Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to play

Quick explanation:

Arrow keys: Move
C: Kick
Z: Talk/Open chests.
Q: Combat Stats
W: Inventory.

For more info, check the keys at Setup menu.

And remember, I haven't done anything else once you open the metal chest.

PS. I've made some changes adding some items to background. Just to avoid so much empty space. Now it's v0.11.


  1. after opening the metal box on V0.3.. is there more you can do or is that it, not to take away anything from the game as it is brilliant! good job and keep up the good work you have the pot entail for a great game!

  2. No more game once you open the metal box. You'll have to wait to v0.4.

  3. what is this game i never caught the title?

  4. i also just heard about it 2

    1. The game is Sex Realm (still provisional name xD)

  5. This game seems getting awesome, it just needs some more work
    looking forward to it's next update!