Thursday, June 16, 2011

Still working...

I've been 6 days without posting anything. That's because I'm working on the Intro scene. At this point, I think people should know more about the main character (Beth) and how she started her adventure, before keep on doing more game.

I think I was optimistic when I planned the Intro, and it's requering me more effort than I originally expected. I think I've done like 30% of it. The bad news are that I don't want to upload the new version until the Intro is finished. And this can take me up to a week and half.

Anyway, I promise the Intro worths the time I'm spending on. It'll have interesting surprises. ;)

I'd also like to thank all the people from LoK, Toon Pimp's Palace, ULMF, Hongfire and Newgrounds (and of course to this blog's anonymous) for their comments, opinions and critics.

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