Thursday, July 21, 2011

Game progress

Those last days I've been pretty busy, so I hadn't had enough time to spend with the game. Anyway, the new zone and enemies are finished, and I just have to do a couple of surprises (and that could take me some days).
I don't know how busy I'm gonna be those days, so I can't say a date for the next update. Maybe next sunday... maybe next tuesday... sorry, but I just can't say.

Those are the maths I've been doing for level balancing:

Enemy level n
- Health points: 3+(3*n)
- Physical damage reduction: n
- Magical damage reduction: n
- Max Damage: 3+(2*n)+n -------> mean damage per level 1.5+2n
- Experience┬║: if n=1 => 2 points.
if n>1 => 150% of experience at level (n-1)

Beth level n:
- Health points: 5+(5*n)
- Physical damage reduction^: n
- Magical damage reduction^: n
- Max Damage^: 6+(2*n)+n -------> mean damage per level 3+2n

^ means that this reductions and damage shoud be got by equipment. So at level 5 Beth should find items that grant her 5 points of damage reduction, and a weapon that deals damage between 0 and 16 (the extra +n damage is added by the attack value: Maximum attack value is 10*level, and each 10 attack points adds 1 extra point of damage).

┬║ means that I'm assuming that an enemy of level n is a 50% harder than an enemy of level n-1.

Anyway, that's the first approach, and those maths must be tested playing.

I've also finished the poll, because their tendencies seem not to change considerably. So I'm considering starting a new poll to see what kind of sex/perversions people would like to find in the game. But before that, I'd like you to comment what options I should set in the poll.

I'd also like you to comment a interesting question I made at the LoK forum. Today I wrote:

I haven't decided yet how rapes would influence sluttyness. I have two choices:
1) As you said, with a low sluttyness, rape is a bad experience that makes main character feel some kind of repulse for sex (and so rape should decrease sluttyness).
2) Sluttyness represents some kind of moral limit. So rape pushes this limit. I mean, Beth could think something like "I have been raped by a werewolf, so I don't mind be paid for sex".

So, what do you guys think about?

PS. If you prefer not to write at my blog, feel free to send me comments and suggestions or whatever you want to my email. If I hadn't wanted you to send me emails, I wouldn't have put it in my profile (where you can find it).


  1. Firstly, Any Poll that gives the option of Sex as the next thing you should do next is ALWAYS going to end up the same. This is why the tendencies did not change.

    As for an idea of what to do, perhaps a transformation into a hermaphrodite for little ol' Beth. Or perhaps an elven Hermaphrodite could have a little... fun with Beth.

    As for the sluttliness, it REALLY depends on how it happens. If it was a Slime imagine the repulsion, but the Werewolf would have defiled her and thus she'd not care what else happened to her. It's very much like a balancing act when thinking of how rape would effect sluttiness.

  2. @ Iona
    Good point! But this time I'll ask for what kind of sex people prefer. So it won't be a "sex or other things" question.

    - 'futanari' option added to list.
    In a couple of days I'll post the current list, just to let people keep adding sex topics.

    About the sluttyness/rape thing, your point of view is a kind of mix of the options I gave. Interesting.

  3. I would like to see some enemies killing her or eating her of course after raping her, (eg: possibly bosses like a huge frog or carnivorous tentacle plant well maybe even the slime boss) so that way player would have encouragement not to get raped all the time.

    Also would like to see some gangbangs. Let’s say a small gnome is raping her when she is pinned down to the ground another might come in and join the fun.

  4. Yay, blog update right for belgian independance day xD.

    As for rape, I don't think it would matter much if you plan on implementing books to in/decrease sluttyness (or the other way around, books will be useless if you can modify the stat with a common interaction).

    Also the first option may be an entraving mechanics, for instance if you have to farm slutyness each time you want to coherce a npc because you got raped a little too much in the last zone.

    Maybe add another stat rape related? Like in VH where you have a moral status (yeah that's not directly rape related... Can't think of any better example... That's why i'm not a game designer...).

  5. Things that I think should be on the poll:

    Monster Rape

  6. the beauty of more enemies would be more sexual encounters. You can face rats all day or slimes all day. The more different enemies you can fit in a game will keep it more interesting and more intertaining. example oh I haven't fought a cougar in a long time. Not saying you have to use a cougar but just an example.

  7. @anons
    -Monster Rape

    Added to list.

    I was thinking a new approach: I could use "Sluttyness"+"Horny". So, enemies could have a stat representing how disgusting is the sex with them. For example, with a slime could be like 80, and a handsome elf 20. When Beth get raped by one of them, if Beth's "Sluttyness"+"Horny" > that value, she enjoyed the intercourse (an increases sluttyness). Otherwise, she didn't enjoy (an decreases sluttyness).

    @Chuck D
    I think I have a surprise for you in the new zone. xD

  8. Hello again!

    Gangbang, Lesbian, Bukkake, Monster rape, Gnomish sex (lol) or even self-satisfaction! XD
    I also like the futa (either enemy or not) having fun with Beth!

    As for the sluttyness...

    Hum... too bad I don't know anything about coding... maybe if her slutyness is high when she get rape, then she could have a ''tendency'' toward that kind of monster/ally/npc and so when she encounters one, she might feel more open to the idea of having sex with them (so it wouldn't be rape... more like fake rape/rape fantasy).
    But if it'S not possible... then I say high slutyness makes combat harder (more 'chance' of rape) and hence the rape there would be a 50% chance to lose some slutyness (meaning she really didn't like it...)

    Besides that... what do you intend to do with the option of customization of Beth? I mean if you choose that she is discrete... will it have an impact besides her ''less of a slut?''
    Cause if you chose 'discrete' then maybe she might like being fucked/rape when there no one around and hating it when other npc/monsters are. Then slutyness could be affected by this.

    I apologize for my long comment!
    Cheers and keep up the good work!

  9. Maybe a futa option for beth? For those who want to be a futa character. Might also add some interesting game play elements if there are female enemies....

    Also besides the futa for the poll, maybe small creatures like imps, with huge balls/dick.

    Just spitballin' here, but there are so many fetishs it's ridiculous.

    Personally i like the idea of how disgusting the monster is depending on how much sluttiness she has, she might enjoy it.

    But with low sluttiness, she isn't going to like it period.

    Most games imply rape, but the facial expressions are that of enjoyment. No real forced sex is involved, no struggling or anything, so i suggest if there are rape scenes and you have a low sluttiness, maybe have beth trying to struggle to get away while she's being raped?

  10. or possibly crying?

    Maybe that's too hardcore for some of you, but in games like VH it's more realistic. Rape is supposed to be dark, consensual rough sex is mostly what is seen now a days instead of actual rape in hentai games.

  11. i got an idea for customizing beth, maybe give her one or two fetishes out of a large list, and if she encounters those, then she always enjoys the experiance, and gets an increase in sluttiness. by the same token, yu could give her one or two things that she cannot stand and if she encounters those, no matter how high her sluttiness is, she always feels violated afterwards and loses sluttiness

  12. oh, one more thing you could add is a way to go furry, for those of us who happen to be furry fans :3

  13. Maybe when -you- initiate the scene by using the A key (I think?), your slutty-ness increases, whereas if the enemy "rapes" you, it does not. Either way, I think your Seduction stat should go up from having sex, voluntary or involuntary, not from leveling up.
    Your and other's idea of a stat for how disgusting an enemy was or how much she enjoyed it is good too though.

  14. - Lesbian sex added (actually that was from the beginning xD)
    - Furry added too (mainly for LoK fans ;D)
    - Small humaoids.

    @James O'Brian
    When I started the game, I planned some kind of archive with Beth's intercourses. Something like the diary in Violated Heroine. As you pointed, seems logical using that to influence future intercourses. I'll surely do it.

    About the look customization, at first I only planned it to deal something with sluttyness and seduction initial values. I'm not sure if it will influence something more in game. Maybe...

    I'm seroiusly thinking about creating items to configure Beth in game. Like dyes for her hair, and maybe magical items that could transform her into futanari, furry Beth, muscular Beth, breast size alterations and other choices. But that will be added in a faaaaaaaar future.

    And with your opinions, I'm opting each time more for the "not always welcome rape" option. I think it seems more logical (even for an unreal fantasy world).

    Mmmmmm, crying, as you said, seems too hardcore. I'm not sure what to do with. I mean, most of people prefer to see a girl having uncofortable sex rather than suffering cruel sex. That seems complicated. I must think seriously about it.

    Selecting fetishes for Beth is an awesome idea! Definitely I MUST do it.

    Answered. :)
    Maybe you could let Beth being bitten by a werewolf...

    When Beth starts an intercourse, it always increases her sluttyness (I mean, she's doing it voluntarily). But remember that she needs some sluttyness to start it. For example she could need 10 of sluttyness to have an intercourse with a handsome elf, and 60 with a slime.

    And Beth will have more sexual stats (others than sluttyness and seduction), like blowjob skill, handjob skill... etc (once again, I got the idea from Violated Heroine. You guys must play it).

    So having sex, she increases those stats instead of seduction.

  15. It seems like you have a lot of ideas already, and they sound really good. Your whole game is great, please keep working on it. I agree with your idea that sluttyness should be compared against the enemy's grossness to gauge whether her sluttyness goes up or down. The higher her sluttyness, the more likely she'll enjoy it, which makes sense.
    My one request has to do the choices at the beginning. I love what you've done, and even more would be great, but more importantly, your choices should have a greater impact. Right now, the range of sluttyness is only like 10 to 15 or something from virgin to had sex and liked it, it should be a bigger gap. Also, they should be a reason to choose the nonslutty options, because right now there is no advantage.

  16. I've been lurking this blog for a bit and having a look at some of the ideas coming through.

    So I have a question: suppose you end up putting guro/futa/crying/etc. into the game, you're going to alienate many players while appealing to others.

    Would you implement a filter of sorts, say a tickbox list that allows the player to access certain 'modes', like one tickbox turns Beth into a futa or one allows for guro scenes to be shown, etc.

    Or are you going to go the other way and simply insert what ends up being more on the majority of what your players ask for?

    The reason I ask is that everyone has their fetishes, and not all of them gel well. I can handle bestiality, monsters, tentacles, furry, etc. I can even handle Beth being uncomfortable.

    But at the end of the day, I like my porn light-hearted, and there's nothing hotter than a girl smiling and giggling while she's taking cocks nine ways till Sunday.

    Crying/vore/guro would make me jump ship and never play the game again. It's simply that great a turn off for me.

    Conversely, there are those on the other side of the equation who would balk at anything less than a complete and total violation of Beth, in all conceivable ways.

    So yeah, How are you going to reconcile these competing needs from your audience?

  17. ^Seconded.

    The "hard stuff" like Guro should definitely be optional. I hate that stuff. I know that some people like it, but it makes my cock retreat up into my chest.

  18. @anon1
    About the intro, I wanted it to be a start point. Some initial values of Beth stats, but what really define those stats is the way you play.
    Anyway, if you control Beth's sluttyness bellow 10, she'll be inmune to rape (some kind of luck from virginity goddess' protection). So, I'm giving the chance to play without sex to people that just want to play this way.

    And the game will have different endings depending of the sluttyness.

    You both are right. Maybe crying/vore/guro is going to far, and that's why I ask people. I'd like to know all your opinions.

    Do you guys thinks that the poll I should start is about what people DO NOT want to see in the game?

    Anyway, the final decision is on my hand, and I can just say no to the stuff I don't feel confortable doing (even if people have voted 90% to).

    Anyway, there is stuff I'm simply neutral about, like furry. I'm not a furry fan, but if people like it, I don't mind adding it.

    But, if I finally add hard stuff, as anon3 said, I must add a filter to the game to avoid it.

  19. I'd tend to agree that vore, crying and especially gore would be a bit too much, the setting is a bit too light hearted for that kind of stuff to happen. Plus, I think most of us aren't really into that kind of thing (I said most, not all :P).

  20. In my opinion it'd probably be best to do the poll on what people do want to see, then go from there.

    I agree on no vore and no gore either though. Neither are meant to be erotic.

    Also tears aren't as dark as people think. Not seeing a breakdown or a complete personality change after, but some realism wouldn't hurt. Could always make it an option if it gets voted up if you add it to the poll. If not, no biggie.

  21. Oh just a heads up, a good idea for those who do want tears or darker themes with rape.

    This has to do with the rape side, people complaining about not wanting to see these things, all they have to do is have a high sluttiness to have beth enjoy it, or just do the consensual scenes.

    Since the game has both that's the beauty of it. Everyone wins. Don't want to see something dark? Just become a slut first ;P.

  22. Their are alot of things that people just don't like. How about a trainer or cheat codes that could turn off certain aspects of the game or turn off certain enemies. Gives people the option to control certain aspects of the game that they don't like.

  23. That discussion seems very interesting. For this question I thought a multiple poll, so you could tick all the sex topics you like.

    With the final results, I could take this decission:
    - less than 5% of votes: Not in game.
    - less than 20% of votes: In game, but can be locked/unlocked.
    - more than 20% of votes: In game.

    But remember I have the final choice. I mean, let us suppose guro gets a 100% of votes. Actually, I like some gore movies (like Peter Jackson's first movies: Braindead, Bad taste, Meet the Feebles... etc) but not as something sexual. So I could do some gore deaths for enemies (some kind of Mortal Kombat fatalities). But I could feel unconfortable making gore deaths for Beth, so even having a 100% of votes, I can just say no to guro.

  24. I still personally say no on this, gore and vore would be really outta place.

    The crying thing? I don't mind, and it's in quite a lot of hentai games outta late.

    For those that don't want it either you can pretty much not have it also even if nyarly adds it. Due to the unique rape system.

  25. Actually if you really wanted to you could have rape have the "best" of both worlds. Have a sliding scale where the first 1-2 times you are raped your sluttiness goes down but after you break that barrier your sluttiness starts to go up from rape. It's just an idea there.

    Also how about having different effects from some of the mushrooms? Some could temporarily/permanently affect stats including sluttiness. Some mushrooms could cause a bad end if you take too many of them. An addicted ending or possibly an ending where you turn in to a mushroom may be possible.

    At any rate it's just an idea.

  26. I see you have been busy while i was gone :P

    I think the multiple choice poll may be the best option for this type of situation, but I also believe that it the lowest should be more that 5% because it isn't too hard to get past. to ensure a majority of people actually would enjoy it maybe it should be a bit higher. (just my opinion)

    also on a side note, the snake seems a bit overpowered with the speed of it's attacks to be in a low level area (this might just be me over examining things though). I'm not trying to say it doesn't belong but just changing the way it attacks may be in order.

    A suggestion I have for that is slow down the attack and make a poison effect slowly take away life and health potions/purple mushrooms take away that effect.

    but, if nobody else agrees with this it can stay the same as it is now.

    keep up the great work H Nyarly! =D


  27. One thing I liked about VH was the arousal state you could get from the pills or from her being too aroused, would be nice if after her horny stat reached a point she has a chance of entering a lewd state after resting/going for a while without sex later

  28. @Riish

    The idea I believe is to make a multiple choice poll where you can vote for more than one thing at once, thus allowing the user to choose everything they'd like to see. If it were one at a time, then yes, 5% would be too low. As it is, however, it sounds good to me.

  29. @Anon
    "but after you break that barrier your sluttiness starts to go up from rape"
    Interesting idea. It could be applied in both sides. When she has a lot of sex of some type (not only rape), this type of sex doesn't modify her sluttyness. For instance, once she has done 20 handjobs to humans, doing that doesn't increase sluttyness anymore.

    I like more the idea of the other anon about pills (as in VH) rather than mushrooms. But the point is the same: making items to temporaly change Beth's sluttyness. Definitelly I must do it.

    "I see you have been busy while i was gone :P "
    We missed you :3

    I agree with you and anonX: 5% is too low. What do you guys think? 15% or 25% maybe?

    With the snake, it's supposed to be a level 2 enemy, so it's harder than rats, and should deal more damage that them. But instead on increasing snake's damage, I made it attack faster.

    About the poison effect, I'll add it to higher level snakes. :)

    "keep up the great work H Nyarly! =D"
    Thanks! The new minizone will be ready in a few day. Hope you like it.

  30. I have just tried verion 0.331, I noticed :
    - cpu is always at 100% and game is slow, maybe an animation timer or something like that
    - i try to save but did not seem to work

  31. Just discovered this game, and I totally love it! I think you should consider the following ideas:

    -I think rape should affect her differently based on how slutty or horny she is.

    -I think certain monsters should be able to rape her if she's too slutty or horny (I'd love to see slime-rape)

    -I think there should be items that make her act out-of-character, like drugs, aphrodisiacs, etc. Something that may weaken her will, and make her allow herself to be raped.

    -Maybe there should be a "shame/ humiliation" stat for her, to allow for certain situations.

  32. 15% minimum to be implemented sounds about right, 5% is too low, as you said.

    As for snakes, I've found them fairly easy considering your attacks have a knockback effect. They do hurt a fair bit when they catch you off guard, but if you're actually looking at screen I haven't found them to be problematic.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing your new update and those surprises :)

    Good job!

  33. @Anon1
    -Try reducing the game performance (in the Setup menu or, in game, using the pad in the inventory). If you still have problems, I have to consider do some code optimization.
    - Save option isn't done yet.

    @Dex Antares.
    I have decided to apply the slutty+horny approach to determine if each rape increases or decreases sluttyness. The final ecuation will be

    Total Sluttyness = Sluttyness+(Horny/10)

    So, if Beth is 10 Sluttyness and 100 Horny, is like being 20 Sluttyness. So, even being too horny, Beth won't like some kind of rapes.

    Raper monster will rape her, regardless Beth stats. Unless Slutyness is under 10, so Beth is under the Virginity Goddess protection.

    And I'll do aphrodisiacs. :)

    About the "shame/humillation" stat, I think it's not necesary right now.

    You'll have to be careful in the new zone... enemies are harder than rats and snakes. You'll need some strategies to defeat them.

  34. impregnation
    egg laying
    the thing where the little parasites start coming out of her stomach and i'll leave it at that

  35. I agree. I would like to see at least a small death or failure element instead of the screen just going blank. Of course always have the continue option but show her poor body being defiled after shes failed in her quest or some such.

    It would actually be cool to see her being raped by the nerd from the beginning as a game over scene. Since hes sort of the lord of this virtual world

  36. @Anon1
    -egg laying

    Added to list, but I'm not sure they all get the 15% minimum.

    Obviously, the nerd is the final boss of the game. And so, if he beats Beth, he'll surelly rape her. Anyway, game will have different endings, and he appears in some of them.

  37. When is the new poll going up?

  38. is there any way to use the "sexual interaction" in the current version?
    A is not working for me...

  39. @Anon1
    I'm waiting some more days, just to let people add topics for the poll.

    Yes, the A key works in the current version. You just have to find someone to use with.

  40. About your question about influence of rape on sluttiness.

    I haven't decided yet how rapes would influence sluttyness. I would suggest you keep with the
    (2) (sluttyness represents some kind of moral limit...), because I think that's what SLUTtiness is about. And I like such much better too.
    However, I think you should also introduce some usual events in the game, that would lower sluttiness. So that it doesn't get to 100% and everything gets boring. Few ideas about lower it:
    [1] -0.2 for defeating 1 enemy (instead of +1 for being raped by it).
    [2] After rest (she gets a bit back to "common sense"). (-(yesterday's gain + 1)*0.5) but not less than starting condition.
    [3] Buying things at some magical slut-shop for sluttiness. This by the way is a good chance for her to start reasoning aloud about the new value of sluttiness in her life, to get to some original attitude tovards it, and in time maybe even aprove it more and more. The last one opens (for example) a line, where she later in the game (when she gets used to this realm) praises stutty philosophy for some other newcomer girl from our world into the realm...
    Ty for efforts! The idea is great! Hope you'll make a good game out of it! =)

  41. Oh, I also wanted to add my IMHO about "what kind of sex/perversions people would like to find in the game". I would suggest you guard the game from too much of sex/perversions. Anyway, you'll always be able to add it latter in the locations you already developed and to monsters already done. But when sex is a rarity in the game (like it is in the ver 0.331), it actually motivates to get into the story, to play through all the quests and protagonist's problems, and it raises value of perversions significantly.

  42. I agree with the previous anon.

    Also, I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that all the 'anons' who are clamouring for corpse defilement are in fact the same guy... just saying xD

    I'd keep an eye on the voting trends, if one voting group is disproportionately big to everything else, it might be less public opinion, more vocal minority spending a lot of time trying to sway your opinion and wrest control of the game away from you.

  43. I believe the intention of this upcoming poll is to put into the game what people want to see most first, as our host is willing to do quite a lot of different fetishes.

    He is, I believe, keeping a list of fetishes that will be added to the game eventually, but this will give him some more direction of where to start.

  44. I definitely like both the "virgin goddess" ideas and the impregnation idea. This game is shaping up really well so far, I like the customizer at the beginning a lot!

  45. I'd love to see pregnancy become a optional part of the game much like in Violated Heroine. Complete with x-ray view of her womb, sex stats, ovulation/menstruation periods where her chances of conceiving are higher/lower, etc.

    Some rapes could, like in VH, happen as a part of the storyline, or only under certain other conditions like all her clothing bottoms being stripped away with contact being made by a monster in the field, etc.

  46. ok, I tried to use the A-button on every enemy, rock or tree but I always get beaten up by the enemies without any sexual interaction. Is there any trick?????
    And the story doesn't continue after I found the wizard's letter.

  47. Wouldn't rape etc be dependent ON sluttiness? Like, with a low slutiness, rape is something that lowers it even more. But if you're a big slut, then you wouldn't mind rape..that much I think.

  48. @Anon1
    I've planned to introduce some books that, when read, decreases sluttyness (as in VH). And maybe some torrid novels to increase it too. xD
    And those last days, I'm liking more the idea of reducing the sluttyness by unwilling sex.

    I prefer to mix sex and story, so you have to play through all the quests if you want to unlock the H-events. But I'll also keep the choice to advoid the sex scenes. Voluntary sex will be voluntary, and rape sex can be avoided (controling the sluttyness).

    @Anon3 & Anon4
    There are lot of sexual topics that interest to lot of pople. On dlsite you can find games of vore/guro/...etc. I like some, dislike anothers and I'm neutral with othes. For exmaple, I don't mind to add furry to the game if enough people are interested.

    So, I'll add the ones I like and the ones I'm neutral with, if enough people vote for them. About the ones I dislike, if enough people vote for them and my dislike is not too high, I could add it.

    @Anon5 & Anon6
    I love VH, and since the beginning I planned to add lot of things from this game. I mean, I started to do this game because this is the game I'd like to play to. So, I'm adding all the stuff I'd like to be in.
    Anyway, I'll keep on needing you opinions. I hate when I finish something and somebody say "oh, that's great, but if you'd done that it'd be better", and he's right, but I can't make any change because the work is finished (and it'd be lot of work to be re-done).
    So I prefer you to share your ideas while I'm still developing the game.

    Going back to VH, you'll have:
    - x-ray (I planned something better than in VH).
    - sex stats (more than in VH).
    - ovulation.
    - pregnancy (but as game over).

    About storyline, sex won't be necessary part of it. Just optional.

    - Not every enemy is interested in having sex with her. You just have to find who is interested in. ;)
    - This letter is the temporary end of game. No more game has been uploaded yet. But I have more done... xD. So you have to wait some days to play the new zone.

    It surely be as you said. This is the view I'm lately liking more.

  49. when you finally get a store will we be able to buy clothes for her

  50. concerning the various fetishes, I think those should be saved for future versions of the game. Or even variants. I mean, the Krystal Fox game has spawned so many variants, so why not this one? There could be vore versions, impregnation versions, etc. I think the best thing to do your first time out is to just make a basic game that covers the most "basic" fetishes.

    That being said, what are you going to do about cum? Will it stay on, or fade once the sex is all done? Personally, I think you should make it so she has to shower, bathe in a pond, or carry something to clean up, like hand sanitizer XD If the cum stays on her, it keeps her sluttiness at a high level, maybe attracts more things to rape her.

  51. @Anon
    "when you finally get a store will we be able to buy clothes for her"

    Of course. And potions, and maybe weapons.

    I'm not sure how easy will be to alter the original version once finised. I mean, some weeks ago, somebody suggested me that damage text should be if different colour for enemies and Beth. That would make the game more clear. But when I tried to implement it, I found it really hard to chane my previous work, so I didn't do it. If I have planned that form the beginnig, that would have been very easy to do.

    About cum, I'll stay, increasing the "Dirty" stat. I prefered to use a general dirty stat to represent cum+sweat+other dirtyness on her. Remember that this stat reduces Beth's seduction with humans and increases it with non-humans.

  52. ok, how can I see what enemies can rape her?
    do I have to hold A and let the enemy beat me down?
    does she need special sluttyness level?

    ran threw the level 20 times with pressing A all time and never got a rape szene.

    not with the snake and not with the slime boss or snake

    is there any way to get it working? im tired of running threw the map all time without A working...

  53. @Steve
    There are only 2 H-events in the current version. Try letting rats kill you.

  54. More like 1 H-scene and one ecchi scene, but whatever.

    Now I would suggest that, as you program, you make sure to make as much as you can editable for future updates. The ability to go back and change something on a whim would be a nice thing to have.

    Oh, and the main game menu I think could be better laid out. The character editor, for example, is only available if you click the "intro" button. It should be available without watching the intro. A way to do this would be to get rid of the Intro button, have the Game Start button begin the intro w/ character creator, and when the cutscene starts, overlay a "skip" button to get past it quickly.

    Also, thanks for adding a FAQ. Games that are under development should always have one of those if they are being tested publicly =]

  55. That VH game you're always talking about, I looked it up. Seems like a fun RPG hentai, but the thing is I can't get a download link. How did you find your copy?

  56. Preg being a Game Over is a bit of a bummer, but understandable if your going for a more "realistic" hentai game, I still don;t know where the main char in VH took all those baby's she got >_>, Are you going to make the combat more dynamic later on with special attacks or sexual skills she may pick up later on, or are you just going to keep it fairly simple and make the game very narrative based so their is a lot of story going on throughout the game.

  57. lol, i dont think people are giving you enough credit for what you've already done :) I can tell its going to be one awesome game and your going to please many people, but just remember you can't please everybody as much as we know you want to :D!

    My own opinion, the gore, pregancy stuff is a tad too far for me to handle but thats just me :) and im sure wel find others opinions out in the polls :D,

    in terms pleasing people about the sluttyness and sex scenes/beth reactions: In the intro when they are choosing what type of girl she is, this could solve all your problems as to who wants what type of sex and how often they want to see the sex and her sluttyness grow, if they want the sluttyness to grow more slowly then they would pick the "with herself only option" compared to the "anal/sex" tickbox which would make her sluttyness grow faster as people want to see more sex in the game etc.

    Also the fetish tickbox in the game is a great idea and would help to entertain more people due to their own fetish.

    so...bascially what im saying is, think more in depth about the intro/ option picking for the player as to what type of girl beth is and you will be able to please more people :-) but obviously the poll results will indicate as to what the most favourite type of fetish is going to be :D

    Hope that helped a bit haha keep up the good work!

  58. @anon1
    I'm trying to keep the code as much editable as possible, not thinking in future people, just thinking of me. But sometimes I don't know what part of the code I'll need to edit in a future. And other times, there's no way of keep it simple. For example, if I'd like to make a small change in Beth's thigh, as a snowslide, it would imply lot of more changes, for example in each piece of clothes to put over. And there's no way to avoid that.

    About the intro, well, the Skip button is there. If you don't want to watch it again and again, just click it.
    BTW, in a future I may add a "deep character creation" button in the main menu, where you would have a lot of more options to define your character. But that's not sure.

    About the FAQ, Kuroshu suggested me something similar, so I let it for later. But yesterday it became necessary. xD

    Violated Heroine it's the best RPG-maker H-game ever! I'd love my game was as half good as VH (sorry, my poor english don't let me contruct the sentence better. I hope it to be understandble xD).
    You can get info about the game here:
    or here

    Preg as game over is mainly because I don't know how to deal with the game with Beth having a baby. I mean, she just can't go looking for adventures carrying her baby (or even slime baby). And abortion or giving up for adoption implies some moral taboos I don't want to deal with.

    About combat, in future versions Beth will have sexual attacks, melee weapons and lot of spells. I hope that implies more strategy in combat. Actually, to defeat the enemies I put in the new zone, you'll need more complex strategies than the used with rats or snakes.

    Well, I think I don't deserve so much credit until the game is finished. I don't think of quitting, but nobody knows what lifes is preparing for us. For example, I could get a new job so I wouldn't have too much free time to spend with the game. Thus, I could take as 3 years to finish it... nobody knows.

    About the intro, there are a lot of things I would like to do. SovereignII sent me an email full of awesome ideas I'd love implenting. I copy and paste some of them here:

    "Beth is a beautiful girl that loves spending her time: With her dad at the gun range
    Health +10, Attack +10, Hornyness +1, Seduction -0 Plus she starts off with a gun.

    Special items:

    Reading and studying More detailed descriptions of inventory items plus health items have better effects.

    Going shopping Starts with perfume this item will decrees the chance of animals chasing beth.

    Practicing martial arts with no rune equiped rune button should be a heavy punch.

    Playing warcraft The benefit to selecting this one is beth seems to treat every thing like it's a dream. So the she has an advanced comfort to the area and being raped by the monsters and creatures even with low to no sexual stats."

    And that is only a small part of his email. I'd love adding all those things to the character creation, but now I really focused into expanding the game (maps, enemies, quests... etc). Having a good characterized Beth is useless if she just can kick rats and pick mushrooms.

    Anyway, when I'll be back to the Intro, the first thing I'll add is the "fetish tickbox".

    And every single of your opinions is helpful for me.

  59. 3 Points

    1. Sluttyness is depended based on npc creatures such as tentacle Beasts,plants,weird mutants. etc would decrease it cause she would be defiled by monster type creatures.

    2. As for More humanoid or Common world thing like wolves,dogs,cats,humans,elves,orcs etc would increase it as who like tentacle rape.

    But in options add the ability to switch them as option 1 for increase would be
    [ ] (Check box) - Hentai Whore

    [ ] {Check Box} - Realistic Whore

    [ ] [Check Box] - Sand Box Whore - Both Increase during sex

    [ ] (Check Box) - Virgin - Both Case Decrease and sex hurt health and theirs Hymen Blood every so often (option On or Off)

    Can only Choose 1
    Virgin Blood is able to be turned off or on manually.

    Also Include Sex restrictions aka if someone doesnt want something enteing her mouth vagina or ass make it able to turn off or on.
    add fetishes aswell such as

    Check for Increased Type

    [ ] - Demon Whore - More Mutants and tentacle types

    [ ] - Beastiality Bitch - More animal like Creatures

    [ ] - No Interspecies Sex - More Human like Sex monsters


    Also Add Virginity Depending on Sex choice ( Auto if Virgin Is ticked) - Hymen Blood happens Very First H-Event

  60. Addon To Prev Post -

    Pregnancy On or Off. As Depending on difficult and thing ticked and choice etc.
    Depends on chances
    Such as high slut choices and sluttyness would mean lower Chances
    Why? Shes a Slut has past baby protection skill.

    Low Slut Choices and Sluttyness Means Higher Chances.
    Why? No Past Baby Protections Skills

    pregnancy Types
    Animal (Baby) - Small baby formed sprites of the impregnating monster

    Animal (Egg) - An Egg is Forced out of her vagina from the animals H-Event

    Humanoid (baby) - Same above

    Humanoid (Egg) - Same Above

    Tentacle ( Always Eggs) OR if Hardcore H-Event/Graphics is enable (True 18+ options)
    A Small Slime tentacle monster creature

  61. @Anon
    Interesting, but I prefer to keep all intro topics for further.

  62. I think beth needs a stat i'm not sure what it could be called tho.
    It would work like this.
    If she has very low sexual stats but keeps getting raped way to many times she would lose her will to fight or resist.
    Plus any monster she encounters would treat her as little more then sex toy.

  63. I love the idea of this game. I love sandboxes/RPG-s, and I'm possibly the most depraved porn addict you will ever speak to ( As in - Guro and Scat, what won't get in, hasn't turned me on any more in years ). Only games offer me the same giddy anticipation, good H-RPG's.

    As such, I'd like to offer my support for this great work in the making, and congratulate you for what you've put together so far.

    To the point, however, since I don't want myself, or anyone, to miss a thing: Are you considering putting together a very in-depth walkthrough? Because I couldn't find any of the 2 H-scenes, and that's depressing :<.

    I would be willing to help, if that is the case. Either way, keep on going! Vectus, out.

  64. Ah, yes, and perhaps I should come up with suggestions already.

    In case you don't ( but most likely, you do ) know of the Slave Maker series, check out Slave Maker 3. At the very least, the customization options available to the character you make, and the endings available to the girls you train.

    If it's easy to implement, that is. Also, a more thorough system of checkboxes can let you individualise what you like, like people mentioned before ( yes/no dickgirls; yes/no furries; more/less tentacle rape etc.)

    I'll come back with better stuff when at home and able to type properly. Vectus, out.

  65. Can you add to the game any lolicon or shotta event? Like in VH?

  66. umm is there a problem with this game cause i cant find the passage to the west

  67. @Anon1
    Maybe, that stat could be named "Will" because it could represent Beth's force of will.
    Could be interesting if I find more uses for it.

    The 2 H-events that are currently in the game are really hard fo be found. But 90% of the H-events will be very easy.
    In a future I'll write a PDF guide of the game, but not a walkthough. I prefer the game fans to do it, as long as they discover the H-events.
    BTF, in the game there are 3 movies, 1 cult comic and 1 anime references, waiting to be discovered. xD (actually, someone here got one movie reference, and in other forum another person discovered 1 movie and the anime references xD).

    About the checkboxes, I think it won't be necessary (at least for more or sex topics), because most of sex in game will be voluntary. I mean, if you don't want tentacle rape, don't let tentacle mosters rape you (so defeat them). If you don't want sex with a furry NPC, don't seduce him/her.

    About harder sex perversions, if they get enough votes in the post to be in game, but not up to 30% of them, and I don't mind doing them, I'll put them in game with a disable option.
    For example, I don't mind to do gore deaths (for enemies, not for Beth). If people voted enough for gore, I'll do it, but adding a non-gore option on setup menu.

    - Lolicon added to list. If finally added to game, it will be under some conditions.

    The problem is that the game is unfinished.


    Current sex topic list:
    - Lolicon
    - Impregnation
    - Egg laying
    - Birth
    - Inflation
    - Small humanoids
    - Furry
    - Guro
    - Vore
    - Gangbang
    - Tentacles
    - Bukakke
    - Monster Rape
    - Beastiality
    - Futanari
    - Lesbian

    Current poll requirement:
    <15%: Not in game
    <30%: In game with disable option.

    Am I missing something?

  68. Well, that covers the most common fetishes I think, as well as some more special ones. Of course there's always more unusual fetishes, but in general I'd say you got a good list.

    I'm looking forward to the next patch :)

  69. I Give Support for FOllowing - im guy with 2 long double posts above.

    Current sex topic list:
    - Lolicon - 86%
    - Impregnation - 93%
    - Egg laying - 90%
    - Birth - 93%
    - Inflation - 100%
    - Small humanoids - 100%
    - Furry - 100%
    - Guro - 100%
    - Vore -79%
    - Gangbang- 96%
    - Tentacles - 100%
    - Bukakke - 81%
    - Monster Rape - 98%
    - Beastiality - 89%
    - Futanari - 62%-89% (Very depending id like a transformation of beth possibily)
    - Lesbian - 150%

  70. you are making a hentai game. let face the facts the point of these games is sex/rape/whatever. i don't see the point of beth ever dying in such a game.

    Personally I would use slutness as her chance to have sex with the target. even charm/capture the target for quests or objectives for quests.

    Rape on the other hand i would use as her being defeated in combat giving her a temp. reduction to her stats that thru time and or exp gathering would go back to normal. but permently reduce her slutness until she worked it back up thru quests and game play. thus making it so people would not want to get beth raped as much.

    beth has hit points reduced to 1 by rats. a gang of rats show up and start crawling in and out of her orifices' and chewing on her nipples and things. when thy are done with her she passes out. then wakes and can move around again but looks beat up and has the reduced stats.

    this also allows her to have a chance be saved my helpful npcs in the area witch might heal or nurse her back to heath for whatever there price maybe.

  71. Those last days I've been planning some sex equations, but your suggestions gave me a new point of view.
    I like the idea of reduced stats until recover. Now I have to think how implement it.

  72. I saw on one of your posts ,I'm not sure which, someone mention having her get an NPC. You could move that in so many ways. Beth could do a simple mission for someone and have them like her. If she asks them to help her they can ask for "motivation", and if her sluttyness is to low she will offer cash or something. whenever the NPC is hurt they can refuse to move until she "motivates" them.Sex with the NPC can increase health. if Beth is raped the NPC can revive her, but every time she is raped the NPC's hornyness goes up. Once the NPC's honyness gets "to high" the will start to join in on the monster rape.