Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sex Realm Forum

Today Onyxdime has offered me to create a forum for my game. It would contain several threads for ideas, fan art, maybe game mechanics and instructions...
But the fact is that I'm not sure if my game has a huge enough community to mantain the forum.
I mean, I know I have loyal followers, but do you think we could need a forum? For example, I know I can count with Give or destroy's sketches for the fan art section.

So, what do you guys think about?


  1. Do what u gotta do u have my support

  2. Seems good, but you must be aware of a possible problem : A forum will atract more people than a blog. If it´s registered on Google database, for example, it´s prety much sure 3~5 new people will join, every week (counting low).

    Can you endure lot´s os internet trolls ? Probably tere´s going to be more of they than good people...

  3. There are some pros and some cons to having a forum:

    Pros -
    Can almost guarantee new followers
    Allows community to post ideas/modifications (if wanted)

    Cons -
    Trolls, trolls, and more trolls (proper admining can take care of some of it, but may still be an issue)

    This is just off the top of my head, but the point is that both the pros and cons of a forum must be taken into consideration before the final decision is made.

  4. I'm all for it. Maybe it'll help make more games like this. This game for me has potential to be the best H game so far.

  5. Hey H Nyarly I just recently found this not bad man I like took a read of you stuff and yea anyways making a form may be something nice but like other comments more trolls poking fun in your stuff. also hope who ever is setting it up the form is a trusted friend close enough hate to see something like this hijacked like some hentai sites and stuff.

    also on a second note I see you do not like donation cause you feel like you giving back in a way or seem like you forcing people or something as far I can understand what you wrote. there are adds you can put on your webpage and you get money just for that like idk 5 cent 10 and redirects just as loung its not to much spam place :)I am not sure the rate can help you look it up.
    also donation is not a force its if you got money why not and form playing your game its not bad even if the graphs are low as of now you can do so much with help you can make a good cash flow and not even charge people and keep it free so you get what you want help and able to keep the site free win win before you answer just think about it.

  6. Well if you played Champ. of Corruption then you know Fen has a forum for all sort of shit. I think you have enough fans for you to do it. Plus if you do a forum and people know how to use the program your using for the game then they could add and help with content.

  7. well H Nyarly i think you should go for it who knows it might pick up enough to be as well known as minecraft. And if you do donations who knows you might even level up the game to 3D. you have to admit it's a fun thought but anyway at the end of the day the choice is yours & only yours to make.

  8. wether it becomes a full forum or not, i always somewhat expected you to get your own section in the LOK forums, its alot of work for you to do yourself, but i only see a full forum working if you somehow made it more-so where people could put their own ideas into the game, or at least develop their ideas so you can use them if you want to, such as new monsters and such

  9. Hi
    In my opinion, the forum may take you out of the focus of making the game. You can be sure all of us wish to incentivate you with the game. Here, we are all friends. With a forum, is very probable for you to find people telling that the game is not good, with no future and so (Like Marty MacFly said in the beginning of Back to the future 1). Later, when the Version 1.0 were done, you can open a forum.
    My best regards

  10. Hey Hn, foible here, from LoK forums and we've emailed a few times. Honestly, if there's no immediate financial gain for you, I say to Hell with it. Between this blog and the honest devotion from all the members of the LoK forums, you've got what you need for true fans and good support. As I saw many people say as I scanned previous comments, the more boards/forums/blogs you're on, the more trolls you'll get. Exposure is nice, but trolls and the like can be quite tedious and annoying. If the boards on this new forum are secure and noble, by all means. Nevertheless, you'll always have our support. Just don't let random cocksuckers deter you.

  11. When I first stumbled over your game I thought "what is this". I almost stopped playing five minutes in, but I didn't. Now I have played it more then Call of Duty 3, which sits there waiting to be played so... I definitely think your game has potential for a bigger follower ship.
    Just make sure to make enough people admins, so you don't have to deal with trolls yourself all the time.

  12. wow ..... it in and go my own space? without my knowing anything
    however, it is true there is the risk of encountering trolls, however, but could be held well in check through the records, if a nick is hostile, it flushes it out, or use the votes of a comment to report a comment trolls, that is, if a user notices a comment brtto vote a minus 1, it can not add more to the same post, but someone else can find it, if you collect -10, made ​​so by 10 users, you delete the comment trolls, so the same users become moderators

  13. I think you need no forum...

  14. Forum is needed! Maybe someone will make the texture, will give ideas or help to translate into other languages​​. It is true not just in English will be translated.

  15. From all your opinions, I'm getting some thoughts:

    - The main problem in a forum will be trolls. I think we could avoid them in the same way LoK people are doing: the first 10 posts of new users must be revised by the forum moderators before appearing in the topics. But that seems to be lot of work.

    - About the need of the forum, I'm not sure yet. I mean, I posted my game in LoK, ULMF, Hongfire, Newgrounds and Toonchamp (and also at some webs I didn't posted, but helped people to find my site). I check all this forums almost everyday and they are being very helpful in my game's development. And I've never had problems with trolls in all those sites (so they have excelent moderators). Anyway, I don't want Onyxdime to make the effort of creating the forum if it's not going to be really necessary.

    - About donations... I'm still considering it.

    Now, I must go back to work. I have ideas for making future enemies more lethal. You'll hate wolf's new skill.

  16. Well, I feel a bit lazy, so I'm going to write a small list of enemies skills:

    - Extra Resistance: enemies of level X usually reduces in X all type of damage. An enemy with the extra resistance skill reduces 2X a type of damage, but reduces the rest in X/2 (for example slimes).
    - Fast recover: When an enemy is damaged, they lay in the ground for some seconds. Enemies with Fast recover skill don't (for example white lizzard).
    - Fast attack: for example the snake.
    - Reach: for example white lizzard tongue attack.

    Wolf new skill will be "flanking". No further explanation needed.

  17. I've seen far too many forums crop up and then sit around unused forever. Why not just use forums with the same theme like is already the case?

    Also I've been toying with the idea of making a similar style of game, but beyond animating I have no idea how to program in Flash...

  18. Hello!

    Malarkey from VH Translation team.

    I can tell with my experience that trolls won't be a problem. We had a pretty high volume of members and daily visits, I don't remember how much but I'm sure though it helped alot the work on the game. Even more if you publish the website to the other forums that already been created.

    That being said, I volunteer for the creation of website and or forums and or administration. My initial task in ENVH being that.

  19. The most important question you have to ask H Nyarly is: Are you satisfied with advertising and discussing your games on forums like LoK and others, or you think it worth all the extra work to set up your own forum what possibly wont be used as much as you like?

    We aren't just talking about trols. Lets think about it. You post an update now and then and people would react to that. Not much more would be going on believe me. Thats almost the same as in this blog just a bit more hassle...

    If you need opinion about development ideas, or new ideas altogether you can ask them here just as easily as on a forum.

    So I don't really see the usefulness of the forum.

    And before you say I don't know what I am talking about, I do. I was a moderator on several forums a long time ago.

  20. If you have a few people you could trust to be moderators it becomes a lot easier to maintain forums.

    Generally they need a decent amount of free time so they can skim to find spam and trolls, and find good ideas so you can be informed without having to dedicate too much time.

    I maintained a forum for a friend a year or two back, biggest problem was having to create different kinds of nets to stop spammers from posting.

  21. Trolls will be easy enough, make the moderators have to approve posts before they are officially posted, for about 10 posts in. Then once they have 10 successful posts, consider them 'troll free'

    Also, it would stop the need to sift through all comments, you could just look through the relevant categories in the forums.

    I would also suggest creating a donations button on your forum. I know you wanted everything to be completely free but technically it still will be. I think you deserve a reward for all your heard work on this to be honest.

  22. The bar raised 5% :DAMN

  23. @Ted
    That's the main reason why I'm asking about the forum. Will be enough content for a forum, or should we continue using the ones we do (LoK, ULMF, Hongfire, Toonchamp)?

    About Flash games programming, it's pretty easy. Just find a tutorial (I could give the one I tried, but it's in spanish) and practise. Flash programming seems very complicated until you discover where to put the ActionScript code.
    You can also find some FLA files in LoK to use as example. I learnt a lot with the MIM and Corta's sources in LoK.

    It's good to know that I can count on you. I actually registered in ENVH before starting to learn flash. xD

    Am I satisfied with advertising and discussing your games on forums like LoK and others? Yes, I am. But maybe some of my game's followers would prefer sharing opinions or anything about it.

    But it would be great if we all could enumerate the things we can do in our own forum, and can't be done in my blog plus other forums. For example a modding section: but for the momment I don't want a modding section because I still want to keep my game as an one person project.
    Maybe in a future I could accept Flash enemies and NPCs to add to my game, but don't count on it. And at some future point I'll give my text file for the people interested into traslating it (for a multilingual version of Sex Realm).

    As you pointed, spammers could be a problem too.

    Ten post apporval is waht we surely do, if we finally create the forum.

    Right. That's because the wolf is finished. Now I'm basically testing that it attacks flanking - thus, using it's mammar brain xD.

  24. my opinion, you should not go for the form. it won't be a free time project anymore H will feel more like a full time job.

  25. then what about adds on your page with redirects I think link bucks is one if i not mistaken each time you get like 10 cent or something what about that?

  26. In response to Anon.

    If the forum was a community project grassroots project Hnyarly's workload would not see any sizeable increase. A team of volunteer admins and mods could effectively run a forum with Hnyarly's still retaining ultimate power as the forum's creator.

    A strongly believe a forum will encourage growth and create a community for this game. At the minute LoK has a community, VH has a community. We have the potential for a community, but it is difficult to create one using a blog and several threads on various forums alone.

    It is my belief that a single forum standing as a pillar for this game would be highly effective in creating such a community.


  27. I agree with onyxdime

  28. @H Nyarly

    No Problem, If you have anything that you think I can work on, don't hesitate to contact me. I dunno how I can send you my email adress though since i'm posting as an anonymous profile.

  29. Previous comment was from malarkey form ENVH, viva the anonymous account

  30. @Anon1
    Sometimes I think as you pointed. But I still haven't decided yet.
    But I'm not doing the game for money, and in fact, I'm not doing the game for you guys. I'm doing it for me, because is the kind of game I'd love playing with all the kind of things I'd love it to contain. And I love sharing it with you all. And you are helping me with your comments and suggestions.

    That's a good idea too. I tried but blogspot doesn't let their ads appear in adult blogs.

    Great comment.

    You can find my email in my profile (on the right). I'm not copying it to avoid spam... you know. xD
    As usual, thanks for your offering.


    On the possible forum, I'm still thinking about it. The forum will be a project done for other people, as long as I must focus on my game. So I could do some forum tasks, but not too much.

    Anyway, it could have some sections I prefer other people to do, as game tips and guides - but maybe the game is not to big enough to have both sections.

    On the other hand, I wouldn't like to force other forums users to use another one. I mean, I have loyal followers registered if LoK, ULMF, Hongfire, Tooncham... etc, so they could be a little disapointed having to register in another one.

  31. I don't think to many people would have a problem joining a forum dedicated to this game. It would make it easier for you to just have to follow one site rather then 6 plus . it would also bring all your fans to one spot. so we would see everyone's ideas with out 6 people posting the same thing all over.
    I do think however i would not worry about a forum until after your next zone go's live. I love where your game is going but you need more content. sense you don't want any help with the game you lose out on the main perks of having a forum. i have been a beta tester/forum mod. for lots of games over the past 20 years. biggest problem is all the trolls crying about content.

  32. Onyxdime and me have been talking about it, and we agree with you that we should wait until the next zone is finished.

  33. Interesting project.
    Only 1 thing i didn't like is the eyes of main character... Its remind me some childish cartoon where was a bee with kinda same eyes. Don't know about what type may looks better with that animation style, but for example that girl which you are saving from slime in 3rd quest & then she giving you a kiss ... that girl's eyes looks much better for me. Also i'm finding that face of main character becoming a bit weird when she getting horny, its all about eyes -.-
    & all other things are pretty good.
    Keep going.

  34. For the elf girl I tried another look, for all the people that don't really like Beth's look.
    I also tried to fix a little their eyes, but I couldn't do it. xD

  35. Can Beth be naked yet? It's been a while and I've been waiting for the moment when it will become true.

  36. I think the forum is a great idea. People could put suggestions, fan art, and information to help other players. I'm all for it.

  37. how do you find the saved files

  38. How is the game coming? Is there any we can assist you in 2013?

  39. is the game still bein made is it abandoned