Sunday, April 17, 2016

Time to change MDM Zinc

It seems that windowed mode is wining.

I've been trying to find some ways to make it work by the compiler (MDM Zinc) functions.

So, anyone of you guys know about another Flash to EXE compiler I could use? Even better if it adds some AS2 funtions I could use to toggle fullScreen or write/read files. Just as MDM Zinc was supposed to do.

- UPDATE !!!

Finally Zinc and me got an agreement ! I'm starting to understand how it works. So, for the next version you can swap from FullScreen to Windowed mode ! Also, ESC won't close the game anymore.

Things are going pretty well. I finally understood how to use MDM Zinc funtions. Finaly my game can toggle fullscreen, exit, read and write archives. Now I'm working in a new saving algorithm. The bad news are that Zinc is gonna die in a few days... (more info here) :-(
So I'm try to get as much knowledge from their docs before it passes out!!!


  1. Any reason you can't use Flash's "Create Projector" feature?

    1. It's an option.
      MDM Zinc compiled exe looks more like a game. Also, I expected to use Zinc's funcions to complete Flash libraries. But it seems hard to do.

  2. Anything about next update release

    1. No idea. So I prefer don't make promises...

  3. Where can we find a safeguard to pass through the bridge in v0.402

    1. For now, you need make BJ to guardian near bridge, after that «invisible wall» will gone.

    2. But there nothing after that, edge of the map, and scenes with guardian (and dialogues after that) identical to elf merchant, so you don’t have any reasons to do that. Game is over on this stage.

  4. That's great I have closed the game out so many times by accident.

  5. You know the Unity (
    I think you may would have some work to migrate to the Unity, but once in it, such problems would disappear, and your time coding would increase dramatically.
    Give it a chance

    1. Migration would be as much work as doing a new game.

  6. So, at that moment game have only zones: cave, first zone, forest and road? and all sex scenes: with jellyboss, elf girl, elf, red wolf and guradian? Am i right? Or i just don't found something?

    1. You forgot 2 scenes with gnome (lose to rats 4 times, last 2 times will be with sex scenes), and masturbation (try sleep with almost maximum lust, right after second gnome scene, for example). With them, list is complete.

  7. Suggestions and questions:

    1)Will be there (someday) scenes when something «interesting» (You understand what I mean) happening with Beth when she for somewhat reason fall asleep in place not safe enough? Like eat some berries, which occasionally have sleeping effect, or trying go to sleep without precautionary measures (which on — depending of the situation, maybe there non at all, and player doing it on his own risk)?

    2)Speaking about precautionary measures: maybe let player to close door to Mage’s house after it been open, when you trying to sleep inside? Alternatively, you can make house separate location where player can «teleport» when use action key near door; but I don’t sure if small house deserve it’s own location at all (especially if it make game too big).

    3)Speaking about different zones… Multi-level houses/caves?

    4)Flora with some side effects. For now, there already in the game mushrooms of 3 kinds, and I mentioned berries. Side-effects included:
    — Poison (obviously harmful, but maybe have some alchemic values)
    — Healing
    — Mana
    — Lust (can be mixed with poison) (I thing food or potions make more sense than stock of disappearing hentai books).
    — Sleep

    5)Alchemic in the city who can make potions from mushrooms (maybe other things, but for starting thats enough), for free or for price (possible less then usual, since you make half of work); it also give you choice sell it now for money, eat it for heal, but less effective then if you make potions, or keeping them for alchemic. He/she can be also quest-giver for some bizarre tasks.

    6)Enemies drop not directly gold (except if they actually have it with them), but something you can sale for money or use as material for low-level gear from shopkeepers. Of course, for it have any sense, loot-rate must be bigger than for just gear or consumables items. This not necessary, but gives room for some interesting ideas in future.

    7)Bad side of high lust in wrong time and place, like bosses which can increase your lust and *can* defeat you if it rise to 100. For player not to just run around and wait, temporally stop it from lower and make sure you can’t escape until win or lose (then rape and respawn outside, like with Slime Boss). I think, it can be plant of some kind, which emits pheromones. If you don’t want to continuously restart this battle, you need a plan to quick win, because battle actually timed.

    8)I thing, when player engaged the boss, path to exit need to be blocked for all bosses, not only mentioned above plant (common thing for 99% of all games), until either it or player is defeated (after lose boss rape Beth, and then player respawn with minimal HP left).

    9)Will be White Rat become actual boss? Or, if not, will be similar rats to appear later, as more strong rats?

    10)River. You already say long time ago what its impossible to make Beth to swim, but is it possible to some danger *from* river itself? Like, when Beth trying to swim, something not friendly (or too friendly, You understand what I mean) appear (sex scene), after which Beth leaves any attempts to swim there anymore, or it just make additional troubles. As You already mentioned what you planned to implement cum shots on Beth, its make sense.

    11)New possible zones (of course, not all of us survive to this year, but still), for main quest’s parts, with possible bosses: desert (dragon), swamp (tentacle beast), jungle (above mentioned pheromone-plant).

    1. Sorry for all mistakes, English not my native language.
      Some more ideas and questions:

      12)Without some special abilities Lizard too weak to become boss (which player think it is). It’s tongue easy to avoid if you move diagonally, and then stun-lock it with kicks, but if You give it tail-strike, which can push you from lizard, player will need constantly moving, avoiding tongue strike, like this battle supposed to work.

      13)More lizards in the future (maybe, in desert). You have more room to move, but because there more than one lizard, it’s more challenging (but you have higher level, so not too much).

      14)Lower speed of level-up. You too quickly become stronger then your enemies. For now you locked in very small «cage», but in future you can quickly become stronger than supposedly hard bosses. Alternatively, make bosses advantages, like instant-kill attacks or conditions (pheromone-plant can defeat you by rise your lust, tentacle beast can catch you with tentacles which you supposed to avoid, etc) or defense against «not fair» tactics (make slime COMPLETELY immune to non-magical damage, or punishment for trying melee-attack).

      15)Abilities for Slime Boss (not necessarily together):
      — Corrosive slime: special attack, low down player’s armor (or just add damage) for duration; actually, it can be even passive effect of standard attack.
      — Poison: when Slime Boss receive damage, little damage receive player near it; no more melee
      — Spawn: spawn more regular slimes when stun because damage or on low health; make sense only if use idea with close arena battle. If they don’t despawn after your death, it can create problems.

      16)What two un-used keys («not used in current version») actually supposed to do? Or they just reserve for times when you will need additional abilities?

      17)Will be any shower scenes?

      18)Maybe make sets of gear, when player receive bonuses if use matching items? Because for now most usable gear you can find often looks terrible when combined. Already existing set — white dress, black gloves, black pants (I don’t know, sandals belongs to it or to red dress).

      19)If for some reason player must drop part of gear to inventory when there is no place for that, glitches occur. Once I lost bra this way, when I not supposed to remove it (drop them). And this is only strongest example.

      20)Will be traders eventually restore their goods? (actually, if you provides them supply (point 6) for gear or potions, it is not necessary).

      21)What «death eye» supposed to do (exept show you enemy HP, which can’t compensate lose of half health-bar)? And where Gnome found it? It seems, what he has some dark secrets…

      22)Where red wolf supposed to be? And what it is? Boss or unical regular enemy? If second, maybe you can despawn it after sex (without exp, player not deserve it), and respawn in random locations in forest? I don’t think, it is possible to make boss from him, without create some bizarre magical wolf; just very strong and fast wolf too boring for boss. Bear also not boss, just very though enemy.

    2. 23)Werewolves?

      24)Spiders? Without sex, just regular enemies.

      25)More kinds of slimes?

      26)Maybe more scenes for Slime Boss? Just one is not enough :(

      27)Maybe bar (in city)? You can drink, and if drink too much, some funny things can occur, especially if sluttyness is high enough.

      28)Kicks need little cool-down; thats enough to many enemies kill you if you stand still, and makes stun-locks almost impossible.

      29)Maybe some dangerous plants which can catch you and rape, or pheromone traps, where you can be caught if big lust (and it raise it). Actually, this are ideas for jungle (point 11). You can drop lust by stand still, but there snakes and other «kind» things which freely roaming through the woods, or trying found place for sleep (and this can make other troubles (point 1)). So, basically, idea is monitoring your lust, when trying make your way to boss (pheromone-plant). Consequences of failing because high lust need work, there required some punishment, but Game-Over-Rape is little too much, I think.

      30)Group sex?

      31)There stat for anal sex; when you planning to implement it?


      33)Is it possible to implement map, at least schematic? There two parts:
      — Actual map of world, where only regions, like forest/city/desert/jungle/swamp, are marked.
      — Grid-like map of region, your current zone is marked.
      First part exist already when you receive it (in city or from mage), second will filling when you will be explore region.

      Thats all, for now (there already too many).

    3. That's a lot to answer!
      I'll answer a few, and keep other for later:

      33) Hard... not really possible.
      32) Maybe. They have some charming.
      30) Make sure I'll add it.
      29) Yes. I planned a plant boss.
      28) Maybe. It's a good idea.
      27) I'll do it.
      26) Maybe for another slime boss.
      25) For sure. Red slime, blue slime... :)
      24) Probably. But I already have roaches and ants...
      23) Maybe...


    4. Okay, I can wait.
      Another Slime Boss? Yeah! :)
      If they work different, all will be ok. For now, roaches attack in big hordes, and ants very, very fast (actually, more logical will be if you change them with each other, IRL ants hunting in hordes, but are weak individually, and roaches are infamous for their speed and survivability).

      Spiders can be range-combat monsters (some spiders IRL can create liquid web), with slow-down attacks. If I remember correctly, You already planning insect-theme zone in future (dark cave or something, I can’t fully remember…).

    5. HN, PLEASE don't put in spiders. A lot of people (including myself) aren't fine with them. It terrifies the lot of us and would probably turn us away from the (brilliant) game.
      It's your choice of course, you're the one making the game and it's all your decision, but as a request, please don't.

    6. @FXMaster:
      If they appear in game, you can kill them, and revenge for your fear.
      OK, not spider, some weird kind of bug; it can be even easier to create. I only ask for them because it’s funny to kill them (in games, of course, IRL I like spiders, usually); spiders — typical low-level «evil» beasts in fantasy settings. I can survive without them.

    7. @Squark
      31- Of course.

      I find roaches grosser than spiders, and I put them in the game, hehehe.
      Anyway, the good news are that I don't feel the need to put spiders, and long as I have roaches and ants.

      Good point, hehehe.

  8. One suggestion is maybe have more enemies that don't kill Beth, but drop her to 1 HP and have some fun with her, resulting in increased sluttiness but leaving you dangerously low on health?

    Another that I'd love to see put in is a "Tutorial" area at the start of the game that can change your stats, maybe Beth goes to a party and you can interact with many other characters. What you say and do can change your starting stats and also can teach you the game's controls. You can learn about inventory by choosing your starting clothes (Which will also change your stats a bit) and how you talk to people and act at the party changes your stats further. You can hook up with a few people at the party, which increases your Sluttiness, and pick some fights to teach you about combat and seeing which enemies might be a game over and which might have a rape scene.

    This one might be a lot trickier to implement, but maybe having tons of ways to raise various stats in town, sometimes with consequences or special actions? For example, a gang of street urchins can gives you some rare gear or extra money they stole, but you wind up raising your sluttiness to get these items, if you know what I mean? Similarly there might be a guard who'd give you some spare armour or raise your combat stats if you turn the Urchins over to them, but you'd lose out on the items they'd offer you. I like the idea of this game having both combat but tons of potentially sexy quests and interactions. :)

    1. That's how some bosses do. Such as slime boss and wolf boss.

      Tutorial: Maybe in a far future. First I need to focus on more playable content.

      And I have some plans for the city... when I finally do it.

    2. Alright then, here's hoping for the best of luck on your next update!

  9. Replies
    1. Still working in the new save system.
      Saving algotirhm: done.
      Loading algorithm: failing.

    2. Hmm, that is quite the setback... And frustrating too, I'd imagine. I have no real idea how Flash/Zinc works so I'm sorry to say that I can be no real help with this.

      I can only cheer you on from the shadows.
      When translating work wears me down, I just stick the opening track to Persona 4 The Animation on a continual loop. It helps somehow.

    3. Finally done!
      Thanks for your cheers