Friday, August 19, 2011

Some previews of the next release

I don't like to spoil the features of the next release. But, to celebrate the 200.000 visits of the blog, I'm going to show you some pictures of what is coming.

First, some elves:

And second, I let you guess why rat deals 0 damage to Beth.

I've also fix some minor performance bugs:
- Intro fire effect improved. Now it's faster.
- Fade to black effect (when rats stun Beth) highly improved. Now it doesn't freezes some slow computers.


  1. does this mean no more gnome or is it after that rats stop dealing damage?

  2. None of both options exactly.

  3. Just a quick question about how the impregnation would work in game. Would you have a home for some one to care for your children or is it once you become pregnant you start to develop a look until pow baby, and now you have a little guy you got to protect? The idea that their could be reward/risks for doing things, or having them done to you makes me want to see the end product so much more then if it was just plan sex.

  4. Wonder: So you took away the ankle biters way to bite ankles... Does this mean Defense will be able to level the same as attack? Would be interesting to have an 'evade' skill or such but would not want you to get too overburdened with coding/animating that at moment.

    Random: The Cake is a lie...because it says 0 trans-fat!

  5. The male elf looks... Odd...

    I can't place it exactly, but his overall body shape doesn't look right.

    Also, that's an odd collection of expressions. The guy looks like a rapist, the woman looks like she's scared (perhaps of the rapist guy), the little girl is crying with a smile on her face, and Beth looks slightly annoyed.

    Also, Boots of Protection (rats).

  6. I'm with Ted on the 0 Damage. It's the boots... My reason for it is different thou... They can't do damage cause the boots is higher than them and is also thicker compared to sandals...

  7. I was wondering
    I read the answer you gave to anon 1's question =o

    so you mean we wont be seeing anymore of the gnome guy? =[
    We dont get to see him have sex with Beth? =[

  8. OOOH sorry ignore what I wrote before this lol I misread the question given by anon 1.
    I feel so stupid now lol

    LOL sorry I'm just so excited to see that gnome guy get some action =P

  9. Beth has an armor value of 6 and the rat attacks for 1 or 2 points of damage, therefore the rat cannot hurt Beth through the armor...the question remains...can the armor be shredded and degraded over time? :-)

  10. It's funny that nobody's noticed her Sluttyness. It's at 104. I don't know if that's the reason or not, but I thought I should point that out.

  11. I think the 104 sluttyness was to experiment with clothing options and such since admittedly I'm pretty sure they have to create all the possibilities for each clothing option if they want it to mesh. (admittedly you could just set it up so that the clothes meshed over Beth, but that would look... well, if you've ever tried to design a game, you'd know that's really bad for a game where actions focus everywhere. It can be choppy and the armor doesn't seem to go with the character (think Yogi Bear's tie but more extreme since you focus on the body instead of head)

    Effectively, for that one option alone, you have to create seperate sprites for boots without clothes, boots with only panties, boots with panties and bra, boots with shirt but no other clothes, you see where I'm going with this... With weapons and magic its not so bad as you can usually merge it with the character rather easily (especially magic since it never has to touch the sprite) so I'd assume its slightly easier to design those. (and personally, I'd prefer to see only a few clothes options and a ton of weapons in this sort of game since we all know people will just be either A. removing all clothes or B. using the best equipment.

    that being said, this looks really good, I hope you get more good publicity for this project you've undertaken :)

    Also, if I may, could we possibly have an estimated "release" date for the next version? I know this sounds kinda snobbish, but I think a lot of people are thinking it too :). (At the rate of work, I'm guessing 9 days to 2 1/2 weeks, but that's just averaging things out without knowledge)

    but yeah, keep up the good work, its looking great!

  12. double post:

    Hey wait a second... Those boots she's wearing are the same ones that elf is wearing!

    I hint at boots being a quest reward *sage nod*

  13. I really like the look of the female elf, the only problem i have with it is the mouth being open it makes her look like her jaw is locked in one position.

    on a half related note, i know we've been talking about using potions to change beth's appearance. will there be one to turn her into an elf?


  14. hey H Nyarly after 100% of the progession is it gona be just another update or its gona be the full game? Sorry I have a bad English

  15. @Anon1
    I haven't decided yet. The home for babies is the idea I like most (as in VH), but it's very costly to implement.

    You saw the non 0 defense. But that stat won't increase as attack. You can only increase by equipment. And I'm reluctant to add more combat stats (as Evade) to keep combat system as simple as possible. I mean, I really love complex combat systems (as Rolemaster), but most of players don't. xD

    About the male elf, I think it works... I showed early versions of him at LoK and after some helpful suggested changes, people seems to be happy with his look.

    About their expressions:
    - male elf is happy for something I can't tell... xD
    - female elf is scared, and that's exactly what I wanted to. As soon as you find her in the game you'll know what she's scared of. :)
    - I have to change some mouth expressions in the little girl.

    The boots are part of the protection against rats... xD

    The gnome hasn't suffer any change. I mean, you still can find him in the same way than now (being saved from rats). But once he goes to the town, you have to go to the town (zone not done yet) to find him again. About what will hapen in the future with him... I'm not going to unveal anything. xD

    @anon2 (again)
    Don't worry. Anyway I thought I must clarify the future of the gnome.

    About armour degradation, it will be added. But is not implemented yet. Thus, for the momment clothes are unbreakable.

    That Sluttyness is, as anon5 said, for testing clothing combination.
    About the way to implement it in Flash, is not as difficult as you said. You cant put the clothes in different layers and disable/enable each layer depending of what she's wearing. So you don't really have to do bra/shirt and bra+shirt. Just bra in a layer and shirt in another. But you still have to make sure the conditions for each layer work fine.

    About a release date, as you pointed you can estimate 9 days or so by my 5% of progress each day.

    @Anon5 again:
    Right, but the boots are not exactly a reward.

    Well, she's supposed to be screaming. You'll find her soon in the game.
    About turning her into elf... maybe. I mean, the hard customizing word is already done. It's just paling her skin and adding an elf ears. Or even a black skin if you want her to be a drow.

    It will be another update. The completion of the game is still very faaaaaaaar.

  16. are you allowed in the game to have some lesbian action with the blonde elf girl(with the blue boots I mean) that would be so nice. Call me ano8 for an answer

  17. I forgot to tell: Beth is wearing 3 new items, each of them gives 2 points of armour (and also 1 extra point of magic resistance).

  18. Boots protect from rats, it's good idea. But these elves look for me a little too modern. More as from our civilisation as from fantasy. Tanktop? Jeans? Something off place to me.

    About changing Beth in something/someone else. I think it is wrong idea. We have heroine who has been put in crazy and perverted world in revenge. She is she and transform her don't look right to me. Ofc it is only my private opinion.

  19. Are the three new items (the ones that give 2 points of armour each) the boots, the bracelets, and the shorts?

  20. @Ayeka
    I agree with you. Her top is temporary (until I design something that fits better). About his pants, I should change the color, so it doesn't seem jeans.

    Changing Beth will be optional. So, players could fit her look better to their preferences. I mean, I think I won't play a furry Beth, but I'm sure some people will love it.


  21. Will this update be on the site only or will it be downloadable as well? A downloadable version of the new update would be great if possible.

    PS. for future updates I would love to see the gnome appearing throughout the game even after the town :) but it's only a suggestion

  22. @Anon
    Flash on site, anda exe for Windows and Linux.

  23. if no one said this already check the menu on the side theres a new feature called armor ^.^ cant wait

  24. =D @ the Anon that is two comments above me.

    I Agree XD lol The gnome should be everywhere. He should be like Beth's little sidekick, and after each adventure he gets to have his way with Beth if he's been a good gnome =D

  25. YEAH 60%.

    Small suggestion how about a sword for a weapon?

  26. It was 60% yesterday too. Did you get stuck H Nyarly... Not like we have an right to question you...

  27. @Anon2
    It seems that the gnome have a huge fans club.

    I'll add melee weapons in future releases. They could be used instead of kick. I'd like to add at least a knife to the next release, but I think you have been waiting a lot to delay more the next release adding more features.

  28. Just add knife shoes, like in "From Russia with Love!"

  29. Amazingly funny how everyone loves every fucking fetish except Guro, which is one of my highest favorites. Oh well, at least the other fucked up shit made it in.

  30. The gnome seems to have a club, alright O.O

    Maybe he should play a game of go fish with Beth:

    "Ace of Clubs?"
    "Go fish"

  31. @ anon before me

    I think thats actually a pretty cool idea
    Or even something like strip poker and if the gnome wins he gets to have his way with Beth. If Beth wins you have an option to have your way with the gnome, or a gnome gangbang with a couple of his friends =D

    This is making me really excited
    Just a few more days til we can help get that gnome some action with Beth!!!! =D

    @ H Nyarly

    Thank you for taking the time to make this awesome game =]

    You ROCK!!!!! -_^

  32. @Ted
    Your suggestion is an very easy way to implement a new weapon. But I think that at some point players start to be bored of 2 different kind of kicks. So I'd better do some new attack.

    It seems than not too much people follow your main fetish. BTW, there are some guro games, and I've tried a couple.

    Gnome playing with Beth?.... Interesting.
    Gnome and friends gangbang... even more interesting.

  33. @Anontalkwarrior

    Not "everyone" loves "every fucking fetish". Only three of the choices even made it above 50%, so technically the rest are liked by only a minority of the people who voted.

    Relax, dude (or dudette).

  34. this feels like chrismass waiting till the big moment arives

  35. Have you been good this year? What did you ask for to Santa Nyarly? xD

  36. @ Santa Nyarly

    Can I have a pony?

  37. YES!

    Bukakke is IN!

    One of my favs (and one of my suggestions) and I was getting afraid it was gonna drop under 30% =P

  38. Make haste you bearded gift thrower...
    I am bored and i demand a game... or a "Bort" nameplate...

    get it?
    bored - bort

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha aha ah argh...

    *drops dead*

  39. @Anon1
    Do you want the pony for you or prefer it for Beth?

    Actually, most of fetishes are over 30%, and only two under 15%: Vore and Guro. So you'll enjoy almost all.

    Bort? My son is also named Bort!

  40. OMG i am hooked on this game this has been so awesome, keep going can not wait for more!!!!!