Monday, June 27, 2011

What have I done today?

Basically, I keep on working on the first sexual event. But when I feel tired of doing animations I program some code. Today's fixes are:

- Kick: I find annoying when Beth kicks where she are not supposed to do. Like in this picture:
Now it's fixed.

- I've also created a senteces stack system. So, if somebody in game speaks fast, you can read his previous sentence.

- I've added a couple of sexual stats to the status menu. In the next version you could check how naughty Beth is.

Now, I must go back to do animations. And I don't want to spoil the surprise. You'll have to wait until the next version. ;)


  1. Nice work.

    But please start working on the H-scenes, I fear your fanbase will dwindle without some wanking content.

  2. New stat = shyness?
    'Cause of that clothes removal thingy or will this work with sluttyness in the future?

  3. I hope to have finished the first H-event in a few days. I don't know how many hours it will take, maybe 2 days... I'm not sure. But be sure you'll have the new version for the next weekend.

    And Sluttyness allows her to remove clothes. The more you have, the more clothes she takes off.

    This is the table of Sluttyness required (as I fisrt planned):
    0: Head
    1: Footwear
    10: Top
    15: Trousers/Skirt
    30: Top less
    50: Naked

    The version of the game I'm working with right now allows starting with a sluttyness of 11, so you can walk without top. ;)

  4. How would those stats increase? Through the use of items, naturally as you level, or some type of social interaction?

  5. - Seduction increases 1 point per level (I mean, is like she gains a bit of knowledge about seduction every time she gains a level). It also increases o decreases depending of the clothes she is wearing.

    - Sluttyness increases with sex only, and it doesn't depend of level. So, Beth can be a 100 points slut with just level 1.