Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally, v0.1!!! (updated to 0.11)

Here is the beta 0.1 (Updated to 0.11!)

I thought that it should be 0.1 better than 0.02, mainly because althought the game is not finished, at least it's kind of playable (3 enemies and 3 quests... it's something...).

Very important: this version of the game still does not contain H-events. That's because I need your critics about the main character -Beth- before doing animations. It's a bloody mess to make changes over the animations, so I prefer to have an almost final version of Beth before doing some more. So I need to know what do you think about her. Is she sexy enough? What should I improve in the walking animation? Do you prefer any other haircut/hair-colour? Are her legs/arms/hips/boobs/lips/eyes/... sexy enough?

I also need your opinion about:
- Game mechanics/difficult.
- Game art (what things I should improve).
- Languaje (english mistakes and errors).
- Bugs.
- Everything else you'd like to comment.

While waiting for your feedback, I'm working on the Intro (so, you'll know a bit more about Beth :D)

And that's the Changelog from v0.01 to v0.1:

- Inventory bug solved.
- Game name changed to "Sex Realm".
- Beth waking up animation slightly improved.
- Click on my name at main menu to open web browser to my blog.
- More facial expressions.
- Some rocks added as background items.
- Game over at 0 HP.
- Fix kicked rat bug.
- New items: potions and wood chest.
- 2nd enemy (snakes).
- 1st Boss
- 2nd and 3rd quests.

PS. The game finishes once you open the metal chest. Nothing else done by now...


  1. Nice start, you should advertise you game more.

    As for the character model my only complain if i must have one would be the gliterry light reflection.

  2. Thanks for your oppinion. I'm going to try to do the light reflection less white, and see how it looks.

  3. Following your advise, I'd just uploaded to Newgrounds.

    Thanks again.

  4. You should also try

    It's the development section of a popular h-game forum. The whole community is pretty accepting and there are quite a few other game developers around. Hope to see your game posted there.

  5. That forum is great! I'll upload my game there.

    Thanks a lot!

  6. beth should change into :
    - have bigger boobs
    - sexier face (smaller lips, bit small of eyes, red hair)

  7. Actually, I'm thinking about letting people configure some parts of her look at the beginning of the game.