Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Game ending

Honestly, I don't know when I'll be able to finish the game. So, I've decided to unveal the end of the story, for those interested into knowing it.

If you want to read it, just check this post's first comment. Otherwise, you shouldn't do it. xD


  1. After finding all the magical devices, Beth gives them to the mage. But, inexplicably, the spell to return her to home seems not to work. The mage can't understand why it isn't working, and thinks that onle one creature in the digital world knows why: the avatar of the world programmer.

    The mage guides Beth to the evil programmer castle. Once there, Beth talks with her nemesis, and he explains everything:
    - You are not what you think you are. I created this world and I created you as a mere simulation of a person in my real world. You are copy of a person I hate and love in the real world. Or at least, as similar as I could program
    - But... the mage told me that you prisoned me here!
    - He said what I programmed to say. In the same way I programmed you to believe you are the real Beth.
    - Then...
    - Yes, you cannot get out this world. You are condemned to stay in my perverted world forever with me.

    At this point, there are 3 different endings (depending of the character's choices along the game)

    1- She feels defeated and accepts to be his queen in a perverted world where she can enjoy the fetishes she loves, out of real world morals' reach.

    2- She gets really angry about the truth, so she fights and defeats him. She imprisons him (to torture whenever whe wants) and become the empress of her world. She'll rule the world with rectitude (if Sluttynes is low) or lust (is Sluttyness is high).

    3- Beth senses that he's lying, and she's the real world's Beth. So, she fights and defeats him, dismissing the spell and going back home.

  2. Ending 1: Queen of Fetish
    Ending 2: The -Insert Title- Empress
    Ending 3: Back Home

    I've been playing too much Shin Megami Tensei that I though of the endings more like:
    (1)Bad End
    (2)Good End Law/Chaos
    (3)True End

  3. Un-lamb? Catch? Or is that 'on the lam'.. ? Un.. delicious? That must be it.


    Also I read a book that followed that general idea minus sex. I'll try to think of it.

  4. If you do have these ending planned out, it shouldn't be bad if you keep based on what happens to her in the game. Otherwise this will come off just like the Mass Effect 3 pick your favorite color ending. However I like the idea.

  5. Too bad its never will have this ending.

    Meus pêsames.

    Good luck in your real life.
    From the friend Brasilian Guy.

    1. Well, as soon as I get a job, I'll continue with Sex Realm.

      But right now I'm working in my plan B...

  6. by BlueQuorthon

    So you finally gave up... no problem and don't worry!, your life is always more important! ;)

  7. i know it makes no sense to post this in this topic but can you upload the latest version you have, i saw a raping wolf, and i would like to play all of whats available before the project disappears from the players minds completely

    and if you decide to do just that release it with everything unlocked, that secret dress, a great deal more gold and full sluttiness please

  8. Perhaps release the source codes so others can toy with it?

    1. I agree. It at least give Some of us a chance to create our own endings.

    2. I'm still deciding if doing or not...

  9. I hate to say it, but I saw this coming a long time ago; the LoK forums are cursed when it comes to a game actually getting completed. Yes, I am aware that Dusty's Castle and MrD's Slideshow got finished, but those are the exceptions that prove the rule.

    Enough of me bitching; good luck with future endeavors, Hnyarly. You've definitely got talent.

    1. It's not about cursed forums. That happens with most of fan's games, no matter the forum or blog they are.

      A game requires lot of time and effort that programmers have to share with real life issues...

    2. True, but I stand by my theory that the LoK forums are cursed.

  10. hola!
    que mal que ya no puedas trabajar con el juego de verdad era bueno... aunque nunca pude "echarle una mano" al elfo, pero tu vida es mas importante
    yo apoyo la idea de que si ya no puedes trabajar en el juego, o si te tardaras en trabajar en el "pases la antorcha" a alguien que si pueda para que la idea no muera o que dejes los archivos para descargar para que haya muchas creaciones, incluso puede que se haga otro juego bueno a partir de este.
    in brief: please put the game so anyone can download it, who knows, perhaps someone can make an awesome game fron yours
    gracias por tu tiempo