Monday, July 2, 2012

Alive and working (slooooooooowly)

Sorry, but I've been a bit lost those last weeks (or even months). Those last days I've been improving the original model, following an anatomy review Kyrieru's did for me (thanks once again, K!).
I modified, neck, shoulders, hips, ass, ankles... etc. That's how she looks now...

So, what do you think? Are there more things I should improve? (You can compare this concept with the previos one here)

About the game, I'm going to resume a couple of things extracted from conversations posted in previous comments:
- Game's provisional name: I'm considering different ones, and the most promising name is "Raped Justice" (レイプ正義). In a near future, I'll surely make a post to receive your suggestions for other possible names.
- Hairstyle: I haven't totally abandom the idea of the ponytail. But I relized that I do love the short hair. Maybe I could add hairstyle options in the game, probably using talent points.
- Talents: I thought 3 talent trees (Diablo II like) in the game:
     * Weapons talent tree (DPS): Points in this tree increase weapon damage, quicker shooting... etc. 
     * Athletic talent tree (Tank): Points increase HP, resistance to damage, higher jumping, faster movement. 
     * Sex talent tree: Points here will be used to receive less damage from rapes, to make her more attractive to enemies, and to enable some character configuration (like eyes color, hairstyle, boobs size... I don't know yet) 



  1. These additions sound very exciting :)
    Her body looks fine to me so far.
    I think of the three talent tree ideas you provided, I would probably focus almost entirely on the sex talent tree, since this is a sex game. But that's just me. I'd say that putting points in anything else mustn't block potential sex scenes for the same reason.
    Thank you for posting an update, we look forward to more as soon as they're ready :)

    1. I'll probably try to share out the points between Weapons and Athletics.

    2. My main idea is that at maximum level, players should have enough points to fill 2 of the 3 talent trees.
      Weapons and Athletics trees will have more impact in gameplay than Sex one, which is mostly for character configuration (and a bit gameplay stuff).

  2. A tank tree? MeGusta. My favorite role is once again available to me!

  3. when a hentaigame has a great story and playthrough, when you start playing it all day long for hours and hours, and at some point forgeting is a sex game, its become more than a sex game it become an awesome game.
    ive seen some amateur rpg h-games (like rpg maker´s) that have that. sex realm has that. it seems that these new game will be as awesome as those.
    when you satisfy a h-fan and a rpg gamer at the same time, that makes you awesome.
    if these game will be payed. i wish that i can buy it with sms

    1. If you don't mind playing in Japanese, one such game is Re: Anise. The story is a little muddy as my Japanese isn't up to snuff yet.

    2. I like adding some story elements to the game, because it creates more eroticism. For example, I thought giving the main character a boyfriend for.... you know... fetish things.
      For example, she could be a virgin waiting for the right momment to try sex with her boyfriend, so this fact could add more fetishism when she get raped for the first time.

    3. Please don't use the boy friend thing as a cheap way to make us care. If you really make us care about the guy then i wont have a problem.

      Develop the character and make us care about this guy more and more as the game goes on. This will emotionally punish the players for throwing the main character at rapist, at least the first time they play the game; if it's done right. This will leave you with the ability to do all sorts of things with the lead character; for instants if she fucks every rapist in the city, then I'd expect by the end of the game she'd treating the boy friend like a tool and he'll just leave her. I do understand that this is a light hardy game (Not a character study game) but you could make a great game, story wise, if you put the energy in to.

      Signed by
      - The great; the powerful; the java programmer of Lok; BLUE LIGHT

      [Shameless viewer stealing / dumb joke.]
      By the way, I hold the copyright of all cop games on Lok now. Not because i was the first to think of it.but, i was the first to come out with a alpha publicly.
      Just looks here
      and here (just the design document.)

  4. Happy to see you working again. :)

    For anatomical improvements:
    - i would make the front and the back feet less symetrical by fixing the size of the toes. (especially of the big toe)
    If its too hard just make her run around in shoes ;)

    - somehow the kink below her shoulders in the right model looks strange. Maybe decrease its angle?

    1. That's the kind of tips I need now. The character must be perfect before starting to animate it. Otherwise, later modifications would carry more work.

      About the kink comment, I'm not sure what you mean. :(

    2. Maybe this picture can explain it better:

    3. It's exactly what I need. Thanks!

  5. ^ Removed as was going to be a doublepost.

    Sexy. Love those modest propertions ^^v
    Also, welcome back ((((Nya))))!

    This is a very ambitious project, just like SR. I'm curious, do you have a story written yet? And what weapons will she carry at the start of the game -- if any?

  6. ^ Deleted comment. :)

    - Story. Nothing really complex right now: some dangerous sexual convicts have escaped from prison, and she has to capture all them. The game will have 5 big maps or so.

    - Weapons: For the momment I've thought about gun, shotgun and machinegun... basically. I prefer to focus into weapons' improvements through talents rather than adding more weapons.

  7. I think she looks very fine now, I wouldn't get lost in fine tuning her too much anymore... except of course if you want to integrate the possibility of her belly swelling up with offspring :D

    I always love the possibility to customize your character, but I don't think that is something you should have to spend XP points on, because that means you start with a character that doesn't represent the look you want and change her over the course of the game. I would very much prefer being able to configure her to my taste before the game even starts.
    The short hair is super cute.

    1. I'm not too interested into a pregnant main character. Anyway, she could get so, but as game over.

      About customization... I'd prefer not adding too much options, in order to keep the project as simple as possible.

  8. Well, I don't want to be over-sensitive here, but "dangerous sexual convicts have escaped from prison" sounds really grim. I mean actually horrifying. Will we be able to arrest/kill the enemies without a rape and instead being offered willing sex as a reward maybe between stages? Maybe you could be "at home" between missions and call your BF for some sweet time. Or visit the police station and pass by the kennels... XD

    - Red

    1. You can be sure that I'll add the "pass by the kennels" option as kind of gallery mode.
      And maybe some "calling BF" option, depending of how much she had avoided being raped.

  9. glad to see you're still alive.
    Would an arousal system be a good idea?
    How about covert missions like when your sex talent skill tree is high enough; such as posing as a hooker in a brothel as a way to gain intel on some criminals or gain some extra cash.
    Character configuration in your last game was good it made the character seem more personal.
    Will there be GOR scenes with enemies and will there be sexual actions among npc's just like your last game?
    How about scenes where even at lower lvls of the sex skill tree the character can be forced to preform high lvl actions(besides rape)
    Forced exposure? Science experiments gone wrong? Corruption?
    How about something in the plot where the heroine has to uncover the dirty secrets of the city and maybe even the police force itself?
    sorry if these sound dumb
    I'm liking how the game is progressing and the new idea is very interesting and promising.
    and as spammed from my previous posts
    I'm praying for your success in both life and in the game and hope everything goes well.

    1. - Arousal system: I'll probably add it.
      - Brothel option: mmmmmmmm, pretty interesting. :)
      - Game is basically GOR. About NPCs, probably not so much.
      - Forced exposure? Surelly.
      - Science experiments gone wrong? Probably not.
      - Corruption? Some kind of "sluttyness" stat, like in SR.
      - Plot? She'll discover some game story.

      And once again, thanks for your prayers.

    2. How about a gallery mode for stuff you've unlocked already like a journal in the inventory?

    3. I planned a gallery mode: the main character can always go visiting the captured prisoners to the prison.

  10. Is always good to see you back.
    Best wishes

  11. Hi.. I think Sex Realm was an good Idea...but this new stuff an story...
    is not so realm was better...sorry

    lg. Ysab

    1. To me, shooting dangerous sex criminals with guns does not sound very erotic. But I'll never know until I try it.
      I found the idea of trying to get a cheerleader-type to strip while she wanders around a weird realm getting raped to be more intriguing.
      Maybe the thought of machineguns, or just the non-fantasy nature of the new idea are less interesting.
      But, like I said, I'll just have to see it firsthand to know for sure.

    2. @Ysab
      You are right. I admit I used very good ideas for SR, but I need a more simple game right now. SR is too ambitious and needs lot of time to be finished.

      But as much as possible, I'll try to follow the same idea I had for SR: just make a hentai game I'd love playing. I can't assure you guys will love it, but I'll try to.

  12. Seems to turn out rather good. Would like to pitch in for customization though: Skin colour, labia size and a checkbox for being a squirter might be appealing to people.

    And going with reading the current overhaul, I am guessing there will be no magic in this game? :P (seeing how no talent tree for that was mentioned)

    Would definitely suggest that you have people able to choose to rape enemies though. Not enough game that offers that. Since hey, why does the protagonist always have to be the "morally good" one in that department? Not just you guys like dominance yanno? ;D

    Oh, and welcome back, and keep up the work.

    1. Magic:
      Most likley not, as it's a modern-day scenario. It's still a fantasy game, true, but when was the last time you saw a fireball-throwing cop? SR had that as it's set in videogame land. AFAIK, this is set in Nya's real world.

      Alignment (with regards to the "Morally Good" comment):
      Fantastic idea, hard to implement properly. As Nikki is a cop gunning down escaped sexual convicts, she probably isn't all that clean herself. The original nine alignments of D&D may provide good insight into this aspect.(She seems to be the "Chaotic Good" type to me -- "For The Greater Good")

      O/T *Stares at Kim's Avatar* Ponies? Yay!

      Back On topic:
      I'd like to see LIMITED supplies of ammunition, possibly using the Weapons Tree to increase the clip size/Maximum ammount held or even more baggage space (though you probably thought of this already).

      Keep on truckin' Nya, we're all behind you!

    2. Magic: True enough. But you have to say a fireball throwing could would be badass xD

      Alignment: I think someone mentioned it before, but yeah, it'd be something I'd like to see. Always wanted to be able to play a game where you can be "questionably good" xP Going all "Hey, if they can rape, so can I, fight fire with fire." hehe. And those going that she'd possibly be too physically weak to ex: force someone to eat her out: She has a gun xD

      OT: Eh, it's just my google account is mainly in that area xP Author of the Fallout Equestria tabletop RPG heh.

      Ammo: Yeah, can say it could be neat with a range and melee tree, having 3 "gameplay" ones, and one "sex" seems kinda good imo. One would boost your melee skills, not as strong as ranged, but you can't run out of fist. And one range, superior to melee in almost all ways, but limited ammo. One "boost" tree (athletics) that could be helpful for both styles. And one "cosmetic tree.

      But gotta say on the alignment again: Would be really neat if there were scenes that changed depending which one you took. Lets say you could pick "good", "neutral" and "bad". Some situations would change depending on them. Lets say... you were to interrogate one at a certain place. A good one would ... I dunno, just ask questions then turn them over? Neutral one could beat them up for info, and bad would rape them for info. (not to sound like an overly psychotic/sadistic girl, but I know for a fact guys tend to start "hurting" after x amount of orgasms.

  13. Off-topic a bit. Any hints on the hidden event update in Sex Realm? And what's the maximum sluttiness Beth can get to in the current version? I think I've gotten to 60.

  14. You weren't kidding when you said 'slooooooooowly'