Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Here comes a new challenger

An image of the enemy I'm working on right now.

What do you think about it? Shouldn't it have eyes? Should it have mouth? Maybe be bigger?

I know what are you wondering now:
- Yes, it will do naughty things to Beth (if some conditions are met).
- It will be harder than rats. xD

PS. By the way, I've uploaded some minor changes:
- Larger font for item description.
- "Next" button changed to "Skip" button at intro.
- Bigger box-highlight in invetory.
- fixed snake movement. Before that, it sometimes went nobody knows where and disappear. Not anymore (I hope).
- Dialog box stack maximum increased to 10.
- Adjusted dialog box position.

PS2. Today's contest: In the intro, the bad guy stole a book from a university. Anyone knows the name of the university?


  1. Ummm....
    If your gunna have it as a monster or a horny one make it have something like red eyes or something that makes it look possesed by something? ;D

  2. Hehe, the blob has a comical look with those eyes.
    I like it as it is now ^^

  3. well i've tried a few ways to make the blob appear. So far i can't figure it out. I'll try again tomorrow i guess

  4. Well, here goes nothing...
    The bad guy might have stolen the book from... Harvard, maybe?

  5. I'd go with having this kool-aid looking smile. (Oh yeah? Oh yeeeeeaaaaaah.) It'd definitely fit the more light hearted theme of your game.

    It'd make it look funnier plus all that more entertaining/hawt if it rapes beth.

  6. 1. Make it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more comical, e.g.
    really big eyes or a huuuuuge mouth to the small eyes. (Like a Slime-Kirby... he's gonna eat her xD)

    2. Harvard? Seriously? It should be Hnyarlyard...

    - MILF
    Massachusetts Institute of Love and Fuck

    - University of Rapeture
    (Who's your (big) daddy?)

    - YAYle

    - ... something... magical vengeance... something... something... wait a sec... magical?


  7. Oh! By the way...

    Shouldn't we get married or something, Hnyarly?

    Now that we have a slime together and stuff... :P

  8. "Anonymous said...

    well i've tried a few ways to make the blob appear. So far i can't figure it out. I'll try again tomorrow i guess"

    Is not ingame yet. I'm still working on it. That was only a preview. :)


    About the university: none of those. Not Harvard, Yale, Hnyarlyard, MILF, UoR, Yayle or Cockwarts. Keep on trying. xD

    Hint: once you know the name of the book, the name of the university is easy.


    "SLIME-Guy said...

    Now that we have a slime together and stuff... :P"

    I'm afraid because we're gonna have a huge family: I've planned to do lot of different slimes.

  9. I vote a resounding NO on the eyes. That kind of goo beast having eyes is like putting sausages in Jell-o; Sure it helps you identify it as a food, but it's just plain dumb.

    Also, I think it'd look better if it wasn't sticking straight up out of the ground. I think it should look more like this:

  10. I'm with the no eyes idea too. More creepy. I like the idea of slime from the queen of fighters series. And thanks for getting back to me on the no slime in game yet. I misunderstood.

  11. James O'BrianJuly 6, 2011 at 8:34 PM

    Oh Damn... is it Darmouth..

  12. James O'BrianJuly 6, 2011 at 8:36 PM

    Or better yet... Miskatonic University?

  13. "I vote a resounding NO on the eyes. That kind of goo beast having eyes is like putting sausages in Jell-o;"

    Your proposal seems more serious, creepy and closer to the original D&D's slime. But I think most of people playing the game would prefer the slime to have eyes and definnelly, something like a sausage (to use with Beth).

    Anyway, If more people agree with Chuck and Anonymous, I'll remove eyes and give it a creepier look.

  14. It doesn't have to be creepy. It just has to be, you know, a featureless slime with tentacles.

  15. No to the creepy, and more serious takes on this.

    It simply doesn't fit the element or theme of the game.

    I agree with anonymous and slime-guy. It needs a mouth, perhaps a smiling mouth like DQ slimes. Those things are awesome, plus it gives you more flexibility when it comes to more humorous styles of sex/rape with it.

    The darker version where it's just a puddle of green ooze, is not only overplayed and not creative, but seems to be suggested by the same person.

  16. I am with Chuck, I would like it to be sinister.

    Also could you make it so that the possibility of her getting raped increases as her clothing decreases plus also in future could you add a rape move to the rat boss and/or all the main bosses of the game?

    Anyway I loving the direction that the game is going so far.

  17. You need to check the IP's of these suggestions if you can, it's the same person continuously. Or better to hold a poll or take suggestions just on the forums, if one person spams continuously it looks like they're a hoard of people.

  18. horde*

    And overall increases the chance of what your fans/followers "REALLY" want. Comments on here are unreliable, plus easily able to proxy.

  19. I want the eyeless slime and I assure you that I am FAR too lazy to comment a bunch of times from different proxies.

    I'd say start up a week-long poll, perhaps shorter, on the eyes/no eyes issue. Easier than sifting through comments.

  20. I think I shouldn't start a poll for every detail I doubt about.
    But if you consider the eyes an important question, I may start it.

  21. hmmm just another suggestion for the slime monster,

    maybe if she got raped by it, it can split apart and do it multiple ways again ;)
    ( same thing with seducing it if you want )

    just making suggestions :)

  22. so uh what does the winner get?

  23. "smiley face virus :) said...

    maybe if she got raped by it, it can split apart and do it multiple ways again ;)"

    There'll be different type of slimes. So, each one could have its own rape attack.


    "Thouit said...

    so uh what does the winner get?"

    Just the pride of the victory. :D

  24. Hnyarly achieves "'Cause I RPG!" Achievement
    (Make a slime and then make more slimes.)
    RPG-stereotypical-enemie-yay... yay!

    1. No need for sausage (unless on my plate) it should deform...

    2. Jimmy: "Why mouth?"
    SLIME-Guy: "Tongue! Huge mouth, huge... and so on"

    As I said "Like a Slime-Kirby... he's gonna eat her"

    Hint: eat as in "eat" and not eat

  25. And make the slime look like cookie dough xD

  26. the slime on the pic is just great lol, not like usual slimes, so more original !

    great if it can change shape to rape beth (make her horny but reduce health because the slime is somehow eating or drinking her + the more slutty she is the less health she'd loss from the slime rape because she's just wetter ;) )

  27. Nice game!
    You gonna gain fame!
    Now that the text stacks,
    let me tell you what it lacks:
    Some evil towers...
    and pretty flowers,
    for that tentacle thing.
    Furthermore a king...

  28. man just give me some lesbian :p

  29. Since you said you're going to do multiple slimes, then do it with different styles. Like one could be the more comical version, one could be the one with just the eyes, and one could be the darker version. Everyone essentially wins, and it's really no extra work for you since it's already planned.

  30. different types*

    Not multiple.

  31. Oh also, will Rat's have a rape scene? Specifically the boss rat?

    And will other animals if implemented (Like dogs) have Rape scenes?

  32. Losing clothes while getting raped would be a good idea. Clothes armor, pick up different clothes... Some monsters would focus more on breasts, some on the lower region.

  33. - Lesbian scenes: sure.
    - Rat rape? No.
    - Dog? not sure.
    - Different look for slimes: great idea. After reading it, I'm planning a slime boss with no eyes (so, players take it more seriously).
    - Clothes selection will be an important part of the game, but mainly for the type of resistances they will offer. For example, against some bosses, she'd better have fire resistance. Losing clothes... I have to think about.

  34. Rat rape is more iffy, but dog/wolf rape is awesome no matter how you slice it. Plus i mean your in the woods when you start off, wolves live in woods and stuff :P. Cooould be mating season, who knows ?

  35. Easily solution to your clothing problem. They could be torn during rape, they offer less resistance when torn, but still provide resistance, and when torn it leaves her breast/ass/pussy unprotected for rape. Then just implement a clothing repair in towns.


  36. Or perhaps add a clothing repair skill that takes 10-20 seconds to complete so it can't be done in combat.

    I think that, if you want to have clothing customization like this, you'll have to give the inventory system an overhaul. Have to come up with a way to sort and organize the clothing you have by resistance and/or color, by type, ect. Being able to drag and drop clothing from a menu onto you character to quickly swap would be nice.

    Another thing I would recommend is writing up a FAQ that lists some of the things that players can and can not expect from this game. Fetishes it will cater to especially. Pornarium has a very nice one that you could use as reference to make your own:

  37. I like the idea of slime having a mouth and tongue. If your going to make different slimes then perhaps some should have mouths but not all. I'm really excited about this game.

  38. Or if you get caught by 2 slimes they double team ya.

  39. You should make some of the slimes have random enemies floating in them. Or maybe just random objects. Make one of the slimes have a doughnut floating in it.

  40. Rat rape... made me laugh...
    Double teaming! I though that it had the green light?(Double Teaming, Gangbang, Double Penetration, Group, Threesome, what ever you wanna call it)

    On the subject of People's options and them being Anons: Don't listen to all the Anon. Listen to those who have a name, like me, smiley face virus :), Barreytor. Since we aren't Anons who could be the same person.

    No offense to the Anons or the Named people who don't got an account. Just saying... Ya should make one. We'd appreciate it(I know I will, no more Anon1, Anon2, etc. when referring to people)

  41. - Clothes: you all gave me lot of ideas I like. I have to consider and balance them all. xD
    - Double team: I'll do. Not only with slimes.
    - About anons, I consider their opinions as much as named people. Anons have help me since the beginning, and I understand people tired of doing profiles for every web site.

  42. Which Anons? I understand not wanting to make a profile for like 15 or so sites that you only occasionally look in. Still I'd be nice if they have names. I made one since I'm following like 4 blogs, might as well make an account log in once and don't worry about typing "Kuroshu" again.

    Or they can put a special note in their comment like "Cheers" Anon since he/she puts Cheers at the end.

    Clothes: I've been meaning to design clothes for games just to get a feel for it. Do you mind if I use Beth and make some clothes? you think they are good enough you can put them in the game. And if you want some thing else to be designed(aslong as it's human, can't draw mobs for the life of me)

  43. James O'BrianJuly 8, 2011 at 12:53 PM

    Hello once again!!

    Hooray I win! (Btw, the book was the Necronomicon, invented by H.P. Lovecraft, one of my favorite authors)

    No offense meant Kuroshu, but I believe that Anons or ''Users'' opinions don't change a damn thing cause in the end, it's H Nyarly's decision. But I do understand your point anyhow! Lol.

    On that note, keep up the good work!!!

    James O'Brian

  44. SLIME-Guy (promoted to president of USA: United Slime of Anons)July 8, 2011 at 2:27 PM

    Well... those damn Bananons...

    *Really really really bad joke*
    (Not writing it though... afraid of being sued or murdered or worse... liked! WHATT?!)

    You shouldn't be so mean to the Anon.............s!
    Schizophrenia is no laughing matter!
    Wait! I was Anon, too... i'm... not real?

    Regarding the Anons comments... like rat rape, dog rape, ape rape, grape rape, rape rape...

    Quote (of myself):
    - Dont' make this an enemie f-game. There is plenty of that kinda game already and it's getting kinda boring lately...

  45. About clothes: I meant I still have to consider the whole aspects of their impact in game. They will do:
    - Damage reduction (working by type).
    - Increase seduction.

    I haven't decided yet if they:
    - Increases any other stat (health, attack, magic, sluttyness... etc)
    - how rape protection will work.
    - will be removed/destroyed by enemies?

    You all gave me lot of opinions about that, and I like them. But now I have to consider how to implement it. And once I know how to do it, I'll start planning more clothes to add.

    About helping me, I thank all your offers, but right now I want to see how far can I get by myself. Anyway, I'm sure that at same point I'll get tired and then I'll ask for collaborations.

    By the way, I'll always need your comments, opinions and critics to guide my work.

  46. I forgot to tell you guys: Slime is almost finished. Today or tomorrow I'll upload a beta where you could test it.
    As long as it's a (secret) beta, I'll put the link in this section.


  47. I do hope you change the second time the gnome has fun with you slightly, because after Beth stands up she says "I can't believe i cummed." Which is slightly odd, it should be more along the lines of "I can't believe i came." Just a minor fix i noticed needed mentioning.

  48. The tear/damage mechanic for clothes makes the most sense, that way clothing/armor is still plausible, but gets ripped/damaged during rape then you have to repair it for it to completely give you the resistance, otherwise you'd be open for rape and it gives you less resistance.

  49. Here you have it:

    Slime still doesn't have rape attack.

  50. Lol @ giant fist, i assume when the rape happens, it'll be a giant slime dick :P?

    Definitely awesome so far. Cheers.

  51. I've fixed a couple of things in this beta.
    - "Cummed" replaced for "came". xD
    - Slightly improvement of the attack zones. Now Beth can kick a longer distance.
    - To balance this, now enemies can block attacks (only when they receive 0 damage).

    About how resistence to rape works... I still have a lot to consider (not only clothes). At first I thought that "sluttyness" would have a negative effect on rape resistence, so I have to add this variable to the ecuations and do the maths...

    About giant slime dick... poor Beth.

    And the final version of the slime will be harder to beat: its Physical damage resistence is 4, and for the final version maybe 6... But there will be an easy way to kill it. ;)

    About the slime boss... even harder (double long attack, and other surprises). And definelly, no eyes. Kind of this:

    And tomorrow, I'll start to design a new zone.

  52. Could always add another gauge for like "Innocence" for passing up sex scenes and the like, the opposite of slutty-ness, and when she gets raped she actually doesn't enjoy it. When she has a high sluttiness though she does enjoy it. After all it is rape. Those who want to see beth enjoying it can, those who don't, can also. Plus it might pick up for some interesting and unique features you could implement.

    On that note definitely lookin' forward to the giant slime dick rape :P...

    Is the next zone a town, or another part of the forest/woods?

    Cheers on the great work so far.

  53. About me drawing, um that was suppose to b e me asking permission on using Beth as a model something like a fanart. Oh and permission on dressing her up. That was all. I probably worded it differently.

  54. Also wanted to second the wolf enemy, with teh wolf rape.

  55. Next zone will contain more forest and caves. And the 3rd zone will surely be a village.

    About Beth's innocence, I've planned that as long as her Sluttyness is less than X, she can't be raped. X would be maybe 5 or 10. So, people annoyed by H-content can avoid it.

    Anyway, another variable for Innocence is not really needed, because low Slutyness perfetly means it (I think). And Sluttyness will affect how she reacts to rape (low sluttyness = dislike).

    Koroshu, could you send me an email to talk about it? (you can find it at my profile).

    To last anon: actually, I prefer werewolves to wolves. xD

  56. But people know this is an H Game, so leaving in something that will make sure she doesn't get raped is kinda ridiculous ^^.

    Werewolves are kewl too.

  57. If Beth keeps K/Oing by the rats, and if she refuses to let the gnome grope her. You could always add a part in where if she K/O's again with refusing the gnome, he could take advantage of her while she's asleep.

  58. Maybe gnome did and she didn't realize.

  59. Another thing I always liked in H-rpg's are the npc's reacting differently denpending on wheter the heroine is clothed or partially naked, any chances of seeing that?

    (And yeah, I finally signed in, even tough I was there from the very beginning -_-, don't ask why, lazyness is a very strange thing)

  60. orly? That dirty little gnome...

  61. "Another thing I always liked in H-rpg's are the npc's reacting differently denpending on wheter the heroine is clothed or partially naked, any chances of seeing that?"

    Mmmmm, not at all. I mean, NPCs could react to your seduction action (key A) depending of how high it is. But in most of cases Seduction won't have influence in conversations with NPCs. Anyway, I said "most", not "all" xD.

    Obviously, partially naked increases Seduction, but not always. I mean, a sexy dress can excite more than just being naked.

  62. SLIME-Guy a.k.a The WallfistJuly 9, 2011 at 10:49 PM

    "actually, I prefer werewolves to wolves. xD "

    OK! Now... did you happen to play Terranigma?
    There is that funny little village called Louran.
    Sleep in the Inn (Hotel) and once you're up it's filled with zombies... Based on this...

    Your future village might/may (can't decide :/ ) contain nice people and an even nicer Inn...
    even though you will probably wake up in the middle of the night... hearing strange howling...

    Hey! Where are all the nice people disappeared to?
    *dam dam daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh*

  63. SLIME-Guy a.k.a The WallfistJuly 9, 2011 at 11:02 PM

    Damn... too fast...

    "Mmmmm, not at all. I mean, NPCs could react to your seduction action (key A) depending of how high it is. But in most of cases Seduction won't have influence in conversations with NPCs. Anyway, I said "most", not "all" xD. "

    Most is ok... however i'll repeat my previous suggestions on this matter:

    - Shop discounts and useful rewards
    - Bribe (e.g. for quests)

    As well as jobs to increase that stat
    (not necessarily prostitution)...

    PS: The "bad" geek... uuh... goose... no... guy (!) should be called <>

    Hint: Abbreviation ~(*w*)~

  64. "Hey! Where are all the nice people disappeared to?"

    Hey! Where DID all the nice people disappeared to?

  65. SLIME-Guy a.k.a The WallfistJuly 9, 2011 at 11:06 PM

    F@!$%// schizophrenia!!!

  66. SLIME-Guy now on vacationJuly 9, 2011 at 11:12 PM

    Ahhh... what am i doing?!


    *scratch head*

    The "bad" geek... uuh... goose... no... guy (!) should be called !!!! RICHARD WEED !!!!

    Hint: Abbreviation ~(*w*)~

    I just da to use <> ...
    I'm out... need a vacation... this is tough work!

  67. SLIME-Douchebag now out of his mindJuly 9, 2011 at 11:15 PM

    I just da to use <>


    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

  68. "- Shop discounts and useful rewards
    - Bribe (e.g. for quests)

    As well as jobs to increase that stat
    (not necessarily prostitution)..."

    You'll have all this.

  69. Will there be a way to reduce sluttiness? Say for instance you enjoy the prospect of beth getting raped and not enjoying it, but if she gets raped while she doesn't enjoy it, will it increase sluttiness or decrease it? Since she doesn't enjoy it, it probably wouldn't make that much sense to increase it, but if it is increased, will there be a way to decrease it consistently without going through too much trouble?

    Also will there be rape events in towns or anything if beth's clothes are say torn, or she's wearing something provocative, without beths consent and a low slutty value?

  70. I know it defeats the purpose of the game. But get her sluttiness up high enough she starts raping the monsters. LOL. now that's funny. I don't expect that though.

  71. Never suggested that. If you're suggesting that, your phrasing needs some work bud.

  72. In my first masterplan, all kind of sex increases sluttyness, but as Anon said, it's not too accurate. Maybe, the more sex Beth has, the less reluctant is to have more.

    Anyway, I planned that reading some "moral books" will reduce sluttyness.

  73. Yeah it would make more sense if she already had a high sluttiness while being raped to increase the sluttiness. While if it was low, and she got raped it would stay low, and could raise it by actually doing things you choose to do. So enemy rape wouldn't raise it perse, but consensual sex would.

    Would the books be re-usable? Or be able to be bought from the store?

  74. Do you mean like the book on the floor of the weird wizard girl's house in violated heroine?

    when you open it you get a message saying "The title of this book is 'The Dangers of Sex' (WARNING: Reading this book will reduce your *blank* by 10 points)"

    because when you said books that lower your stats that was the first thing to come to mind.


  75. Reducing sluttiness should also be doable in churches/temples/other religious institutions.

    Also, her being naked won't effect conversations with NPCs? You mean to tell me that a teenage boy who sees a hot naked chick walk up to him will just go "Hmm, she's naked. Okay then." and greet her normally? Kinda breaks immersion there, doncha think?

  76. "So enemy rape wouldn't raise it perse, but consensual sex would."

    - Interesting tought.

    "Would the books be re-usable? Or be able to be bought from the store?"

    - You'll have to find them. Mainly in churches/temples/other religious institutions. Usable only once.

    "Do you mean like the book on the floor of the weird wizard girl's house in violated heroine?"

    - Exactly. That's where I got the idea. xD

    "Also, her being naked won't effect conversations with NPCs?"

    - She is inside a hentai world. NPCs are used to seeing all kind of sexual things. xD

  77. New variable added: "Sweat". Walking, fighting and sex increases it. Having a bath, sets sweat to 0.

    For most of humans NPCs and enemies, Beth's Sweat reduces Seduction (and so, posibility of being raped).

    For non-human NPCs and enemies, Sweat increases Seduction (and so, posibility of being raped).

  78. Wow that's actually pretty cool, definitely a unique mechanic!

  79. Nice but just 2 questions, would sweat also have a visual effect on Beth plus would cum after rape or sex stay on Beth?

  80. Bleh gonna vote for a no on the visual effect of sweat, drippy women is kinda a turn off. But it's your game, gonna be awesome with or without it.

    Definitely also wondering if the cum is going to stay just as the anon asked above me.

  81. Yes to cum, and maybe to sweat.

  82. Beth be covered in cum from head to toe?! Dang

  83. You said the 3rd level will be a village. Are you planning on making evil humans to rape Beth. If you are I would like to request some black guys and maybe asians. Also are you going to make multiple bad guy rape scenes (gangbangs)?

  84. "Are you planning on making evil humans to rape Beth."

    Yes, and you'll find them before the village. xD

    "If you are I would like to request some black guys and maybe asians."

    Ok, I think it's fair.

    "Also are you going to make multiple bad guy rape scenes (gangbangs)?"

    Definitely, yes.

  85. Maybe you should put a "Future Features" list since people have asked the same questions already(Gangbang Related)

  86. I'm going to assume you'll have mythical creatures that'll rape beth, but what about things like normal beasts/animals, like say horses.

  87. @Kuroshu
    Good idea. I think I'll do a post with "Future Features" just to keep people informed.

    Maybe. I mean, it will occasionally happen, and not with all the animals (for example, no with rats).

  88. I don't think it should be a post. Since it'll disappear from front page. Unless you put the link to the post in the sidebar.

    I'm not too keen in people asking the same question over and over again.

  89. Mmmmm, maybe I could make a FAQ section.

  90. Well people ask about features that will/are in the game, so in a way it's not an FAQ... or maybe it is.. i don't know... I can't think right now... 'cause I just fried my brain

  91. Can someone please tell me how to get the slime H-scene? iv tried for so long, and have no idea, iv died from it three times now, i gotta get this lol

  92. The Slime has no H-scene in the current version.

  93. oh god, why did someone tell me otherwise haha, wasted a good time with that, oh well, thanks anyway, i look forward to your future updates

  94. Well, you learnt the lesson: ask to Nyarly.

  95. in my opinion rape would depend on sluttyness of beth...

  96. I agree. The last equation I'm working with uses the Sluttynes and Horny values.