Friday, June 10, 2011

Small changes

I made some new implementations. Only a few aesthetic changes (with no consequences on gameplay). So few, that I didn't actually changed version number. I uploaded it, just because it's too easy. xD

I also configured a couple of options in this blog, so people can now play last version on a bigger window:


  1. When moving up, there is a good amount of distance between the player model and the edge of the screen. When moving down, you have to touch the edge of the screen with the player model's feet. This is both inconsistent with the way moving upward works and a little annoying. That's something I would vote for changing. Otherwise, I'm impressed and looking forward to feature versions.

  2. I've changed the distance with lower edge of the screen. Not too much, but it's something.
    You'll see it in the next update.

    Now, I must go back to the Intro.