Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The new poll

Here you have the poll to see the sex topics people would like to see in the game.

About the next update, it's taking me more time than I expected... and I still can't give you a date for the next release.


  1. i also would like to see milking in the game, like if beth was forced to lactate by a plant, a boss or some character in the game

  2. I was looking forward to this poll going up, and so far I'm happy with the results!

  3. I would like to see beth in a lesbian scene with fairy or a succubus

  4. I would just like the game to come out

  5. @Anon1
    Some people ask me for lactation too, but I forgot to put it in list. Anyway, if enough people want impregnation, I can do lactation too.

    Let's see what happens. It seems not to be exactly like I expected. For example, I thought Gangbang'd have more votes. It's interesting to see how it goes.

    You'll surely see.

    I'm working on it...

  6. Aren't you guys impatient, lol :P It'll be ready when it'll be ready, and I doubt anything you could say is going to make it any faster, lol.

    Really looking forward to the poll results, too, I'm glad to see the majority likes most of the same things as me :D

  7. O.o like everything broke the 15% and the 30% except vore and guro, looks like you have alot of work to do H Nyarly. at this rate evertything will break the 15% by the end of the 17 days.

    oh well, it just seems that people seem to have alot of fetishes.

    every time I come back to this blog I see something new, and it always seem to impress me.

    Keep it up H Nyarly. Can't wait to see what you release next. :P


  8. Well the nice thing about the poll is that, since everything is measured in percentages, our host can use the final results as a way of ordering workflow on H events. The most popular being first on the list to get it to the wanting public faster.

  9. Do you *know* Ted?

  10. No, but it makes good sense to me.

  11. Actually, I'm more surprised with fetishes I expected everybody wanted. For example Futanari, that is in 30% more or less (and I expected 80-90% xD)

    And as Ted said, the most popular ones are what I most probably do next.

  12. I like the new poll, The lay out Looks like it makes a bit of fun at it's own expense.
    Plus I have a small and easy to implement suggestion and one that would probably take more work to do.
    Easy changes for the main menu
    1: Game start Renamed to quick start
    2: New option Game start shows intro and skips create mode.
    3: Intro renamed to custom game

    Ideas for create menu
    4: Name bar (Allows us to rename beth.)
    5:The sex she has had up until now is:
    Virgin (Just makes to much sense to have.)

    Major change Advanced Appearance editor mode.
    This one can be done by clicking on beth to enter the mode.
    Clothing and hair editing
    Arrows pointing left and right
    Arrows At her hair height would be for selecting her hair do.
    Arrows Next to her top would be for selecting her shirt.
    Arrows next to her skirt would be for selecting her bottoms.
    Arrows next her feet would be for selecting her shoes.
    Clicking on her eyes would change her glasses.
    Clicking on her mouth would change her lip stick.
    Clicking on her hands would change her gloves.
    Clicking on her feet would change her socks.
    Clicking on her legs would change her stockings, Tights etc..
    Clicking on her neck would change necklaces, chokers, ETC..
    Clicking on her boobs would edit her boob sizes.

    To her right would be her specs and Certain editable stats.
    Name bar this is for us to name our character.
    Templates This is to select certain pre made characters.
    Free time This would bring up a list of hobbies this option would change her clothing and self change as you edit your character.
    Gender type This is an option to select between female and Futanari. (Unlocked after turning beth into one.)
    Sexual preference: Male, Lesbian, Both
    Sexual Activity: Virgin, Once, Some, Active, Nympho

    Sorry for the huge block of text.
    But I feel the Advanced Appearance editor mode would also be use full for testing new clothing and appearance editing coding so that you would not have to find the point of encounter or the character that would cause it.

  13. Definitelly, I must add all this suggestion to my list of posible features. But now I'm focused on the new minizone.
    BTW, the idea of unlocking options sounds great.

  14. "Sexual Activity: Virgin, Once, Some, Active, Nympho"

    I like this suggestion too. I played around a lot with the backgrounds (requiring multiple restarts) just to see how they changed her stats. Something straight forward like this would be nice. Or just something next to the backgrounds like (+1 to sluttiness) would help.

    Would also be nice if the background selected showed up in game play. Like one made Beth have bitchier dialogue and another made a npc more likely to be friendly to her.

  15. Well seeing as how you liked my unlocking content idea here is some more.

    Normal Game play can unlock these.
    For character creation.
    Monster effect (During game play different monsters and certain situations could have unexpected effects on beth.)
    Special Boob sizes (Besides natural sizes and implants during game play different runs and other actions in game play could have unforeseen effects on beths boobs.)
    Futanari gender (Unlocked after beth becomes one.)
    Double Futanari (Unlocked after beth is made into one.)

    Special Templates-And special requirements to unlock.
    Commando (This one could be unlocked by destroying a certain number of monsters.)
    Violent kill (Unlocked by seeing the genocide ending.)
    Queen (Unlocked by winning over the population and seeing the Queen ending.)
    Naked (Unlocked by losing to the monsters and seeing the sperm dumpster ending.)
    Monster (Unlocked by having sex with a certain number of monsters.)
    Ultra 4-Arm (Unlocked by secret code.)
    Furry (Unlocked after seeing Furry lose ending.)
    Cheerleader (Unlocked after getting escaped ending with nympho rating.)
    Ninja (Unlocked by getting Revenge ending.)

    Special unlock-able content
    Showroom (Unlocked after you start the game.)
    Different Monsters could be added to the showroom as they are defeated.

    Play as monster (Unlocked after getting raped, Each monster and character unlocked is based on who raped beth during game play.)

    Ending replay (Each ending seen could be added automatically.

    Cheat option (Could be unlocked after getting defeated in side game play in under 20 min.)
    Password (This option could be automatically unlocked with the option.)
    Inf. Magic (Could be unlocked after finding a certain number of runes.)
    Inf. Health (Unlocked after being defeated 10 times in a row in the game.)
    Unlock all Appearance options (Unlocked by password.)

    Play Special Level Option
    Subway (Unlocked after finding subway token.)
    Beth's house (Unlocked after watching intro.)
    Nerd's house (Unlocked after revenge ending.)
    Mall (Unlocked after finding all items.)
    strip club (Unlocked after nympho ending.)
    suburban rampage (Unlocked after getting all violent achievements.)

    The list could go and on and on.

    Sorry for yet another huge post.

  16. What I find even more interesting would be if the clothes would tear in the battle! Beth and defended herself in the rape!
    Maybe with energy beams. She listens to the defense if the energy bar is empty! I would find really nice!

  17. here's something that goes really well with micros, aka the 'tiny humanoids', its unbirthing. however, idk hw popular that option would be, but it would be nice if you can put at least 1 scene with that in it

  18. I think unbirthing can probably fit in the Vore category. Same thing, different hole.

  19. I came up with some need Easter egg ideas.

    Beth gets electrocuted over 7 times in one game.
    unlocks pikachu beth instead of normal attack she could have a lightning attack.

    Locate a secret cave that leads to a tomb and a secret piller that contains this Easter egg.
    tomb raider beth costume and dual pistol weapons.

    Complete all run downed bar missions plus secret mission.
    unlocks Tifa lockheart attire and heavy punch attack and 7th heaven elbow attack rune.

    Locate abandon pirate ship in the ocean area.
    Hidden inside is pirate beth costume and a Pirate cutlass sword.

    Locate a green ocean in an underground sewer system and swim in it to unlock one of three different futurama Beths.
    High sex drive, Turns beth into amy wang and gives beth sexy dance skill.
    High attack turns beth into leela and the spinning kick skill.
    High endurance, agility and sex drive would turn beth into a sex robot.
    Hidden in a bush in the game would be a small bag of pixie dust collecting it would turn beth into a fairy and unlock the tinkerbell beth.
    For reaching the farthest norther part of the map would be secret crystal building and an all power full wizard that could turn beth into one of these forms depending on choices made in the game.
    Good choices and avoiding sex=Crystal beth.
    "Has ability to toss crystal daggers and to make crystal swords."

    Rushing through the game and having tons of sex
    "Gains angel blade sword."

    Evil choices and raping every one.
    "Gains ability anal rape almost any one."

    High sex appeal and favoring punching and kicks
    "Gains ability to grab most normal and small monsters and to toss them."

    I hope you like these Easter egg ideas.
    One of witch I think solves the beth into Futanari beth question.

  20. All those options seem great, but I can't add all them... I'll have to consider each one deeply.

    About unbirthing, I could do it if people are interested in the topics "impregnation" & "small humanoids".

    About different dialogues, Beth will have at some points depending of her sluttyness.

  21. I was just thinking about the current area in the game you could add some more trees and a little fine tuning would make a nice jungle area.
    Plus you could add a tree house with some nice interactions and a special.
    Two piece jungle skin print attire.
    And it would give you a reason to add some more real world animals.

  22. something is not good with playing in current version. Very slow react to Start Options and so on.

  23. @Anon1
    Interesting ideas for more forest zones.

    I'll review the fire effect code in the main menu.

  24. what time zone are you in?

  25. Looks like a great game. If you do add impregnation and loli/shota sometime I would love to see some incest.

  26. @Anon1
    +1 GMT

    Beth is the only person in the fantasy world. No having more relatives in it makes impossible any kind of incest.

  27. I'm just surprised that beastiality is getting such a large vote.

  28. What I'm saying is if she had a child there could be incest.

  29. Since some people are creeped out by some fetishes, maybe you should have a checklist in the setup that lets you disable any H-events of that type.

  30. What's up? Polling around i guess...

    Here is an idea that's NOT gonna be in your game hopefully:

    Weird (male) kiddos

    Just finished my first round playing violated heroine and it was like:
    "Man! Society has a bunch of children/teen problems nowadays..., but what the HELL is up with the kids in this town!?" xD

    Oh yeah...
    (with beer mugs)
    Think about it... and sorry no enemie poem this time... nothing comes up...
    (except goblin and dublin)

  31. To be honest I like all of those topics, except for inflation, I do like inflation, but as long as it doesn't go to the extremes that blueberry thing did in Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory

  32. Having Beth's breasts grow would be great or the adjustable breast sizes that somebody mentioned earlier. Growth could occur with an equippable object or potion of some sort making it optional for those who don't want it.

  33. @Anon1
    Actually, beastiality is the second option more voted.

    Don't expect that. I don't know what will happen when Beth get pregnant. It surelly be a game over.

    I planned that fetishes under 15% won't be in game, and between 15 and 30% could be in, but with a disable option.

    Haven't you find slimes in VH? Nanako can even give birth to one. And there is a slime quest in the game.
    BTW, tomorrow I'll post something that you'll love.

    Well, you can be happy, because inflation is under the 15% limit.

    I planned something like that. Some magical items could change Beth's appearance. Maybe potions for breast, futanari, furry...

  34. when will the next beta version be finished? you told us you're going to upload the current version 1 or 2 weeks ago...

  35. yeah do you think we can get a new beta tonight?

  36. You could include incest between NPCs that you can either watch or participate in. Just because there is incest doesn't mean Beth has to be related to anyone =P

  37. Lol, calm down guys, the update will be ready when it's ready. It's not like he can magically create programs and sprites out of thin air... Or can he?

  38. lol I like ted's idea, lesbian sisters + beth = wincest(never thought I would use that, damn now I have to pay up on that 4-chan thread!)

    lol I like the idea to change beth's appearance, but I think we could probably think of something better than potions. Anyone remember the Makeover Mage from Runescape? We could do something like that only more perverted and funnier.


  39. @Anon1+Anon2
    The next updated is being more delayed than I expected. Those days I've been very busy and I hadn't had enugh time to spend with the game. And it seems I'll need even more.
    So I can't still give a date for the next release.

    BTW, I'm not stopped working, as LoK people can assure.

    From that point of view, it's possible to have it.

    I'd love to have a bunch of Umpa-Lumpas programming free for me. They think they have a good union but they don't. They're basically slaves.

    I've never played Runescape. I think WoW is enough hard MMORPGH drug for me. xD
    How does Makeover Mage work?

  40. It allows you change sex and appearance, if memory serves. And yeah, you should get your hands on Umpa Loompas, that'd be handy :P

  41. that if the 3 zone to make a parody of some well-known tale, the movie or game? For example, Alice in Wonderland, with sex scenes of course

  42. The only two subject below the 15% limit are vore and guro, maybe you'll have to raise the limits or come up with ALOT of scenarios to allow all of them to be played out :P
    I'm not complaining though,the more h-scenes the better in my opinion :)

  43. @Anon2
    I'll think more tales/movies to parody. Who knows what will you find in future zones.

    The 15% and 30% limits were set before, and I think they are good. So I'll have to add all those scenes.

  44. Two things to leave out and two things to make disable-able. Lots of work ahead =P

  45. @ H Nyarly
    The makeover mage is just basically a mage that created a potion that when drank lets the person who drank it change their appearance/gender in the way they choose for a price. i suggested this because i thought i would be easy to make one npc that sells a single potion that lets you choose the options you want to change beth's overall appearance(hair color/style, skin color, futanari, furry, breast size, ect.) from a checklist or from text choices.

    i also thought it would fit because the makeover mage is a funny character with itself the mage had drank to much of the potion so now the mage constantly switches back and forth between genders, this has thrown the mage into a acute case of insanity.

    i thought that you could implement this in a sexual way and have it so while the mage asks for payment for the potion you could also add an option that the mage will give you potions for free if you have sex with it in all forms(by, girl, futa, furry. in the way that the potion may work in game.)

    (added note: drinking to many potions in this realm may not make the mage insane, but horny all of the time which is why it will give you free potions to have sex with it(also sex scene could happen every time you go to get another potion)) but these are just optional ideas.

    ugh, I forgot to make my I's above capitalized... whatevs.

    as another side note did you know that google chrome does not consider mage as a word, how odd.


  46. oops, i didn't mean to say by above i meant to say boy. my o button didn't click like it was supposed to.


  47. @Ted
    No problem, since the beginning I expected to have to do all this topics.

    "i also thought it would fit because the makeover mage is a funny character with itself the mage had drank to much of the potion so now the mage constantly switches back and forth between genders, this has thrown the mage into a acute case of insanity. "
    That's amazing. xD

    Reading your comment I've had another idea to consider. Maybe the mage can make the potion but need Beth to find the components. And depending of them, it can have some effects. I mean, if you want Beth becoming furry+futa, you'll need the furry's components plus the futa's ones. And part of those could be some shemale fluids plus wolf fluids...

    And eternal horny mage sounds great! Maybe he felt into the bit pot of Viagra he was preparing (like Obelix with the magic potion xD).

    And next time one of you guys want to correct one of your comments, just write it again and I'll delete the previous one.

  48. Humbly requesting some watersports content :3

  49. It's late to add new topics to the poll. Actually, it's over in two days.