Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new NPC

As I previously said, the new minizone is finished, and so the enemies in there. I spent 2 days doing the last enemy (other different than the slime boss), doing all its animations (for walking, attacking, blocking, jumping and death), and implementing its code.

I was impressed of how fast I did, and I thought that doing just a questguiver NPC will take me a couple of hours. I mean, it's only a NPC, with only a couple of animations (expressions and not too much to do). No walking, No attacking... it seemed pretty easy.


I've spent the las four days just doing this NPC! Those days I've been very busy, travelling and doing other things. So, I didn't have enough time for the game.

The new NPC had to be a child. When you find it in game, you'll know why it must be. I tried to design a child, but all my tries became rubbish (the same than all my tries to do grounds). So, I looked for models. Then, I wrote on google images "manga child" and I found this image in

So, I started to work, and after 4 days, I just finish this little elf girl.

As you can see, I've been practising curved lines with flash. Thus, this design has more rounded forms and angles than Beth.
Hope you like.

PS. Just if anyone is wondering, NO, she won't have sex with Beth or any other creature.


  1. I suggest you move the irises so that she looks more forward facing than "looking at the camera." Also, if she's not going to walk, I suggest that you turn her right foot so it is pointed towards the viewer, or more like the picture you used as reference. Also having her arms hang more closely to her body would look nicer.

  2. that an absolute no or a just not at the moment?

  3. Yay for no loli, also estimated time for next update?

  4. I gotta agree with the first anon with the eye and foot movement to make her a reasonable NPC. It'd be creepy having her stare at you while she's suppose to be talking to Beth. and to the second anon, his loli affinity shouldn't be in question, if you read his blog and other comments you'll see that he's making this game for the gamers. Taking our opinions and criticism every step of the way so that we'll like it more while following the basic idea of the kind of game he'd want to play. You're doing an amazing job and thank you for taking so much time out of your life to check and comment on so many comments everywhere.

  5. @Anon1
    I'll move the irises and I'll add a couple of expressions. And, as you said, I have to move her arms.

    About her foots, I prefer to let them as they are. So, if I change anything in her foot, I only have to do the change once. Otherwise, I have to do twice, once for each foot model.

    I don't hate loli. I don't just want sex for this NPC for two reasons.
    - As long as it's based on another person work, he or she probably wouldn't like to see his/her work having sex.
    - In order to make loli more voluntary, the only way to get it in game would be the player turning Beth into a girl (by any potion or spell she cast on herself). So, if I finally add loli, it would happen only to Beth.

    For the new NPC is an absolute no.

    I can't estimate... I thought I have released sunday. So no idea. :(

    Well, everything has been answered.

  6. Hi! You make a great Job! I can not wait until the game is finished! Comes in the next release a nude scene with Beth ... That would be nice! ;-)

  7. I think I should start using an account here so I can be kept track of. =P In this thread I'm Anon1, and I was also the one who drew that slime concept art. Anyway...

    I'm glad to hear that you're taking our advice, and I can understand why you want to leave the foot as-is. I've worked with flash in the past, and keeping all of those symbols in order can be a real pain.

    All this talk of loli has brought to mind another fetish you may want to consider. Faeries. Little flying ladies no more than 30cm tall who, depending on the faerie, can help or hinder Beth. I can imagine multiple scenarios for them, including:
    -A faerie asks Beth to drive a monster out of a patch of flowers and/or collect items for her.
    -You are sent to collect "nectar" from a faerie by using a special phallic mushroom on her (I saw this in a hentai somewhere =])
    -After collecting a special flower for a chemist, Beth is assaulted by a swarm of faeries who, if they win, proceed to rape her.

    How you would want the faeries to look would be up to you, but they'd look great as either lolis or more like Beth (except far more colorful).

  8. @Anon
    Well, when I finally implement the formula of each 10 points of Hornyness = 1 temporal point of Sluttyness, a totally nude Beth will be closer. Remember that the clothes she removes depends of the Sluttyness.

    I think that the fact you created a profile is a great idea. So, I can know what ideas come from you.

    Faeries are a good add to game. I think I'll put some in, and definitelly seem not as extreme fetish as loli.

    About the anime with the faerie, it's Dragon Pink, I think. xD

  9. I think this NPC makes for an interesting side mission possibility.
    Such as
    1: Beth has to escort the NPC home.
    2: Find an item belonging to it.
    3: Locate the NPC's mom or dad.
    4: Try and convince the NPC to hand over an item or rune.
    5: Clearing some building of monsters, Demons or some thing else.

    Yeah I like em.

  10. @Anon
    She will give 2 of the 5 type of quests you wrote.

  11. when will update? at least a trial version

  12. I hope to upload the next update in a few days, but those last days I'm pretty busy. So, I'm not having time to spend with the game.

  13. There is one :-(
    But that's OK I'm looking forward to the update!

  14. By the by, if you need any concept stuff done, I'd be willing, if able, to help out with that.

    Feel free to drop me a line via email.

  15. @Anon
    Well, everything is progressing little by little. I have to finish 2 sprites more. The craziest thing is that I still don't know how much time I'm going to need for them. I could take me from 1 day to 5 or even more...

    Coding doesn't take me too much time, but drawing does. But I love drawing too. xD

    For the momment, I need your opinions to guide my work. In a future, I don't discard to look for help with the models.

  16. I love that you're bringing a woman's perspective to making a sexy h-game. I hope you continue to enjoy this and make it better!

  17. I'm really curious to know what's going to happen in the next zone, haha. Still, you're doing some great work, so I'm more than willing to wait :)

  18. @Anon1
    Well, H-games world in not usually followed by women. I'd love the ones that try my game like it as much as I do.

    I hope the surprises you'll found in it.

  19. Anyone got the url for the pokemon h-game blogspot?
    Not that great (i mean Hnyarly great) but i heard it's a funny (FUNNAY) parody.

    Sorry if this "violates" your rules! :)

  20. Slimeys back xD

  21. Guess who's back
    Guess who's back
    Guess who's back
    Guess who's back

  22. I've suggested a monster, cuz nobody wants to...

    :D :D :D

    Still doing great SirNyarly...
    Me still overdoing it though ~(°.°)~

  23. So?
    What's that picture telling me?
    You're drawing the two-edged sword called "loli"?
    One of the few things in hentai that pleases half of the people and causes berserk rage on the other half xD


    No blogspot... but it's one amazingly funny parody!!

    PS: Just finifhed the other updates since my last visit... DAMN YOU! GOD DAMN YOU HNYARLY! You played VH... you... you... .... you... and i don't get that shit working with that translation shit and all... argh... i'm burning with envy... THIS IS NOT OVER YET! VENGEANCE!!!!
    *poor guy running out the house... into the setting sun.. yelling: VENGEANCE*

  25. Don't mind me... just my obsessive-compulsive neurosis telling me that i wrote "finifhed" instead of "finished"...

  26. Where have you been? xD

    About the loli topic, I know it's a two-edged sword, as some other topics I'm asking for. So I'm going to control the contents people won't want to see. That's why I'll start the poll (if nobody wants to add more topics).


  27. I feel like i'm part of Little Britain...

    Tempted by you talking about violated heroine in that other update... i spent the last 4 hours looking at some japanese gibberish... that's supposed to tell me "invalid file"...

    The whole rpgmaker / jap. unicode thing is done in minutes... but that f*** game is like...

    Computer says no!

    *crying in the corner*

    Well any sources for VH? Since it's invalid file i guess i should try getting it somewhere else than 4chanarchives (first thing google spit out)...

    Btw played MGU today... worst h-rpg ever...
    you're loosing without the monsters even touching you... xD

  28. *Btw played MGU today... worst h-rpg ever...
    you're loosing without the monsters even touching you... xD *

    Taking that back... cause i understand the gameplay now... still kind of an unfair feature...
    Enemie evades
    Enemie evades
    Enemie wants to rape you
    Game over

    Well then... i'm out for today...
    Letting you now if MGU gave me some ideas for you to use... actually...

    How about two different ways to beat the game?
    Like either escaping or overtaking the hentai realm? Beth's Brothel Empire or something...


    will see

    off i go

  29. That girl in the pic looks like Link's little sister... or his daughter... Oh! OH!

    That girl is:


    The daughter of Link (LIN-k) and Zelda (zel-DA) xD

  30. "How about two different ways to beat the game?"

    Well, the game will have different endings depending of the final Sluttyness...

  31. I think you could go a little bit over board with the different endings.
    Such as the following.

    1st ending: Monster Sperm dumpster
    Caused when you start the game as an up tight decent girl and get raped over and over till her will breaks by monsters.

    2nd ending: Get revenge
    Beat the game by favoring weapons, guns plus find your way back home.

    3rd ending: Total Nymphomaniac
    Beat the game by using sexual tactics.

    4th ending: Queen
    In this ending beth is elected queen of the sex relm.
    Unlock this ending by helping every NPC you find.

    5th ending: Evil dictator.
    This ending could be and ultra secret.
    When beth has maxed out sexual stats then is raped by a special monster while she is ultra horny the monster could enter her body and combine with her.
    Then special choices could be unlocked where she could use violence to force her will upon others.

    Hope you lick some of these ideas.

  32. Those are some pretty good ideas for endings...

    ...except that you don't elect queens. =P

  33. @Anom
    All those endings sound great. But the end of game is pretty far...
    Anyway, I'll copy your comment into my "to do" list.

    Maybe we could consider Beth self-crowning Queen with the blessing of the people.

  34. Why are you talking about the end when not even the beginning is finished? * gg * is now past July ... Where's the update? * g * I'm sorry that ih'm so impatient! Good things take time! Still, I'm impatient! * G *

  35. I'm sure we're all looking forward to the next update, but it's not like he (or she) is getting paid for this, so we can't ask for updates :P I'm already content that there's a great h-game being worked on atm, especially one that's not in Japanese, haha ;)

  36. I posted the ending ideas.
    I was just pointing out some possibilities for endings.
    Also it's a good idea to have a basic concept for the game laid out including endings so that the development can be geared to that direction.

  37. The advantage of showing off the game at such an early stage of development is that the audience can comment on absolutely any part of the game, completed or not, and it is not too difficult to implement those suggestions.

    In this case, as the engine itself seems perfectly adequate, there's no reason not to suggest ways the game could end, quest ideas, region ideas, fetishes, ect. Anyting not immediately useful can be quietly placed on a list and tucked away for future use.

    A suggestion that just dawned on me is that, once you make monsters that rape Beth, you should make it so that other monsters (of like or differing kinds) can join in on the assault once it has started. I've seen a few games that do this and I always like it. It would depend on the rape, of course. If she's engulfed by tentacles then nothing else is getting in, but on the other hand if she's being taken from behind by an orc or something, another orc should be able to come up in front and get a bowjob!

  38. @Anon1
    My real world life is not letting me enough free time to finish the next version as far as I'd like to.
    I'll need some days to finish it. Maybe 3, maybe a week... no idea.
    BTW, I want to implement lot of surprises you'll love.

    As you said, there aren't as much english H-games as we'd like to.

    Is good to have planned different endings, even being far from finishing the game. Some changes I could need would need less effort if I do before the game is finished better than almost finished.

    Of course some monsters will want to join the party too. xD

  39. A masturbation button at some point would be nice too. o.o

    Maybe with gradual increases depending on sluttyness level.

  40. Nice story ideas here
    but it`s already 7 aug.
    and still no update

  41. @Anon1
    Masturbation option was planned for the the previous release, but I was a little in hurry. So I left it for future updates.

    I'm having more difficults than I expected with some features. But basically all is going fine.

  42. oooo ...well good luck
    it`s just that i`m following this `project` since the begging
    and in 2 day`s i`m leaving town for a moth and wont be able to see the result :(

  43. @Gogu
    Well, make sure that in a month I'll have uploaded the new release. (crossed fingers)

  44. :)) can`t wait :P
    till no stress :P it isn`t like you have a FIX deadline
    it`s PRO-Bono for the ... :)) soul

  45. On the suggested endings above, I would add that once Beth's sluttiness level hits a certain high point the nerd who put her in there puts himself into the game and tells her that he's the only one who can release her from this world, and that if she doesn't have sex with him he'll leave her there to be a "monster cum dumpster" (to borrow a colorful phrase) forever. So she has sex with him. And then, before he can make good on his promise, he gets eaten by a monster, stranding her there forever anyway.

    Hey, I thought it was funny.

    (On another topic entirely, am I the only one bothered by the use of the word "cummed"? Should be "came", no?)

  46. Bah. I see the "cummed/came" thing is already fixed. Never mind.

    Maybe she should settle down with the gnome. He seems nice. :-)

  47. Well, it's a good "sluttyness 100" ending. I thought an ending simmilar to that.

    About the gnome... are you suggesting me another ending? xD