Friday, June 24, 2011


Once Intro is finished, I'd like to know where I should focus my work. So I've started a poll to see your preferences.


  1. Well, since it's an H rpg, i'd say... H....

    It's your projet anyway, have fun with it :) .

    As far as H, I'm very fond of the "no game over" paradigm, like in Muddled world orchestra where you would have a rape scene on lose, then get back to the game naked, covered in semen and with, like, 1/3 of your HP.

    Another example would be Kunoichi Ninpocho where your group get gangraped upon loosing, then get transported back to the ennemy's lair where you have to fight of a bunch of them with low hp's to get back to the game's normal state.

    Any chances to see any of thses mechanics implemented?

    Final word of encouragments again for a great start.

  2. Those mechanics sound interesting. Be sure I'll do (as far as the story allows it) but not always. So, you can expect some enemies let you continue playing after rape.

    I'm starting working in the first H-event... but it won't be something hardcore. Anyway, I prefer to keep the surprise.

  3. Maybe u could add the masturbate op to recover some health like the angel girl game, or a taunt or tease attack something like would be cool but only with the slutty personality ... like a special ability or something like that

  4. looks like you're gonna have to do sexual events considering the poll

  5. @godofhell666999
    I'll add her some kind of masturbation action. As you said, depending of the personality (that actually can change along the game depending of your decisions).

    90% of votes... it seems I must.