Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Thanks you all guys for your helpful critics, opinions and advises. The feedback I've received has been awesome. I hope to improve the game thanks to you all.

As abstract, I could resume the most important opinions I've read:
- A map of the zone seems to be almost necesary, due to the number of opinions demanding it.
- Faster vertical movement for the main character (Beth).
- Enemies seems to be hard, but that was the idea when I programmed them. At level 1 they should be a serious menace, but when you are level 3, you can kill them easily... most of times.
- Beth's looks seems to be a little "slutty", so I'm planning to let players configure some parts of her look (for example make up).
- People are also pretty much interested in the story of Beth.

With some other advises, I've done some minor changes in the game (now it's a little bit faster and I've added some background items). I've just changed the link below, so now you all can play 0.11 instead of 0.1.

Someone also recommend me to advertise more my game, so I talk about it at some forums:
Legend of Krystal
ULMF (Added)

After all that, this is my list of thing to do:
- Some changes in Beth's look (trying longer legs... etc). I'll ask for your opinion soon.
- Test changing Beth's speed.
- Make the intro with the story of Beth.
- Adding clothes.

I haven't decide yet how to implement zone map in the game. Maybe as a item you receive as reward for some quest....

Once again, thanks you all. I couldn't improve the game without you guys.


  1. I have another forum to recommend; the Unnoficial Line Marvel Forum (ULMF) has a small but very active community:

    (just be sure to label [Flash] as the prefix, one of the admin is annoyingly keen on that)

  2. Thanks, I must try that forum.