Thursday, August 25, 2011

v0.37 is out!!!

Well, I think you deserve something to play. So, here you have the v0.37.
The 2 features missing are 2 sex events with the male elf. But I'll let this for later. Now enjoy the new version.

PS. So, any bugs?


  1. No bugs, but the game is rather slow for me. Its either my browser or someones tampering with my network again, cuz it took about 30 secs to load stuff. I couldn't find where u change the skin tone, or is it coming later on?

  2. Try reducing perfomance, just to see if it works better.

    About changing skin tone, it's an easter egg.

  3. I found the easter egg!

  4. is there any new sex scenes?

  5. @Anon1
    Great. :)

    There are 2 news. Total of 4.

  6. Needs someway to save the progress. I already died 3 times.....

    And one thing... the gnome sex scene end´s up afther he rubs her ? On the old version, you could die another time and you would see a note from the Gnome, where he said something like "i´m not gona save you anymore, noob" xD

    Now, i´ve died for a normal rat afther the rubing scene and it didn´t happened. Maybe because she came ?

  7. I think the game goes insane afther you dies sometimes.

    I´ve downloaded it, and, afther i´ve died a few times, the inventary has gone insane (it doesn´t show the pictures of clothes and mushroons anymore, and keeps the itens i had before i died), so, there´s a few strange things happening.

    p.s : Sorry the bad english. It´s not mi first language, and i´ve expend only 1 month on England, so, i´m not an expert.

  8. @Anon
    Save/Load is the fisrt I'll do for the next release.
    And after reading you comment, I tried the gnome events and they worked perfectly (I mean, as in the previous version, note included).

    So, I don't know what could happened.

  9. The inventory caused problems in previous versions, but I think it was totally fixed. Did you try 0.37 version or a previous one?

  10. Beth's nipples get hard when her horniness is up. Is that new?

    No idea where the new scenes are.

  11. The nipples feature was in the previous version too.
    And try to find the stairs of stone.

  12. OMG THANK YOU =D Thisll keep me busy for a while lol XD

  13. While in the cave i had some trouble with the inventory. I could open the inventory but could not use the arrow keys to select different items. I dont know if this could have affected it but earlier i tried to buy something from the elf but did not have enough coins.

  14. I've tried inventory and doesn't seem to be any problem... even trying items I hadn't enough money to buy.
    Is it possible that you click outside the game window and so keys didn't work? Otherwise, it's a bug I can't imagine where can be.

  15. sorry to bother with this nonsense

    But how the hell should i buy items from the male elf if i dont have any money.

  16. Sweeeet~ Just in time too since I just finished marathoning Conan!

  17. I just got the inventory error too. Beth was in the cave, had the fireball stone equipped, and was in bra, panties, and glasses. I didn't try buying anything but I tried selling some items that can't be sold.

    By the way, the gnome lets Beth walk around without a skirt even if her sluttiness isn't high enough.

  18. Great game!

    Just one question, is there anything after the ring thing? If not then oh well XD

    Bug thing: I noticed something with the snake and I'm not sure if this is actually a bug or not but for some reason it spawned on the complete opposite side of the map (to north instead of to south). Not sure if it's a bug but I wanted to let you know :P

    It's looking awesome so far and I can't wait until further uploads.

  19. I like the way you work, giving us new material before the date previously announced. Keep up the good work. xD

    I played it 2 times (the 1st one killed by the new slime) and found some things that found strange (maybe bugs or errors):

    1.- When I'm near the entrance to the bed's cave i sometimes see an empty bubble.
    2.- The 2nd time I opened the chest near the grey rat the potion didn't apear and every money bag I pick has different money inside. Is it aleatory?
    3.- When I get near our friend with the handkerchiefs, i can't read it's dialog. The text line is out of the game window.

  20. @ everyone who is getting the inventory glitch. It happens when you hit Z with your inventory open. You cannot move your cursor to select another item and you cannot use it again. You can fix this by hitting Z again

  21. Only buggy thing I can see is VERY laggy running. Also, how do I access the new sex scenes?

  22. Cn someone give a hint to where the new sex scenes are? =o do you have to beat that slime or that lizard in the cave?

  23. When u gonna let us download the 0.37 version cuz i still see the 0.3 version for download

    Since i get too much lag on the browser and no lag with the .exe file

  24. will check this out as soon as I can, for mean time, this looks pretty fucking neato

  25. Thanks a lot. Unfortunately I cannot send mail to hotmail server. Don't know why it refuse receiving send back my mail >_<

  26. There where only a couple of bugs I could find so far,
    First in the forest area where beth wakes up and to the east at the cliff over the body of water if beth walks near those areas the game tends too slow down.
    Also if the Snake seems too get stuck over at the cliff over biody of water ( not at the south east spot but at the eastern location).
    Second after you get the survivable third h-scene it did not seem to raise the sluttyness level at all.
    Third after you beat the lizard and get the ring and then come out of the cave too return it too the younger sister the 2 eleven sisters are gone.

  27. How do you get the slime to rape you?

  28. Many apologies, but the choppiness and slow speed is terrible. :/

  29. If slime is behind her and pushes her to the wall he rapes the back of her head, which looks pretty wierd.

  30. I don't know if it's just my computer, but when I click on a flash window, my keyboard dosen't work for me. I cannot use the arrow keys, or make the character move. It does this for a few games, and this one as well. Any ideas as to how to fix?

  31. I had the same problem and I use Google Chrome. What I did as a solution was find the .swf file through 'inspect element' of the 'Play Game' page. From there, I clicked on scripts and searched for 'swf' in the search bar. With the link, I just pasted it into my browser and the keys work fine.

  32. I found the slime rape scene, but what is the other one?

    Also hitting "X" when you select the magic rune causes it to disappear for good.

  33. not finding 'swf' in that search bar, anon.

  34. Somethings I noticed; When talking to the little girl she should say she followed the monster not follow. The captured elf has a word bubble with no dialogue in it. Some thoughts, I really like this game so far I'd just like to request the rape too bit a little more aggressive and rough. Slime boss seemed to passive, I feel like he should have been facefucking her instead of just getting head. thanks, Anon666

  35. Hi all.

    Cant find the gnome after i fullfill the mission and he drops the letter.

    can someone help

  36. Haven't played much, but found a small bug:

    When trading with the male elf and checking stuff in his inventory, the object description displayed in beth's inventory window is wrong (it's the one that is proportional to her inventory to the elf's).

  37. when will the download be put up because it runs on my browser but there is no movement. this is because my flash settings are messed up so only the downloads run properly and at the moment the download is an old version.

  38. @Anon1
    You can sell the items you are not using (and wearing). That should be enough to buy 1 elvish item. And plus the leather pants, you should have armour enough to fight slimes.

    If you saw the whole DC series, it seems I've spent too much time developing this release. xD

    I can't figure how that happens.

    No more stuff once you find the ring. As the little elf girl said, she'll be waiting for it at her home in the towm (same town the gnome is at).
    About the snake... well, it's not a bug. It's just enemies like to explore. They are alive.

    I wanted to add more features, but I just though the version was ready, and I'll upload the new content later.
    About the bugs:
    1- Thanks to your comments, I've detected why that exactly happens. If weren't for you, I could have spent days trying to find it.
    2- Wooden chests content are random. So, it's even possible you find nothing. Money bags are random too. Just as you figured.
    3- I have to fix that. I thought it could be readed. BTW, she doesn't say anything important. Just "save me"... etc.

    Thanks for your help. Now I must fix it.

    At night I'll upload the exe version of the game. I hope it works less laggy.
    About the new H-events, they are very easy to find (even more compared with the gnome ones xD).

    Answered above.

    Thanks. I hope you still like it after playing.

    I have no problem with the slowdown, but my computer is very fast. :(
    Could you please try again with the exe I'll upload tonight?
    As you pointed, it doesn't increase sluttyness. That's because I have to implement a new system to control it.
    About the sisters, as she said, she'll be waiting for the ring at their home.

    Normal slime doesn't rape.

    I hope it won't happen with the exe version.

    Mmmmm, I have to try it.

    As anon11 said, it's problem of the browser you are using. That won't happens with the exe version (I'll upload tonight).

    Someone else had the same problem with the rune?

    Future enemies will be more agressive.

    As the note said, the gnome is in the town.

    That's because when trading you must read the upper descriptions (not in your inventory). Your inventory's description shows the last item you pointed in it.

    Well, lot of people are having the same problem. So, as far as I fix 3 bugs reported by people, I'll upload the exe.

  39. Good Day.

    I walked up and down to find the town where the gnonme should be.

    but there is no way to a town. maybe a bug?


  40. @Anon
    Not a bug. Isn't done yet.

  41. Good day but how can some people find a scene with the gnome?

    i only find the slime but have explored the full map.?

  42. i got some things and maybe u already covered this and if so sorry but any way

    1) u cant read the pics all the way
    2) for some reason cant go full screen and u already cover that ingame so not so much a bug just hoping there could be some way to make it full screen

    hahahahhaha for sure

  43. @ anony.
    get killed by rats 3 times and he'll show and 2 more times after that

  44. @H Nyarly You sir have done it again, made you're already great game that much greater. I'm truly loving how this world of yours is slowing expanding and I can't wait until the end product.

  45. Oh man its a little disapointing cause after I found that ring there were gone. Can I find them or do I have to wait till the next release.
    Call me ano8

  46. My spell rune dissapear forever after push "X". And question - can I survive head rape from slime? My Beth get game over...

  47. first: very very nice game and sorry about the bad english...
    I found 2 bugs: first one on firefox the game is REALY slow but if you download it and open it in firefox in a new window it works fine. don´t know why :)
    Second bug I found: after going into the inventory and trying to use the ball i found in the cave, nothing happens and after this i can´t move the mark in the inventory any more, can´t eart mushrooms or anything.
    Hop this helps you a little :)

  48. Well the lady elf has a bit of a glitch: When she walks away from you, she walks to the corner of the screen and sticks there till she suddenly disappears.

    Also, pressing X destroys items from your inventory. You should add a dialog box like you have for buying stuff to destroying items.

  49. I have an idea for the next update. u could do some bondage stuff with the elf before u release her. And I have a question. In the next Update can u go finnaly in the town and meet the gnome, lady elf and some otherguys?
    And of course have some sex with the gnome and more lesbian stuff with the elf. I think thats gona keep us playing foe a while and u can make a break with your project. Oh and i hope so theres gona be save and load I had some trouble with this version. And your game rocks! YEAH! call me ano777 for an answer.

  50. I don't think it should game over when she get's raped by the slime monster.

    That just don't seem right to me.

    Also I agree with ted:
    "Also, pressing X destroys items from your inventory. You should add a dialog box like you have for buying stuff to destroying items."

    I thought up some use for the unused buttons.
    X (Currently sexual interaction)
    When alone masturbate.
    Y Punch
    Z Rest (This could recover health and magic.)

    I suggest these changes in the form of a patch.
    X yes or no to delete items.
    And the slime monster rape not ending the game instead beth passes out.

  51. Damn, HOW all u find any H-scene?! I found only one with oral rape of slime near captured elf. In all other situations im only "game over" and no more...

  52. Oh I posted the earlier comment.
    Please make gold slightly easier to come by before the elf shop so we can get more protection for the slim monsters.

  53. @Anon1
    The gnome scene question has been answered above.
    And you'll probably have explore the whole map.

    About the full screen option, it seems not to work in most of browsers. BTW, don't worry, in some hours I'm uploading the exe.

    I'm afraid I'll need lot of weeks for the next update. :(

    You'll have to wait until I'll do the city. The good news are that there you'll also found the gnome. :D

    In this version Beth can't survive to the slime boss rape. But in the next release she will. About the inventory bug, it's fixed (crossed fingers).

    I hope the exe will be as fast as your trick. xD
    The ball in the cave it's a magical item, not a rune. It allows you to get some information about enemies.
    About the inventory bug, I hope to be fixed. :)

    Both bugs fixed.

    Mmmmmmm, bondage stuff with the poor tied elf lady. xD
    I think I won't do the city in the next update. I'll surely do it in the next to the next one. Before the city I must do the mage's house and the forest it's in.
    And of course, you'll be able to do more naughty things with them in the city.

  54. H Nyarly you are the man. ano777

  55. i found another inventory glitch ...

    if u run out of an item for example a red shroom(either by selling it or useing it)
    if u place the cursor over the empty square that it once occupied and press C you will gain the intended effect of the item the square once held

    unfortunately you cannot sell more items than u have

  56. Kewl this page answered all my question. i would just like to thank you for taking the time to make the game. and remind everyone else it takes along time and many hours of code for even small updates so please dont bug Nyarly about updates. im sure thy will be put out as fast and thy can.

  57. @Anon777
    Or maybe the woman...
    Anyway, thanks xD

    Thanks a lot for the bug report! Now it's fixed.

    I started to do the game just to play the kind of game I'd like to.

  58. yes, i read that in earlyer posts and was vary impressed. not to mention how well your doing might just inpire me to work on a game myself. i have been thinking about it for some time but was not sure i was up to learning all the code. im old LOL when i was in school thy where teaching dos and turbo pascal. but seeing how fast you are doing things in this game make me think it would be worth it to learn how to do it. :O)

  59. I think I'm older that you... when I was in school we learnt Logo in a 8-bits PC.
    BTW, Flash is easy to be learnt and very useful for use your own graphics. On the other hand, it's not as fast as other programming languajes. But I think that it's better if you want to start doing games. I mean, you don't have to deal with graphics libraries... etc.

    I strongly recommend you that, as soon as you have something functional, post it in one of those forums:
    - Legeng of Krystal
    - ULMF
    - Toonchamp
    - Hongfire
    Go to the game developers subsections. You'll find lot of helping people there.

  60. Your are a woman? lol i didnt kow that anyway you are the woman.

  61. LOL, yeah my first computer was a commador vic 20 (20 whole k of memory) first game moon lander. contols the 4 arrow keys. to play this master peice you needed to plug in the 6in by 4in cartage into the vic20 :P. thanks for the info. have a few questions i might email you later with. keep up the great work loving your game so far.

  62. Huge fan! Know this must take a lot of time to pursue but it is a very interesting concept!!


  63. I have the elven bracelet thing and I still cant kill the slime boss. he just sits and ranges me...

  64. Just try to avoid its ranged attacks. It's easy if you move up and down.
    Never go for it. Let him follow you.

  65. I Can't Find the KNomes house?! Can someone tell me where it is??

  66. @Anon
    Not is this version of the game. You have to wait to a future release.