fight being de-manned and Beth could become the rapist.)

  2. - Monster Rape, followed by Bestiality and Tentacles
    Dark Green, followed by green and light green

    - Whore > Vore (and Guro)
    Just kidding. I'm really sorry for the fans... will upload a video on youtube: me eating a meat on meat sandwich... suffices...
    Want my eggs sunny side up!

    - The (Buk)Kake is a lie

    You know about work? Surprising... always thought some gnomes made all this...

    1) H-RPG
    2) ???
    3) Profit

    Ugh... just one step away from doing that sleepless hummingbird thingy from Simpsons...

  3. Well... uhm... do you think you will finish this anytime soon... i mean... i heard... have cancer, hnyarly...

  4. your zodiac sign

  5. What? Is this true? have cancer, hnyarly...
    I hope not, If is true then life is just to damn unfair!
    This game has a chance to be one of the best browser based games ever.

    And i'm not just saying that.

    If I had the money I would hire you and give you a huge development team.

  6. SLIM-Guy: 1
    Anons: 0

  7. Oh btw. found this:

    So... lolicon yay, shotacon nay?

    But seriously... your zodiac is cancer? Wtf! Your making an h-game and your freakin' zodiac symbol is a 69... you were born for porn! Praise the lord!

  8. *Looks at the tread.*

    Take chill pill Smile-Guy. Don't be hyperactive. Its anoying.

  9. Lots of work, yes, but lots of happy fans in the end!

  10. slime guy:
    epic win on the family guy reference. And just in the event that you got it somewhere else, still; epic win.

    I am different from they other anon BTW

  11. same anon as above. In fact i would post on my Gmail/ blogger account as 12eku but for whatever reson I "do not have permission to be viewing this blog" so whatevers.

  12. Hope you're done by the weekend. But don't rush it. keep up the good work.

  13. Well, as far as I know, I don't have cancer (except for my zodiac sign). Anyway, if sometime I get a mortal disease, I upload my game's code so someone could continue my work (and I think I'll do it at LoK).

    "... you were born for porn! Praise the lord!"
    So they said to Nacho Vidal too.

    Not permission? That's weird!
    (Same 12eku at LoK?)

    Maybe, at some point before 100% I could consider I have enough to release.

  14. can you do then some lesbian action with the blonde elf with the blue boots I mean (ano8 again)

  15. I voted for absolutely all of them. Or, as a meme enthusiast would put it, VOTE FOR ALL THE THINGS!

    A lot making it in is awesome, anyway. I can live w/o vore.

    Keep up the good work!

  16. man your killing me :))
    i`m addicted to this blogg :)) every day hopa `il find the game

  17. When I saw the 70% this morning I got excitement juice all over my laptop!

    Wow so many different fetishes I like it. I have a beauty and the beast type of fetish. I like to see ugly guys fuck Hot girls. =] I hope you all get to see your favorite fetishes in the game =]

    I hope to see my buddy the gnome get some anal action from Beth =D

    @H Narly

    =D You are the greatest H-game creator ever!
    Keep up the AWESOME work!!

  18. You should add "shota" to poll. It is young boys option, mirror to lolicon ( young girls ). Since beth is a woman having her way with 12 years boys can be interesting ^_-

  19. Although I too am waiting anxiously for the next update, don't feel the need to release it before it's ready. I'd rather have it done properly than done quickly but full of bugs.

    I'm not particularly fetish-y (fetishistic?) in any specific way; I just love a well-drawn, well-constructed game with sexy bits in it. Keep up the fantastic work!

  20. Take chill pill Smile-Guy. Don't be hyperactive. Its anoying.
    *Mission accomplished!*

    This is actually part of my plan to make Hnyarly add trolls xD

    Now i remember... i asked you to not add weird little kiddos like in vh... D'oh!
    Shout it out: Shota out!

    What Family.... ah well... i will just pretend it was my intention all along... xD

  21. Yes! inflation, impregnation and egg laying were the ones I was really hoping for.

  22. @Anon1
    Maybe... xD

    The next release is near... :D

    I love that fetish too. So you can bet you'll see more of this kind of stuff.

    Loli has been aproved by 30% of people. So I consider shota too.

    I'm sure next release will have some bugs. But if I consider that the last two features will take lot of time, I could upload the next version before finish them. I mean, those two features are not very important (actually, they are 2 H-animations xD).

    Mmmmmm, what is "kiddos"?

    Then you must be mostly happy.

  23. kiddo = little one

    i meant kids / little boys...

  24. wow im shocked to see that u answer all these q so quick supper cool btw this is sparky

  25. I would like for their to be more H-animations in it.

  26. ok so i just made an account so i dont have to do that anymore

  27. @H Nyarly

    When do you think the next version will come out?

  28. sounds awesome, don't cram too much stuff into it too quickly (no pun intended) just work on it at your own pace. By gods you're the only developer so its your pace at which the game is created. Whiners can whine, I'm just happy to see such a gem get pulled out of the drains of H-games coming out these days.

    Keep up the good work, personally, I'd only work on those that got a vote of 40%+ and then put others on a "might add later" list.

  29. @Anon1
    Well, I answer like twice a day. Even more if I'm bored. xD

    Well, I've added 2 to the new version.

    Well done. xD

    It's right now. xD

    Thanks for your support. :)

    And for all those guys that read all this comments, I've let a surprise for you at the end of the FAQ section.

  30. Can't wait, HNarly. I'm going to test that right now. :P

    It's FMC in LoK forums, btw.