Monday, July 11, 2011

A new DB

You don't notice, but today I've done a big progress in the game. I've made an items data base that will do the creating items task easier. But when playing, you won't see any diference. But actually I'm quite proud of my work today. xD

That's how I previosly create items (sorry for the spanglish code xD):
For each item I created, I had to initialize those variables:
- superponible: mmmmm, sorry, I don't know how to translate. xD
- clase: name of the movieclip.
- descripcion: description. That wasn't hard to traslate. xD
- tipo: type
- equ: equipable - same than spanish.
- ds: distance to pick.

The fact is that I needed to add more variables to the items (Buy/selling price, increased seduction (when equipped), armour and fire resistance). So I had to wrote all this new variables in each of the more than 20 items I had. It seemed lot of boring work. And then I have the great idea:

I created an item data base with excel:
And with a couple of fixes, I can easily import this to AS2. So, adding and editing new items are now much easier for me.



  1. Kewl, Good job!

  2. Alright!! Looks promising! (like everything else so far! lol)

    Keep up the good work!!

  3. i don't understand a word of it but good job!

  4. which programming tool is this?
    It looks like it uses the same general language as most basic programming tools.

    It kinda reminds me of Turing.


  5. Ohhh I like what you did~

    That's working smart, and I love it!

    Working Smart > Working Hard

  6. @Anon1, James, Thouit
    Thanks! Implent it seems complicated, but actually is less than working as it was before.

    The first image is from Adobe Flash CS5.
    Second one, from MS Excel. Just a table: columns = variables, rows = items.

    The language used by Flash is ActionScript (AS), pretty similar to Java or C++ (but not so powerful, I think). I use AS2 instead of AS3, because I'm not a big fan of Object Oriented Programming, so I avoid it as much as possible.

    By the way, the main menu screen should remind you of turing more... I did the fire effect with a Cellular Automaton. xD

    Actually I'm a very lazy person. xD
    So I always try to find the easier way to do everything. As you surely know for my posts:

    when I say.........I mean
    Lot of work........I won't do it
    Regular work.......I may do it
    Easy to do.........Consider it done


  7. Ahh, I thought i recognized it from somewhere.

    No, no your lucky your not using C++ to display a single thing like "hello world" it takes like 18 lines of code. (Example below)

    #include "leo.h"
    using namespace LEO;

    int main()
    Engine engine;
    World world;
    Camera camera;

    engine.Create("Hello World (window title)",640,480);

    Draw::Text(32,32,"Hello World!");
    return 0;

    Creating a game in it would be a complete and total b**** :P

    Java and Adobe Flash CS5 are so much easier,
    and I kind of knew it was MS:E it says so in the picture. ^^


  8. awww, when i posted it it got rid of all of my pretty indentation TT~TT

    whatever, you get the point though correct? Programming in C anything is a pain in the ass.


  9. Poor Riish *hands a cookie* no one can resist a cookie! (I know I can't)

    I'm lazy to! that's why if I can make the work easier and shorter, I'd do it! Lol Alot of work= Not doing it. Well in that case alot of things will be not in the game

    You should change that to: Lot of work = When there's an easier way.

    Cause you never know. Maybe when your working on another feature you'd come across something that would make that "lot of work" in to "Regular work"

  10. @Riish
    I got the point. I thought Java was harder than C++. I mean, for any single thing, you have to create a class (and I don't like OOP too much). In C++, if you want you can just program in the main() function (for a MSDOS window).

    The problem is when an easy task becomes more difficult than you expected. xD
    I think all the problems can be transformed into easy ones, but not always the way to do it is easier than the problem. So, as you said, the best you can do is focusing in another feature and wait for the inspiration. xD

  11. "I thought Java was harder than C++. "

    Meh, pointers alone are such a pain in the ass, and you can programm everything in you programm's entry point if you like.

    (And databases tuples are easier to translate in classes; troller's gonna troll :o xD )

    "No, no your lucky your not using C++ to display a single thing like "hello world" it takes like 18 lines of code.

    Creating a game in it would be a complete and total b**** :P"

    Actually a lot of programmer uses C++ for games as it contains a lot of lower level instructions allowing more optimization (I know some poeple who almost reprogrammed entire libraries in higher level languages because they were interlaced messes, MAAAAD MEEEEEEN !!). As a result, programming anything in C(++) takes forever, which is both a bad and a good thing. Then again, it's just a matter of balance between what you want to do and what's available to do it, everyone shit on 4GL but I think they work well for management software.

  12. Hoy mismo, navegando por foros y tal me encuentro con una dirección a este magnífico blog y su estupendo proyecto. Me he leído todas las entradas y he de decir que me encanta tu idea y cómo la estás llevando a cabo. Mucho ánimo!!!

    Por otra parte, me gustaría ofrecerte mi ayuda si la quisieras o necesitaras. He ayudado en varios proyectos de este tipo y actualmente me dedico a traducir y arreglar algunos bugs en Slave Maker. Generalmente sólo hago tareas de traducción o ideas para el guión, y todo lo demás ya es si me lo piden.

    Bueno, no te molesto más, me gusta tu proyecto y estaré atento a las actualizaciones y lo iré siguiendo, ánimos y felicidades!

  13. @Don_Banani
    Definelly, pointers are a big mess! xD
    But as you said, if you want game optimization, you'd better use C(++).

    @Kili Kensei.
    Muchas gracias!
    It's good to know that I have people that will help me when I need it, as you, A-Denham and more. For the momment your opinions and guide are all I need enough. But in a future I'll surely need more help. Or even for another future project. Anyway, I'm not going to start any other project until I finish this one.

    I hope to keep the game quality I've achieved, and maybe increase it. And the most important, finish it.

    Today I've been doing a little boring work: drawing trees for the new zone. I'd like to change the look of it, just for not being repetitive.

  14. Lol, Trees? YOu should make a tree with a face. A face with a Large Grin. Or a "Rape" Face.

    I have no knowledge about programming so yeah... can't help/suggest anything there

  15. Tree rape ?! love the idea !!

    EVIL DEAD FTW !!!!

  16. If you do you have to give it the face from the smiley in his picture, and make it only talk in rhymes.

    I thought of a way to incorporate it too there is roots blocking the path to the next area and to get through you need some sort of magic to get through them. Looking around you find a talking tree (insert funny looking tree here)

    It will give you a quest to retrieve it's sacred acorn from a hobbit who stole it while the tree was sleeping, promising you a way out of the forest if you do.

    This hobbit coincidentally lives in a different part of the same forest inside of a tree stump.To get the acorn back you have 3 options (oh by the way the hobbit is a little bit crazy)
    1. Fight the hobbit (if you lose you get raped)
    2. Answer riddles (low sluttyness)
    3. Screw him (high sluttyness)

    Once you get the acorn go back to the tree and return it to him, he then gives you a magical wooded dildo (the description could be "Ouch! Splinters!) which gets equip to the rune slot and gives you grass/earth magic. Using this on the roots will then let you through.

    (if you actually do this I will laugh for like 20 minutes straight)

    Just a suggestion :P


  17. @Kuroshu
    Good idea! I mean, faced tree as quest-giver. About raper tree... I don't know if I'll finally do.

    If I finally do it, it wouldn't be the only reference to Evil Dead in the game. xD

    Making a NPC talking in rhymes is definelly out of my english skills. xD
    Those days I was actually thinking about how to block/unblock access to the new zone. The roots idea is better than all I thought.
    About the quest you suggest, sounds great. So, you could find it in the game.

  18. @ H Nyarly

    The first part of you last sentence rhymed. see you can do it! (the quest you suggest) :P


  19. Err... I was just messing around when I posted... lol

    You haven't heard of a "Rape face"? strange I though everyone knew... Oh well. IF your wanna know what it is then google it.

    I like Riish's Idea. Sounds so familiar... Like It's been in a game I've played...

  20. shhhh!!!!! I did not copy anything! The game you are thinking of does not have options of rape or sex and those were ents not trees.

    So whatever you say I did not copy any part of that from DA:O (OK... OK... maybe just a little. but only the rhyming tree and the hobbit that stole its acorn. The rest was all me! (you have to admit it fits perfectly though!)) AND if someone else notices which I don't believe thay will. Start yelling it's a conspiracy lock your doors close the blinds and disconnect the internet.



  21. Lol
    Dragon Age: Origins? I don't think that's where I saw it... I think it was either in a flash game or and AIF(Adult Interactive Fiction) I'm leaning more toward the AIF... I'm gonna check! (Zoom)

  22. @Riish
    My rhyme was just luck. Actually I didn't realize until you said. xD

    Hahaha, when you said "rape face" I thought you meant "big wooden nose". xD

  23. @Nyarly
    Omg... That would be soooo freaking sick

    Ya you lost me there

  24. And what if instead of answering riddles, they have to answer general knowledge questions?
    Even absurd questions like:"How much wood has to eat a duck to shit a boat?" The translation would be easier and it will be a fun point, allowing more freedom for creativity.

    Sorry, I wrote the other post very fast.

  25. can do to increase breast? in the intro, or during the game

  26. What will the combat system? just kick and magic? and make it possible to increase boobs, I will not leave

  27. Rapist trees? I approve.

  28. no need to increase boob size unless she gets impregnated.

  29. @Kili
    Or maybe absurd quests, as "cut down a tree with a herring" xD

    increase breast? It's not a priority, but I could do it in a future. Just to let people to configure the main character like they wish.

    "just kick and magic?"
    Actually, the "C" key is for physical attack. So I'll add equipable weapons (to use instead of kick).

    @Chuck D
    I'm thinking if I should do "impregnation=game over".

  30. "I'm thinking if I should do 'impregnation=game over'."
    Bummer... I can see it as a GOR for mobs but maybe some humans can impregnate her and keep the kid?

  31. @H Nyarly

    props for the Monty Python quote.

    @ Kuroshu

    I don't really think the idea makes much sense, who would walk around fucking and fighting monsters through their whole pregnancy?


  32. This is where Time skip is in effect.
    Seriously though... there should be pregnancy... Maybe as a GOR/Bad End/Etc. Or it could be a good end? starting a family in that world, etc.

  33. lol good end = pregnant from slime! = slime babies yay!

    lol good ending, live the rest of your life with a monster who only wished to rape you, cannot talk, and has googily eyes. agg the world is good.


  34. The only "good" ends with pregnancy would be from the humans.

    Bad Ends would be for the mobs. Unless it's a "good" mob... how would that be possible? I don't know...

  35. Anyway, the pregnancy option is quite far to be implemented, so I prefer not to spend too much time thinking about it.

    I think I won't get as far as in Violated Heroine, where you can get birth to as many children as you wish (and you have a house where they live). Once I was playing VH and I had a pretty slime child :)

  36. Hey, I just did a mini-update. No new zones yet. The new version uses the new inventory system, and includes the slime enemy and a new magical item. And now, equipped clothes modifies the Seduction.

    Enjoy it.

  37. Just a quick thought, you could probably take down the poll you have up. I doubt that something's going to overtake Sexual Events in the next 24 days.

  38. @Kili
    I'd prefer had uploaded some more content, but I think that finishing a new zone will take me a long time.

    I think I'll keep it some more days. Just to see the second choice of people. For example, in the last week the "More enemies" and "More quests" options have taken some advantage, but still no more than "improving...".

  39. I'm more for improving, honestly. I'd be happier with the character customization and perhaps a higher frame rate than with more beasties and whatnot, as long as the sexing starts to rise!

  40. I'd like to add more chances to customize the character. And I'll do in a future, but now it's not a prority. Right now I prefer to do more playable stuff: zones, and (raper) enemies.

    Higher frame rate: I think the current frame rate is good. I'm not sure I should increase it.

  41. Saludos! Cai a este proyecto por accidente, y me parece interesante! Tus screeshot me dice que habas español, asi que mas facil para mi =P
    Te sere sincero, tambien practico lo basico de programar en flash, pero veo aqui implementado algo interesante que me gustaria aprender, y de paso ayudarte en algo con tu proyecto si es posible. Espero tu respuesta aqui, para ver como contactarte en forma mas directa si aceptarias a un ayudante/aprendiz? ^^
    Atentamente- Shen.

  42. Puedes escribirme a mi email, que está en mi perfil.